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8 Latest Short Hairstyles for Oval Shaped Faces

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The new trend has us going gaga over the shortest of the hairstyles. Short and crisp is the new trend and following it by a mass million, one of the hottest and most in style right now is the pixie cut or the short bob which not only is graceful but fun to experiment with. The age old idea of brewing longer hair just to uphold the feminine side has totally been under the table now, as the turned table now offers us a variety of short hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Suitable Hairstyles for Oval Faces 2018:

Now different face styles have different haircut requirements and therefore today we shall talk about the various oval shaped hairstyles that the oval face may suit.

1. Emo Pixie:

Short hairstyles for oval faces 1

Pixies come in different shapes, styles and cuts and this one is a classic example of the emo cut hairstyle for the oval shaped face. To get this hairstyle, the hair at the back is kept short and precise ending just above the nape of the neck. For the front the hair is keep longer on both sides ending just beside your jawline while the hair from the side is carelessly thrown into a side lock.

2. The Side Cropped Look:

Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Here is another classic that not many have dared to try and yet at the hype, a lot of brave women have been seen sporting this look. This look will have you shave your head from the sides preferably from the back too while the front locks starting from the middle of the head is kept forehead long falling across the forehead.

3. The Classic Bob:

Short hairstyles for oval faces 3

The bob is a classic old timer hairstyle that is still going strong and hard not deterred by the newer looks that is coming up. Usually this hairstyle is the easiest to pair with your everyday outfits, be it a summer dress or a pant suit. You can either curl the ends up in a retro style or keep the sides straight and soft.

4. The Classic Waves:

Short hairstyles for oval faces 4

The same bob when straight gave you a different look but if we roll it up into sweet waves, the entire look for the hair changes. Here the hair is kept into strict waves, much like the waves on a beach and parting it sideways gives you a trendy look. Often you can pair a band or hair clip with this hairstyle and rock it with high necks and floral summer blazers.

5. The Boy Cut:

Short hairstyles for oval faces 5

The much dreaded hairstyle of our childhood is now the most meanest and the hottest in the list of short hairstyles. This can be recognized with a pixie haircut where the hair length is kept to the bare minimum, above the nape of your neck while the sides are cut and evened out to give you a edgy look.

6. Super Curls Hairstyle for Oval Face:

Super Curls 6

Curls have always been an enticing factor for you and this is the perfect time for you to try out the look. Pair your evening cocktail dress with a classic retro wave which is not only elegant but head turning as well. Keeping the feminine factor intact, this is probably the best of the short hairstyles that can portray retro waves and feminism in the best way.

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7. Shag Haircut for Oval Face:

Short hairstyles for oval faces 7

This is however a much newer style of hair cut which is called the shag look which includes the hair into layers which is where the hair in bob or short pixie has multiple feathered cuts which gives your hair an awry feeling, a much volumized look if we may. However, handling or toning down the shag quotient of the hair can be a bit difficult at times.

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8. The Modern Funk Hairstyle for Oval Face Girl:

Short hairstyles for oval faces 8

This hairstyle is quite gelling well with the women of the senior class which would have the hair in a short crisp spike from the very middle of the head while the rest of the hair is toned down into a classic pixie cut.

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