Top 25 Hairstyles For Fat Faces Of Women To Look Slim

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Usually fat face girls have one challenge to fulfill and that is to choose a hairstyle that will slim down their face. With the extreme chubbiness on the face especially the cheeks, the hairstyles should be chosen with utmost care. Haircut for round chubby face have a range of options to offer you.

hairstyles for fat faces

The good news is that there are some top hairstyles that are recommended for fat faces for excellent results. This will ensure that you meet your goals in a perfect manner. This guide will provide you with the best 25 long and short hairstyles for fat faces that you can make your pick from:

Best Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women:

Let’s find all top 25 hairstyles for fate face to look slim and attractive.

1. Side Swept Bang Style:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 1

Trimming the hair in a particular way will help you decrease the chubbiness of the cheeks and give it an illusion of toning that you always desired. A side swept bang is an ideal way to style where fat faces are concerned. It will bring the entire attention to the eyes rather than the cheeks. Make sure the bangs are light in nature to add the right dimensions.

2. Mixed Layers Hair Style:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 2

A cut with consistent layers that are of different lengths is a perfect one for fat faces. Some of them can be short and the rest can be long in nature. The shortest strands can be of chin length in nature. It is perfect for both straight hair and soft locks. Leave them loose and see how well it will complement as an ideal hairstyle for fat face.

3. Half Up Do Style:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 3

By half up doing the hair, you can create a slim look for the fat faces. This will pull up all the hair from the face but some of the hair strands can be kept on the face to frame it well. This will again shift the focus to the eyes rather than the cheeks and is an ideal hairstyle for fact face.

4. Short & Sharp Bob Hairstyle:

One of the best hairstyles for the fat and round chubby faces comes in the form of short and sharp bob style especially if you have short length of hair. An added benefit is that the look is highly trendy. It helps in defining the bond structure of the face. A bob is anybody’s quick choice. But what matters is the right bob you choose as the hairstyle for round chubby face.

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5. Long Waves Hairstyle:

Long Waves hair

For those with a fat face but long length of hair can easily get the style of long waves done. Along with giving the right lift, it also adds body to the hair that is very much needed for round and fat faces. The versatility of the style is one of the benefits. It frames the face in a perfect way and outlines your face well.

6. Pixie Cuts (Tapered) Hairstyles:

Pixie cuts are fantastic and very stylish for those who want to have the right hairstyle for their fat face. A cropped pixie cut helps in setting off the fat face and makes the neck looks longer. It is a kind of short haircut for fat faces that one can use for creating the illusion. All you need to do is define the hairstyle well and keep it combed well for the gorgeous look.

7. The Chic Style:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 7

Create an elongated bun on top of the head which will lengthen the shape of the face. This is possible for those fat faces that have long hair. It will make the chubby face look slim automatically. This could be another best hairstyle for fat face that will adequately make your cheeks and face look less fat. The hairstyle is mildly stylish and at the same time, classy.

8. Sleek Ponytail:


A sleek and swept ponytail at the back of the head is an ideal situation when it comes to hairstyles for fat faces. It will help you flaunt the pretty curves along with creating an elongated feel of the neck. Make sure you do not hide anything in the face in this style. Match it with some nice earrings to complete the look.

9. Hair Parting Hair Style:

A simple way of styling the hair with a fat face shape is to keep the hair open but concentrate on the parting. Rather than using middle parting that makes the cheek heavier it is best to experiment with side partings, zigzag or any other. This will bring the attention to forehead rather than the cheeks.

10. Feathered Pixie Haircut:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 10

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles for round chubby faces shapes with a feathered pixie cut. This is a low on maintenance cut and thus you do not need to spend much time on this kind of cuts. It is a simple pixie haircut and one side is left longer than the other in an uneven manner which makes it look cooler. The side left longer sweeps along the side of the face cutting down on the roundness.

11. Simple Bob Haircut:

fat face hairstyle 11

Do it like the very pretty Selena Gomez who has a round face and always has a pretty hairstyle for fat face! This one is a very simple school girl bob cut and anyone can really look smart with this. You can just part your hair to one side neatly keeping the bangs intact. This is because side parted hair falls on one side of the face and contracts the cheeks.

12. Long Layered Cut For Round Face:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 12

For the girls who have fat faces and long hair, the perfect layered cut one is the best hairstyle for a chubby face. The long and clear layers fall on both side of the faces and this cuts down on the cheek side portions making your cheeks look very sleek and not at all chubby to spoil the whole looks. You should sure try this one soon.

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13. Short Length Fusion Bob Cut:

fat face hairstyle 13

This is an elegant hairstyle for round chubby face this is a pixie and a fusion of it with the classic bob style. The woman in the picture has some tapered pixie version to the lower part and the upper part is again a combination of a bob and a pixie. This is also safer because the hair is long enough and does not at all look too funky.

14. Long Hair With Bangs:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 14

Don’t we all love the bangs? For the love of bangs, here is a good hairstyle for fat that you can run to any time of the day for any occasion. Like you see in the picture, the lady has a completely round face and long hair too. She has left all her partly done curls loose and then combed them neatly to show off the silky texture in a nice way.

15. Very Short Haircut For Round Chubby Face:

fat face hairstyle 15

For that tomboyish charm on a fat face, this short pixie is the perfect one. For the girls who like to experiment a lot and know how to bring attitude in whatever they do, this one is absolutely for them. In this picture, the girl is first of all wearing an outfit which sure makes all of us understand that she is not a girlie girl and this is why the short pixie suits her even more.

16. Vintage Rolls On Chubby Faces:

This is one flattering hairstyle for chubby face and who can be a better example than the super melodious Adele? She sure does it with a lot of style. You can see how she flaunts her fat face with that super silky hair and looks so beautiful. She has parted her hair on the side and the soft curls are giving the golden tresses a very vintage look.

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17. Simple Middle Parting Hairstyle:


It is true that middle parting makes your face look rounder but can you look classier than Mila Kunis in this picture. Her face is round and slightly on the fatter side as well. She has simple middle parted her very long hair and then swept it over her shoulder to the front in order to let it cover the sides of her cheeks to contract the face.

18. African Undercut:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 18

This typical African fat face hairstyle looks really pretty. Here the woman in the picture has shown a lot of guts and has a semi- undercut. We call it that that way because, she has an undercut only on one side and on the other side she simple has left her short and curly hair to do the rest of the talking for her. She sure has a lot of attitude!

19. Frizzy Curls:

fat face hairstyle 19

The super frizzy curls are not for a bad hair day. It is simply for the girls with the round faces. This is a typical African hairstyle where the hair is given a lot of volume and pushed up from all sides to give it a shocking messed up look. This is however a very trendy look since the focus goes straight towards the hair and not to the round face. Looking for an out of box idea? Here is the one!

20. Medium Length Curly Hairstyle:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 20

This one is a perfect hairstyle for the ones with very thick hair and the faces to a little fatter side. You can sport this super short look in style absolutely. This is a fuss-free style and makes you look smart pr very smart as of that matter. This is even suitable with all that you love to hair. Just make sure you are prepared to flaunt it till it grows longer.

21. Short And Straight:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 21

This is one of the most common hairstyles for fat faces and for women who love to keep it low maintenance. As you can see in the picture the lady has a very fat and round face and she has straight hair too. Just make sure your hair is not poker straight as the look will be very bad in that way. Keep it softer and keep it as simple as you can.

22. Full Forehead Fringe:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 22

This is a gorgeous hairstyle where the hair is naturally straight and thick as well. Here the girl has a side parted hairstyle and has a bang as well which almost covers the whole of her forehead. This makes the face looks smaller and your focus will simply drop only towards the hair and not the face. Go trendy!

23. Razor Cut Hair:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 23

For the ladies who are worried about their thin hair, this is one style which is sure going to suit you perfectly. Make your hair poker straight and add volume to the top portion of the head. The lower part of the hair is razor sharp and has a feathered touch to it. Give your round face the ideal cut to make it look awesome!

24. Voluminous Bob Hairstyle:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 24

This is a simple bob hairstyle, but with a difference. Here in this hairstyle, you will see that the bob is simple but is with a lot of added volume. Here the hair looks or is made to look very thick. You can simply keep it side parted and be a cute picture wherever you go.

25. Braided Hairband For Chubby Brides:

Hairstyles For Fat Faces Women 25

This one is for the long hair girls who like to make it more glamorous and more romantic. For this, you need to have thick hair and also good textured hair. You need to start braiding from one side of the head beside the ears and then put it over the crown like a hair band and pin on the other side. You can make a bun behind the head.

So, this wedding season, you can try out hairstyle for round chubby face. These range of hairstyles are known to make the face look slim. Weather haircut or hairstyle, the target is to make the round face look slim. Do not be hesitant to try out different hairstyles and style them up the way you like it. Short hairstyles for round face is the new cool! Agree?