Curly hairstyles for round faces! Really?! We are often advised on how not to prefer curly and wavy styles if we have a round face shape. Well, but did you ever question why! Gone are the days you are limited to fashion choices. The new doors to several looks are now open, and here we embrace different styles for everyone!

The haircut for curly hair round face is now designed to custom suit the smaller and wide breadth of the face as well. The technique used to suit round face shapes is quite modern and looks gorgeous without a doubt. These stylish and best curly hairstyles for those with round faces are fit for every age group, and for several occasions, without doubt, all you need to do is keep your step forward and try them out!

Best Curly Hairstyles for Round Face:

Our latest and best naturally curly haircuts for round faces are as follows!

1. The Rocker Chic Look:

This is a very boyish type of fashion that can be easily done for those people who do not like longer sections as those are quite challenging to maintain. If a person has a college life routine, then they like to keep these shorter, and then these types of looks can be tried out. These can be in the shape of pixie done for girl night parties and can also be teamed with chiffon sarees or other traditional earrings. These are quite glamorous and also quite showy even if you have a chubby face and thin hair.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women and girls in the late 20s are good to style in this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summer is the best season to try this style.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear this style with edgy, sleek top and shorts.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Lunching with friends or family can be good to go quick in this look.

2. The Party Curls:

Parties are synonymous with being bold and stylish! This look is best fit for the party and high-end fashion events and is also on the other side near to cute hairstyles for curly hair and round face. This type of messed look can be through on longer sections. One can shift these curls to make aside a side of the face look smaller. In this way, the rounded face can be narrowed down and slimmed down to quite an extent!

  • Ideal Age Group: Female in 20s and 30s are best for this style.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Wear this style during winters and monsoons only.
  • Suitable Outfit: Nice sleek dress and strapless jumpsuit can go well in here.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Weddings, Parties, and high-end fashion events are good ideas to style in this way.

3. The Shifted African Look:

This is a very stylish and frizzed look. In case you have dense black curly hair and have a frizzy nature and texture of hair, well worry not! We even get you sorted in this kind of style! These looks can be good from reputed parlours. Therefore is a person who wants to sport something like this then they should book salon sessions for a gathering. This curly hairstyle for round face is one you must not miss if you have frizzy and dense curls, up to shoulder length.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women in the late 20s and 30s are suitable for this style.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Monsoon season is good to go in this look.
  • Suitable Outfit: Skirts and trendy western wear are suitable for this look.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Wear this style for date nights or parties and dinner events.

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4. The Partitioned Updo:

For parties and other family gatherings, these types of curly updo hairstyles looks can be done. The sections can be brushed and then clipped on the top position, and then these can be made with padding. This increases the volume, and then some sections can be taken out and rolled. These updos can be clipped with some floral clips for a more party style, and also, these can be given some hairsprays to keep these from falling out or becoming loose. These can be worn with traditional get-ups and also with other modern attires.

  • Ideal Age Group: Those in their early 20s can flaunt in this look well.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summer and monsoon, both are a good times to try this out.
  • Suitable Outfit: Sleek dress or vintage dress can go well in this style.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Cocktail parties or college fests are pleasant occasions to flaunt this one.

5. Long Bang Curly Hairstyle:

If you want to look bold, edgy, and fabulous, why not! This is a very flaunting and bold look. These can be quickly done for various types of parties. Especially vintage and pretty themed events or those who are a fan of age-old fashion looks should not miss this out. This is spectacular and bold. In case you have curly hair in medium length, then this medium curly hairstyles for round face can suit you best, even with bangs.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women in 30s and 40s can best fit aptly in this style.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season in the year is good to go in this look.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear this style with edgy western wear and jeans or pants.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Dinner events or proms are good to go in this look.

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6. The Puffed Look:

If the sections are kept loose, and also these are given some heat and blowing, these can become puffed. Some water from a bottled spray bottle may be used when blowing. This will make it more manageable. This kind of long curly hairstyle can then be worn with some hats, as shown in the image above, and a person can make the sides of the face look slimmer. You can even keep a ponytail or half braid to the same and DIY without help.

  • Ideal Age Group: Early 20s and teens are the good age group to try this stylish look.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summer and winter seasons are good times to try it out.
  • Suitable Outfit: Shorts and cute tops are good to go in this style.
  • Best Occasion to Try: All party enthusiasts should not miss this lookout.

7. The Edged Cut:

This is an edged bob medium haircut for curly hair which is good to do from a popular salon. These are quite good for sporting during shopping parties with friends and can also be the sport for regular casual wear. These are also good with floral prints and other outfits. These can be worn regularly and can be styled without professional requirements. However, heating appliances can be required and also some other equipment which can give these types of waved out feel. Serums and other volume sprays can be used to these hairdos to make this look even more glamorous, and you can all do it yourself without help.

  • Ideal Age Group: Those in their 20s and 30s both can try it out.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Spring and summers are the best time for this look.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear formals or beautiful skirts to try this look.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Office events and parties are the best times to flaunt it well.

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8. The Casual Hairdo:

There are times we prefer to have a casual and easy-breezy look. This is one such option if you want long curly messy hairstyles for round faces. Here the look is quite easy to go, friendly and very comfortable as well. You can do this with an outfit of your choice and create edge and style at your own atmosphere. These can be a sport with casual or polka outfits.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women in 20s can look stylish in here.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Wear this style during summers.
  • Suitable Outfit: Nice sleek and loose dress can go well in this style.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Wear this look for women during outings with friends or family or during attending bridesmaid ceremonies.

9. Adult Curly Style:

If you are looking for medium curly hairstyles for round face, well, why compromise in the looks then?! Here is an option for you. Even middle age and older women have styles to flaunt and no need for compromising in looks in any manner. These styles are among those for women who are bold and yet want simple and strong looks!

  • Ideal Age Group: Women above 25 years can flaunt in this style.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season and time of the year are good to go in this look.
  • Suitable Outfit: Casuals or traditional, both can go well in this style.
  • Best Occasion to Try: One can wear this for regular outings in day to day life or during sports and gym times.

10. The Glamorous Party Girl Look:

If you are looking for another bold night look and events, well, why not this! If you have dense curls, you can experiment with styles for various events. Turn your hair into two sides, and that is it! However, you would require professional and saloon help with this look as it requires patience and styling tips as well. Try this out if you are willing to work on bold and edgy looks.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20’s are good to go in this look to look beautiful and youthful!
  • Perfect Season to Try: Winters are perfect timing to try this out.
  • Suitable Outfit: Knee-length dress is apt to try this lookout.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Night parties and music events can go well here.

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Additional Tips:

Curly hairstyles can look gorgeous if maintained at their best. Here are a few tips from us,

  1. Make sure the hair is not dull and well moisturized. Curly hair often tends to get dry and broken or frizzy if not maintained well.
  2. Oil massage every week, and regular hair spa can make sure hair is well-nourished and not dried out. Hair can look shining if well moisturized.
  3. Use moisturizing and voluminous shampoo for curly hair. Conditioner applying, after every hair washes.
  4. Apply hair serum to tame in the frizzy curls and reduce detangling of curls. Trim the hair every three to four months to reduce split ends.

Given these best curly hairstyles for round face, hope you found your best fit in this guide. Given the different occasions and preferences, you can easily pick what you may like the best and try out. Make sure to work on the styles with the help of professional to avoid any errors or miscuts. Let us know what you tried out from the list; we love to hear back from you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can braids look good with curly hairstyles for round face?

Ans: Messy buns maybe your favourite if you have good curls and round face. This style can appeal to you, and you can look gorgeous and fabulous without a doubt.

Q2. Can teenage girls with curly hair and round face try on ponytails?

Ans: Teen girls can also try out pony and loose curly hairstyles as they wish. They can look radiant and beautiful without a doubt. Avoid heavy curls styles like buns in this case.

Q3. Does dry shampoo suit curly hairstyles?

Ans: Yes, there is a separate voluminous dry shampoo for those with curly hair. You can use the shampoo on days you have bad hair and make it look dense and voluminous.


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