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Top 9 Curly Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Various types of hair dos can make the face look smaller than the wide breadth if a person has roundish face shape. The curly styles can be a good technique to do this.

Curly hairstyles for round faces

Below are the top 9 curly hair styles for round faces that a person should definitely try out.

Best Curly Hairstyles for Round Faces:

1. The Party Curls:

Hirdos for curly hair Messy curls

This type of messed look can be done on longer sections. People can shift these to a side to make a side of the face look smaller.

2. The Shifted African Look:

curly hairstyles for round faces2

This is a very stylish and frizzed look. These can be done from reputed parlours. Therefore is a person wants to sport something like this then they should book salon sessions for a gathering.

3. The Wisped Model Look:

Curly hairstyles for round faces 3

This is a very showy. These can be easily done for various types of parties. These can also be sport for girl parties and also for college.

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4. The Rocker Chic Look:

Curly hairstyles for round faces 4

This is a very boyish type of fashion that can be easily done for those people who does not like longer sections as those are quite difficult to maintain. If a person has college life routine, then they like to keep these shorter and then these types of looks can be tried out. This is therefore good for wearing at colleges and also for day out occasions. These can be done for girl night parties and can also be teamed with chiffon sarees or other traditional earrings. These are quite glamorous and also quite showy.

5. The Partitioned up do:

Curly hairstyles for round faces 5

For parties and other family gatherings these types of looks can be done. The sections can be brushed and then clipped on the top position and then these can be made with padding. This increases the volume and then some sections can be taken out and rolled. These can be clipped with some floral clips for a more party style and also these can be given some sprays to keep these from falling out or becoming loose. These can be worn with traditional get ups and also with other modern attires.

6. The Puffed Look:

Curly hairstyles for round faces 6

If the sections are kept loose and also these are given some heat and blowing, these can become puffed. Some water from a bottled spray bottle may be used when blowing. This will make it more manageable. These can then be worn with some hats as shown in the image above and a person can make the sides of the face look slimmer.

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7. The Edged Cut:

Curly hairstyles for round faces 7

This is an edged cut which can be done from a good salon. These are quite good for sporting during shopping party with friends and can also be sport for regular casual wear. These are also good with floral prints and other outfits. These can be worn on a regular basis and can be styled without professional requirements. However, heating appliances can be required and also some other equipment’s which can give these type of waved out feel. Serums and other volume sprays can be used to make this look even more glamorous.

8. The Glamorous Party Girl Look:

Curly hairstyles for round faces 8

This can be done on length that is shoulder sectioned. These can be done easily for various types of parties. These will also require various types of products which should be professional and salon type.

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9. The Casual Hairdo:

Curly hairstyles for round faces 9

This is a very casual look which can be done with heat and also some appliances like rollers. These can be sport with casual or polka outfits.