15 Best Hairstyles For Small Face Shapes To Try Right Now

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A number of hairstyles are available for women with a small face. The hair type makes a big difference while styling hair for small faces. Thick hair can be styled in a pretty decent way to make it look glamorous on small faces. Even bangs hairstyles look good on small faces. Haircut for small face is usually the funky ones that look cute and classy. Following are a number of hairstyles which are meant to suit small faces.

Amazing Hairstyles For Small Faces With Pictures:

Below are the different types of hairstyles for small face with images which makes your face more defined. Most of them can be sported for any event.

1. Small Thick Hair:

hairstyles for small face

Short hairstyles always look good on small faces. This hairstyle is parted to fall on the forehead. A suitable accessory will look good with this hairstyle. The hair can be styled without the help of a stylist and will be worthy for almost all occasion and events.

2. Pixie For Small Face:

Hairstyles for Small Faces2

A pixie is the next best haircut for small face. This type of hairstyle for small face also looks good with short blond hair. Women with small faces can easily sport this haircut as this look does not need much maintenance. Celebrities often style their hair in this fashion and without a doubt, this is one of the trendiest hairstyles at this moment.

3. Short Hairstyle With Bangs:

Hairstyles for Small Faces3

This is one of the most popular and best hairstyles for small face with medium hair. This look comes with a fringe cut and is intended for short hair. Here the front part of the hair is meant to fall in front of the forehead and rest of hair will extend to the shoulders in a curly way. This hairstyle for small face is also suitable for a wedding.

4. Fold Over Bang Twist:

Hairstyles for Small Faces4

This is one of the most adorable hairstyles for small faces. Girls, not exceeding the age of 30 can style their hair in this way where the fringe cut part of the hair is tied up firmly and placed under the bigger front layer. Styling this look is a big deal and needs time and patience. This could be a good haircut for short hair.

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5. Symmetrically Shaped Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Small Faces5

This is another cute hairstyle for small faces. The fringe-cut hair is very well divided in the middle where the front part of the hair swings over the forehead and the rest of it takes the shape of a small bun. It adjusts the face texture and gives you an appealing and cosmopolitan look. You may have to put up with the fringes falling over your forehead all the time, but it nevertheless is a beautiful and stylish cut.

6. Shaggy Pixie Haircut:

Hairstyles for Small Faces6

This rugged pixie haircut is different from the previous one. Here the hair remains shaggy. It looks as if the short hair is side-swept. Women with small faces can wear this look anywhere they want. Thick and dense hair will be a decent by-factor for this hairstyle. The hairstyle is inspired to give a definite shape to your face. You can allow the fringes to fall over your forehead or keep it combed.

7. Half-Up Hairstyles:

Hairstyles for Small Faces7

In this look, the hair is symmetrically divided in the first place. It comes with boho twists where the hair remains considerably long. Women with thin hair can also avail this look. This type of hairstyles for small face would be an ideal one in the list of the best hair styles.

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8. Retro Bow:

Hairstyles for Small Faces8

This hairstyle is a vintage hairstyle and is perfect for small faces. Here, most of the hair is assembled to form a bun. The hairstyle looks totally different from other bun hairstyles. This look will be ideal if you want to impress someone on the first day. You may also want to colour your fringes a little to add some contrast to your face and hair.

9. Short Bob With Bangs:

Hairstyles for Small Faces9

This is one of the famous haircuts for small faces with short hair. This fringe-cut bob look is suitable for thin hair. The hairstyle for small face will provide you with a corporate and professional look. Celebrities from all over the world wear this look. You can make this look even more appealing by wearing acceptable jewellery.

10.  Bouncy Lob:

Hairstyles for Small Faces 10

In this type of hairstyle for short face, the bouncy lobs enhance the beauty of the face. The bouncy and the wavy pattern of the hair provide a new outlook to the face that seems appealing. Attention is drawn by this bouncy lob. The cheek bones seem to get an elevation in this hairstyle for short face. This style is very common nowadays. Here, in this picture, Chrissy Teigen traded this style. It’s perfect mainly for wavy type hair as it is easy to make this style. It is recommended to trim the hair on an around two months to enhance this style.

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11. Asymmetric Bob:

Hairstyles for Small Faces 11

This hairstyle is suitable for small face. The Bob style haircut is popular for ages and of no doubt, women look chic. But, asymmetric bob hairstyle is the latest trend. This styling draws much attention to the girls for a change. This uneven short layered cut helps to define the profile of the face. It is a perfect style for those who like to define their face properly. It is perfect style to the sport who prefer short length hair as the hair length is above the shoulder line. This simply needs no maintenance except trimming and it is easy going in the morning rush.

12. Muffed up:

Hairstyles for Small Faces 12

The muffed up small face hairstyle makes the face look longer and slightly elongated. This style is done by adding volume to the crown portion to the hair. It is recommended to do this styling by curling the locks. Women having long or medium hair can simply go for this hairstyle by back combing the back portion of the hair and curling the front part of the hair, i.e., the locks indeed. Hair is twisted up at the back of the head using hairpins and then pulling out some strands around the hairline. These steps can be easily be made, since it looks sexier, no doubt.

13.  The Top Knot:

Hairstyles for Small Faces 13

This hairstyle for small face is gaining popularity and is commonly sought. The top knot is considered as the summer trend. Women with long hair can avail this look and they often style in this fashion. Topknot over the head makes the face look sleek and longer. Thus styling in this way is apt for small faces. This style also goes with round faces. In the picture, Kaley Cuoco looks sexier sporting this outlook and the bun draws the main attention. The bun helps to elongate her face.

14. Flowing Waves:

Hairstyles for Small Faces 14

Long and wavy hair perfectly goes with this style. The waves and small curls in the lower potions balance out the small face by making the neck looks slimmer. The main characteristics of flowing waves are smoothing top and dense lower portion. The volume of the hair is mainly in the lower part and it looks slightly fluffy. It can be styled quickly as the hair can be kept open. Accessories can be paired with this flowing wave which makes you look even more appealing.

15. The Dressed Up Waves:

Hairstyles for Small Faces 15

To get this hairstyle for small face dressed-up waves style, one side of the hair is held back using bobby pins. These bobby pins can be of lustrous coloured stones which give an attractive look. To give an enhanced outlook, touch up the curls with a curling iron. This also gives a voluminous lower portion. Moreover, the side locks help to elongate your profile. Adoring this style provides a charming look indeed.

The above types of hairstyles on a small face provide you with different styles which can be paired up for special occasions. Women with short or long hair can opt for these 15 styles in which they feel comfortable. But just make sure what you want to try. Some of the hairstyles for small face will have some bangs or fringes falling on your forehead or covering your eye. If that’s not what you like, you may have to think over. If nothing works in your interest, just get one out of your imagination. You might actually set the trend tomorrow!