Top 15 Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shapes

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Hairstyles have always been a very important part of your attire and many ladies around the world spend an extensive amount of time on their hair just to look better than any other. Hairstyles primarily look good when you match both your dress and face shape with the hairstyle of your choice. If you see that you have found the perfect hairstyle for your face shape then consider yourself lucky because nothing else looks as good as a hairstyle that compliments your face shape.

To look your best searching first for your particular face shape is necessary then you must match your face shape with certain hairstyles to see which one is a full match. Though this is a necessary process there are still a few world renowned hairstyles that are very flexible and versatile as they compliment almost any kind of face type and skin colour.

Best Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes:

Given below are a few well known world class hairstyles to suit your face shape with images which surely inspire you.

1. Mermaid’s Tress:

Hairstyles For Your Face

This is actually a Greek hairstyle which is very popular amongst college girls all around the world today. Easy to make it requires just half an hour to completely pull off this hairstyle in the morning thus making it a very time moderate hairstyle. Accessorize with your choice of head gear to make it look even more appealing. This hairstyle is Perfectly suitable for long face shape.

2. Short Braid:

hairstyles to suit your face shape2

A braid is easy to make and easy to handle and the best part is that it is very useful if you have thin hair. If you are adventurous you can create a set of braids with a both shorter and longer hairstyles so that your entire scalp is full of braids which are very fashionable amongst teenagers today. This is one of the best hairstyles for your face shapes which is in round shape.

3. Middle Path:

hairstyles to suit your face shape3

The middle path medium straight hairstyle is yet again another great hairstyle for heart shaped faces. It brings out the elegance and sophistication that a woman can carry off very well. A good volume of hair is required to carry off this hairstyle sufficiently.

4. Updo Messy:

hairstyles to suit your face shape4

The updo messy bun is awesome if you have a college event or the prom. Though this hairstyle is boasting of youth it can also be adorned by corporate heads as well because of the sophistication it carries. The updo look looks great with a large variety of messy curls both on the front and back. This is one of the hairstyles for round faces with medium length hair.

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5. Super Casual:

hairstyles to suit your face shape5

This hairstyle is surely matched for any type of your face shape. The super casual messy bun is yet again a great way to go if you want to let your hair down during a social event or a party. Even for a regular casual hairstyle this is a great way to go. Super casual requires just a small bun with a large variety of messy curls to properly pull off this great look.

6. Simple Layers:

hairstyles to suit your face shape6

Simple layers is probably the most universal face shape hairstyle that you could ever choose. All you require is a good length of hair giving you the perfect hairstyle which suits almost all kinds of face types. Simple layers are easy to make and easy to handle as well. This is also one of the most popular hairstyles for small face with long hair.

7. Messy Bun:

hairstyles to suit your face shape7

A good messy bun is always a great way to go because this type of hairstyle is perfect as it is flexible with almost all kinds of face types and will most definitely make you the centre of attention to the event that you wish to visit. My face shape is round, this is one of the beautiful hairstyles for my face is exactly suits.

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8. Customised Look:

hairstyles to suit your face shape8

The customised look is the perfect way to find the perfect hairstyle to suit your face shape. The customised look requires a lot more time than any other hairstyle to find because of constant experimentation but at the end of the day with some hard work you will find your unique hairstyle that will suit your face shape excellently. This is one of the most beautiful and finest suitable hairstyles for different face shapes.

9. Bouncy Ponytail:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape9

A normal ponytail is nothing new but a bouncy ponytail puts a new rendition to the straight and sleek ponytail. The bouncy strands of your hair enhance the wavy layers. Firstly, the hair is remain undone and curling the whole hair with a curling iron. Back comb the hair and then pulling all of the hair into ponytail at the back of head. To have a lifted or elevated ponytail, just tighten the elastic by pulling them apart. You look classy and elegant sporting this style with your face shape.

10. Bombshell Blowout:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape10

The messy and wavy pattern of this hair style will absolutely enhance the sex appeal.  These messy waves are sexy and almost furious. The bombshell blowout hairstyle is done by applying mousse and blowing it rough dry. After it’s done drying, it is wrapped randomly. The layers that define the face profile are curled using curling iron. At the end, these layers are messed up with the fingers got creating a tousled effect. This creates a appealing outlook and you can sport this style on your face shape in any party in western outfit.

11. Pinup-Girl Pigtails:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape11

This hairstyle elevates and elongate the outlook of you shape face. Hence, it is specially recommended for round or small faces to try this. Curling your entire hair before you start wrapping is highly required. Once you are done with curling, the hair is teased to the top back portion to look like a cotton candy. Two low pigtails with loose braids is its specialty.

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12. Fishtail Bun:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape12

This is another great hairstyle for long face shape. Fishtail bun is an eye-catching style for long haired women. Fishtail bun is very common among new generation. Now, it’s time for fishtail bun. Those who are having long hair and like to be the centre of attraction would surely try this out without any hesitation. The hair is pulled into low ponytail and doing fishtail braid to the end of the hair. After this, the fishtail is wrapped around the back of your head. Suitable hair pins like that of U-shaped pins are used for catching the braid against the back of your hair to secure it in particular and appropriate place. This is finished by tucking the end of the hair into the braid, thus forming a fishtail bun. This hair style suits your face and can be paired up with a gown.

13. School Girl Hairstyle:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape13

This type of hairstyles face shapes mostly followed by women and young young girls all around the world. In this look, you simply look damn cool and young having any type of face shape. This is the ever easiest style to sport. A large piece of hair is swept across your forehead and then slid in black or coloured bobby pins. This style is recommended for those having wider forehead. This is one of the perfect hairstyles for rectangular faces

14. Ribbon Braid:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape14

This is one of the best suitable hairstyles for face shape of all types with simple braids. If you are crazy about doing hair styling using some other elements, then you are in the right topic. Braid is done with help of ribbon and the main part of this style is not to make it look perfect. Otherwise the main fun is lost. Messy braid with black or coloured ribbon is the main attraction. Gathering your hairs on the top part of the head makes it look like a horse shoe shape. Use the ribbon with any two parts among three separate parts of the hair to braid crazily and tie knots randomly after few rotations. This messy braid with ribbon surely goes with your face in order to opt for a change.

15. Undone Updo:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape15

The undone texture is made on your hair simply by dry blowing the hair with small and medium round brushes. After that a low ponytail which is then twisted messily around the base using bobby pins. This style absolutely goes with your face shape and elevates the beauty quotient of your face.

A perfect hairstyle amplifies the beauty of a face. The above 15 hairstyles are here for you to experiment and come out from your daily hair styling. This indeed transforms your look by simply trying these cool and ridiculously easy styling.

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