Hairs need to be arranged correctly to have the best final look. People have grown more cautious of themselves than before. Hence, we find that so many of them are engaging themselves with Google work to see what will suit them. When you think of making micro braids, straight hair or a curly one is not at all an issue. Instead, any person can confidently put on this hairdo.

We have all are seeing people making use of braids since their childhood days. Well, yes, the use of hair braids is more than a thousand years ago. People, irrespective of their caste and culture, are making use of the twists since primitive types. However, the creativity of the professionals has come in to beautify it with their proper senses. Braids are the interlacing mechanism of hairs. Nowadays, different accessories, jewels, gems, pearls or beads are even being used to have something beautiful and praiseworthy in the end. However, now it is highly influenced by the place.

10 Latest and Stylish Micro Braids Hairstyles with Pictures:

Here are the 10 best micro braids hairstyles with pictures.

1. Micro Braids for Short Black Hair:

How about a chic and elegant micro braids hairstyle for women with short black hair? Isn’t it stunning? If you love a high-end sophisticated yet timeless, stylish look, this micro braided look will always come as a saviour. The style is versatile and can be mixed with versatile occasions in hand seamlessly. Try it out!

2. Multiple Braids:

When the crochet braids are made to the entire length, you need to be secure that your hair is protected. It helps you to come up with a unique look. You can confidently wear it and flaunt your hair happily. It adds grace and charm to your usual look. You do not need to make use of any accessories to beautify them, nor need to provide regular assistance.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, Heart, Oval, or Diamond.
  • Best Occasions: Normal days.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits the female till the age of 35 years.
  • Best Season to Try: Best for all seasons.
  • Suitable Dress: Formal or casual wear.

3. Creative Micro Braids:

Judging by the name, you can take a wild guess that this hairstyle can be adjusted according to your preference. These look pretty much like regular braids. Caucasian hair is also styled in a similar way. Extensions are required for styling this hair which will provide you with a variety of options to style your hair in many other fashions.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Long, Oval, Round, Heart.
  • Best Occasions: Ideal for all parties.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits kids and females of all age groups with 25 years.
  • Best Season to Try: Best for the autumn and winter season.
  • Suitable Dress: Casual and party wear.

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4. Braided Updo:

This sophisticated updo hairstyle is one of the best braided hairstyles for short hair. Here micro braids are pulled up, which are further fixed with a clasp. The hairstyle is suitable for people of all face shapes and can be worn on any occasion or just on an everyday basis.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Heart, Square, Oblong, Round.
  • Best Occasions: Parties, Gathering.
  • Suitable Age Group: All age groups.
  • Best Season to Try: Goes in all seasons but mainly summer.
  • Suitable Dress: Formalwear.

5. Micro Braids with Curls:

Proper micro-sized braids are made in multiple numbers. The hair length is arranged in a wavy manner. It will ultimately help you to have a unique look. The hairs appear to be in the form of a water body. You even do not need to provide much attention. The hairs, once arranged in this form, remain in the same manner for at least three months.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, Oblong, oval.
  • Best Occasions: Good for any party or gathering.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits females of all age groups.
  • Best Season to Try: Best for the winter season.
  • Suitable Dress: It best goes well with formal wear.

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6. Partial Waves:

This African braided hairstyle is a masterpiece. There are very few braids on the upper part of the scalp, as most of the hair remains free. The end of the hair can be styled in a wavy or straightway.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Round, Diamond, Oval.
  • Best Occasions: Wedding parties.
  • Suitable Age Group: Best suited for the age group 20-45.
  • Best Season to Try: It goes well in every season.
  • Suitable Dress: Saree, Lehenga.

7. Fringe-Cut Micro Braids:

Micro braids can be styled all over the head to form a fringe. In this black braided hairstyle look, the hair can be styled by letting it rest free or securing it with a clip. If you want to keep the hair off your face, then use a clasp.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Round, Square, Oval.
  • Best Occasions: Gatherings, Parties.
  • Suitable Age Group: Teenagers.
  • Best Season to Try: Suits every season.
  • Suitable Dress: Formal dress.

8. Micro Braids with a Ponytail:

There is nothing better than braided hair pulled up to form a ponytail. How you want to wear the ponytail is up to you. You can wear it high or low. This style is ideal for women or girls. Women residing in humid areas style their hair in this manner.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, oval, round.
  • Best Occasions: Official parties or gatherings.
  • Suitable Age Group: Girls of age 16 to 30 years.
  • Best Season to Try: The Summer season.
  • Suitable Dress: Casual wear or formal wear.

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9. Micro Braids For Black Hairstyles:

Black women love to style their hair with a little flair of micro braids. These black hairstyles look elegant and can free you from the stress of maintaining and tailoring your hair every day. The hair can be styled in his fashion without applying much pressure on the braided hair.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Round, Square, Diamond, Oval.
  • Best Occasions: Office, parties.
  • Suitable Age Group: Best suited for the age group 20 to 45 years.
  • Best Season to Try: Good for all seasons.
  • Suitable Dress: Formal dress.

10. Prom Style Micro Braids:

Micro Braids can be styled by setting one side free and braiding the other. This is a magnificent hairstyle and mixes in perfect proportion with long hair. Not a bad look for prom night.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, heart, round, Oblong.
  • Best Occasions: weddings, bridal, parties.
  • Suitable Age Group: People of all age groups.
  • Best Season to Try: In any party season.
  • Suitable Dress: Ethnic wear, Lehenga, Saree

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Additional Tips:

  1. Well aware of the fact that our hairs fail to get the required hair nutrients. So, we need to make sure that the daily deficient amount is fulfilled with the protein hair creams.
  2. People are living with the myth that we should not make use of the oil on our hair. Well, putting regular hair oil and providing a massage is very important before you are ready to wash your hair with shampoo or soap.
  3. The use of excessive chemical colours or creams should be limited.
  4. Regular combing of hairs with the right brush should be done as it prevents hair damage to much extent.

So, do make use of the micro braids hairstyles or any braiding pattern as per your personal choice. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy doing any of it with your hair. The best part of this hairstyle is that you are free from the regular maintenance routine of the hair.

Hope you find this article to be beneficial for you. We look forward to your feedback, and do let us know for further improvements are required in the section, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How long does it take to have the braids done completely?

Ans: Many braiding hairstyle patterns are available in the market. Micro braids hairstyles or Long micro braids, whichever you are opting for, every hairdo has got a different time requirement. The difference in time requirement is due to the complexity of making the braid pattern.

Q2. If I will not remove my braids, after how long will they come to a normal condition?

Ans: Generally, the maximum time for which the hairs are in braided condition is three months. However, it will be ideal to keep it for two months. You need to make sure that the braids are carefully removed, if possible then with the assistance of the professional.

Q3. Is it recommendable to blow dry the hair completely, or should it be kept in wet condition before the braids are to be made?

Ans: Experts say to leave the hair in normal condition before your plan of making braids. So, you do not need to work on your hair strands.


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