15 Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles With Pictures

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French braid hairstyles are always creates trend in the history. The good old braid is no longer considered boring or fashion backward. Making a major comeback these are the toast of the fashion fraternity. Braids can be tricky, and needs practice. The regular French braid is hard to learn, but once you get the hang of it, your fingers will respond with the desired dexterity. All you need is a comb, a ponytail guarder, your fingers and a lot of patience.

french braid hairstyles

Step By Step French Braid Hairstyles With Images:

Here are the 15 best French braid hairstyles step by step in vogue along with their pictures which can stand you away from crowd.

1. Simple French Braid:

The basic French braid is a tried and tested hairstyle for generations. It keeps long hair sorted and tangle free. For starters it’s not complicated. This is one of the simplest french braids with long hair.

The double French braid can be the next stage. It is also very simple french braid hairstyle with medium length hair. It adds to the style and beauty. Keeps the hair neatly packed away from the face. These are perfect daily wear hairstyles.

2. Mermaid French Braid:

This is a more complex variant of the French braid. It’s a spread out version of a basic braid that resembles the lower body of a mermaid and hence the name. Sections of hair are pulled in at equal intervals to create a mesh that holds the entire fall of the hair.

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3. Waterfall French Braid:

french waterfall

This is the easiest variant of the french braid hairstyle and hence extremely popular. It is a running braid that progresses horizontally and not vertically like other braids. The interlocking sections by the length of the hair give the impression of a waterfall. It can be done on fine as well as thick hair. A suitable option if you want to flaunt the length of your hair.

4. Spiral French Braid Buns:

Spiral French braids start at the crown from one end and diagonally progress to the other end of the head, all the way to the end. On the opposite side of the diagonal, right at the nape the remaining length of the braid can be coiled up and secured with pins as a bun. These types of french braid hairstyles for girls with pigtails  are classic Grecian Goddess inspired styles that never go out of fashion.

5. Messy Back Combed French Braid:

combed french

Messy braids are the perfect style to add a laid back and romantic touch to your ensemble. An ode to the classic romantic heroine, this look has a Victorian feel to it. The normal French braid hairstyle in ponytail style gets a lot of volume with the back combed hair. Ideally suited for long hair, it does not need to be thick to add volume. Feminine and delicate braid can be accessorized best with fresh fragrant blooms.

6. Inverted French Braid:

This is a bottom-up approach to braiding. The french braid  is flexible depending on the look you want. So it can end up as a bun or even a high ponytail. Overnight braiding is an effective shortcut to achieve naturally wavy hair next morning without using any styling product. This is one of the most popular hairstyles with french braid for medium length hair.

7. Heart Shape French Braid:

heart shape

Simple small braids starting at the crown on both sides end up creating a sweetheart shape at the back of your head. Alternately, it can be spiraled from both ends of the crown to form a bun at the nape of the neck. Either ways it’s perfect for a night out with your sweetheart. No doubt this will

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8. Milk maid Crown braid:

The crown braid is synonymous with the milkmaids of the European countryside. It has since graduated to being a popular style on every red carpet. Messy careless strands add to its appeal. One of the best ideas in french braid hairstyles for girls is crown french braid which is perfectly suitable for all types of faces.

9. Lace Braided Ponytail:

These are made around the ponytail and resemble a Lacey ribbon wrapped along its length. These braids enhance the normal ponytail by being its accessories. You can also apply this french braid your own hair which can make more beautiful but it is some what difficult than preciously discussed.

10. The Pink Colored French Braided Hairstyle:

French Braid Hairstyles10

Here is one of the latest side french braid hairstyles that girls will find interesting. It looks quite special because of the color. There is one more thing that makes it so alluring. The braids are one of the finest features about this hairstyle and it is the primary alluring feature about this look. This hairstyle is something that will work great for you. The color can be said to be one of the finest ways to impress all people looking at you. It will found suitable by girls who are not even into french braid looks.

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11. The thin French Braided Hairstyle:

French Braid Hairstyles11

You won’t probably want to see the braid done on the hair. It is done surrounding the crown portion of the hair. The pattern that this hairstyle sports is something that will be totally suitable for all girls with toned faces. Do you have a chubby face, then sporting this look won’t necessarily be a great idea. If you have a blonde hair, then will make you look even more better as french braids always work perfectly with blonde hair. If you are looking for a French braid hairstyle for yourself, then you should definitely consider sporting int on your hair.

12. The back Twisted French Braid Hairstyle:

French Braid Hairstyles12

This is probably one of the simplest ways to style the hair which you can do on yourself. The back of the hair sports the french braid pattern and it is something that will be totally suitable for sporting the beauty of your hair effectively. If you are looking for one of the latest and new french braid hairstyles for yourself, then this can be said to be the right stuff for you this season. You can sport it without your eyes closed. It comes with the ability to make anyone look alluring.

13. The Latest French Braid Hairstyle:

French Braid Hairstyles13

Here is a good-looking side french braid hairstyle which will be suitable for all women with good quality hair. The pattern that this hairstyle sports on the crown portion of the head is the prime attraction of this look. It is not the milk maid french braid but it is quite attractive. Stylish and pretty smooth. That is the two things that makes this hairstyle look so suitable for all women out there. If you are looking for a decent-looking hairstyle this season 2017, then this is definitely one of the finest ways to make the hair look attractive.

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14. The Cute French Braided Hairstyle:

French Braid Hairstyles14

If you are looking for a french braided hairstyle, then this is something that will make you look alluring from the the core of the hair. The braids are done on the crown portion of the head and that is what attracts people in the first place. Everyone who even takes a quick glance at this hairstyle will find this look suitable for them. The pattern done on the bun is also one of the best things about this hair. If you are in need of a good hairstyle this season, then this french braids hairstyle can be said to be one of them.

15. The Weave French Braid Hairstyle:

French Braid Hairstyles15

This is a double french braid hairstyle and is intended for the black women. Their hair quality is suitable for sporting for sorting some of the best-looking braided hairstyles. The pattern that this hairstyle sports on the top portion of the hair along with some pretty complex braids with the long ends on either sides is quite impressive and is one of the best things about this hair.

Beautiful braids add to the femininity of your look. The above french braid hairstyles are each eye-catching style you’ll surely be able to make heads turn your way. So, start braiding those cascading tresses, after all practice makes perfect. These are some of the best French braid hairstyles that you can pick from this time around when you want to look stylish! There are some that perfectly suits the beach look as well.