We all want flawless skin… do not we? However, now a days there is a tendency to run towards commercially available, cosmetic products to seek quick fix ways but we forget about the long term damage these synthetic products cause to our skin. Always try to go for natural, plant and herb based remedies to solve your skin care woes… One such highly underrated, skin boon is present right in your kitchen. It is Castor oil.. Let us read on more to know about the amazing benefits of using castor oil for your skin care routine.

Castor Oil For Skin:

Is castor oil is good for skin health? Yes, Castor oil helps in treating a number of skin related problems. I would love to call it as a multi purpose remedy for day to day skin ailments. Below we have some the best uses and benefits of castor oil for skin.

1. Castor Oil For Pimples And Acnes:

If you are affected by acne and zits popping here and there over your face, you can definitely look up to castor oil.  It has anti bacterial action against the microorganisms responsible for causing acne due to presence of a natural acid called ricinoleic acid. Massaging your face with a little warmed up castor oil is believed to help with acne. Leave it on for nearly 5 to 10 minutes and wash off using cool water. You can use diluted tea tree oil toner to wipe off your face afterwards.

2. Castor Oil For Skin Dryness:

Natural oils are no wonder excellent and purest forms of moisturizers and hydrates for your skin due to presence of natural fatty acids. In winters, apply castor oil over your skin to restore the lost sheen and tackle all the dryness and patchiness. Due to such wonderful and deep hydration that the castor oil is capable of providing to your skin, it is the best anti ageing, natural substance you can use on your face and neck.

3. How To Use Castor Oil For Skin Whitening And Shining:

Massaging it every night before bedtime to plump up your skin and reduce as well as delay the appearance of fine lines, crows feet, smile lines and other creases on your face. Massaging with warm oil stimulates cell turnover, increases blood circulation, encourages flushing of toxins from your skin leading it to feel revitalized and radiant.

4. Castor Oil For White And Stretch Marks:

Stretching of skin beyond it’s elasticity can cause the elastic fibers to tear leading to appearance of white, unsightly stretch marks. I would not say that the stretch marks would vanish but they would definitely get reduced, noticeably. In a similar way, the fatty acids penetrate deep in the scars and reduces their appearance, provided, you use it for at least a few moths regularly.

5. Castor Oil For Ringworm Infection:

Along with anti bacterial properties, castor oil also possess anti fungal and anti viral properties so, it can be used to treat skin related infections like warts, yeast infections and athlete’s foot. It has been found particularly helpful in the treatment of Ringworm infection due to presence of a compound called undecylenic. To treat ringworm infection, you can topically apply a mix made oil of 2 parts of castor oil and 4 parts of coconut oil, regularly.

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6. Castor Oil For Lip Problems:

Castor oil also works great as an all natural lip plumper. It heals dry and scaly lips that are a major cause of concern during the dry and chilly winters. Rub in some warm castor oil on to the cuticles of your nails to boost your nail growth and make your manicures last for longer.

If you want to try out a natural makeup cleaner then use a mix of castor oil and coconut oil to remove even the most stubborn makeup from your face.

Benefits of Castor Oil For Skin:

1. Helps Heal Skin Inflammation :

Castor oil is a boon which helps heal skin inflammation which can be caused by sunburns, acne, dry skin etc. take some castor oil, dip a cotton ball in it and dab it on the affected area. Leave it on for an hour or so before washing it off. This will help heal the inflamed skin.

2. Fights Against Signs of Aging :

Castor oil, when applied to skin, penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This helps soften and hydrate the skin which in turn delays the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It makes the skin smoother, softer, shinier and younger. The fine lines around the eyes can also be treated with this method. Castor oil can be used for skin lightning.

3. Moisturizes Skin :

Castor oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer which leaves you with smooth, supple, and revitalized skin. The highly concentrated fatty acids present in castor oil penetrate through the skin easily and help remove dry patches and hydrate the skin. After cleaning your face, massage with castor oil using gentle, circular motions regularly. You will have glowing, young looking skin and skin lightening in your hand.

4. Clears Pigmentation :

Castor oil which is crammed with fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids is extremely good in clearing your skin of marks and spots. It is so effective that even dermatologists recommend it as medicine for treatment in cases of uneven skin tone, spots etc because of its ability to reduce pigmentation. These omega-3 fatty acids hydrate the skin and stimulating the growth of healthy tissue which gives you a blemish-free and supple skin

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5. Fades Blemishes :

Castor oil is often also used for fading blemishes, scars etc which are present in the skin. The results won’t be visible overnight and it needs to be used regularly to see prominent results. The fatty acids present in castor oil penetrate deep within the scar tissue and plump it out while at the same time encouraging growth of healthy tissues around it. This helps get rid of the blemishes.

6. Cleansing :

According to many dermatologists, castor oil cleansing method is an effective cleansing, toning, moisturizing regime that deep cleans the pores and get rid of blackheads causing debris. In order to use castor oil to deep clean pores first, mix it with a light oil like apricot oil and massage it onto your facial skin gently but thoroughly. The fatty acids in castor oil displace the waxy debris that would otherwise cause blackheads and acne on our skin. After massaging, soak a clean washcloth in warm water, wring out the excess water and apply the cloth over your face until it cools down.

This will help to remove materials that would otherwise clog the pore better. But take care not to burn your face. You can repeat this steaming process a few more times if you want. This way you remove make-up, dirt, and excess oil from the pores on your skin and deep clean them while ensuring that the skin does not dry out.

7. Anti-Fungal :

Castor oil has long been used as treatment against fungal infections, especially yeast infection and ringworm,which are common problems that affect people of all ages. Castor oil has a biochemical called undecylenic acid which helps retard the fungal growth. Generally, castor oil is mixed with coconut oil and this mixture is applied over the affected area and kept undisturbed overnight. This procedure is to be repeated until the fungal infection is cured. Castor oil also helps rejuvenate the skin in the area which has been affected and prevents formation of scars.

Hope, you liked this small compilation of the uses and benefits of castor oil that make good effects for your skin and would benefit from it.

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