Flaunting flawless and glowing skin is the most cherished dream for a woman. Sadly, various factors, like unhealthy lifestyles and pollution, play havoc on our skin. So if you desire to revive your beauty, take these best homemade skin care tips that will never fail you.

Beauty starts with better skin. Healthy and better skin gives that bright glow that makes natural beauty attractive. The only thing you have to learn is how to maintain your skin. And with regular and committed practice, you will start seeing those changes in your skin.

Best Homemade Skin Care Tips:

So don’t worry; if you have made up your mind to follow the following, there are more than enough skincare tips for you to begin with. Here are the 50 Best Natural Homemade Skin Care Tips for You.

1. Drink Lots Of  Water:

The most crucial beauty tip is to keep your skin and body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water flushes toxins from your organism and keeps your skin healthy and full of life. Moreover, drinking water aids in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, thereby reducing premature ageing. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin cared for from the inside out.

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2. Avoid Exposure To Dry Air:

A hairdryer can be useful for drying hair, but using more means overusing the dryer can cause hair damage. It also affects the skin behind the hair and around the hair. If you want to protect your skin should better skip the use of a hairdryer.

3. Avoid Prolonged Contact With Hot Or Chlorinated Water:

Women’s skin is always soft and sensitive, so be careful with skin-affected things. Hot water and chlorinated water can affect the soft women’s skin. To avoid this hot and chlorinated water from your daily using things.

4. Sip Some Tea:

Stay hydrated throughout the day and prefer warm liquids, such as herbal tea. Make some spicy tea with fresh ginger and lemon that will wake you up in the afternoon and keep you healthy. And most importantly will result in glowing skin. Green teas are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight off bacteria and free radicals. Try to drink at least one cup of green tea a day.

5. Use Natural Products:

Don’t use any chemical bottled products on your skin!! Most products, even those claiming to be extremely natural, have chemicals. Chemical products will show effect within a few weeks but once to stop using them, they will end up making your skin look more damaged than before. Use natural products from well-known brands. These are the simplest skincare tips forever.

6. Use Lip Balms:

Chill out chapped lips to prevent chapping; stick on plenty of lip gloss or balm before you go out. Be sure to reapply often. However, make sure you are using good quality lip balms made from 100% natural products

7. Using Scarf:

Wearing a scarf protects your skin from the harsh effects of the climate. While in summer, it keeps the harmful UV rays at bay, it shields the skin from the chilling cold winds in winter. So put on a scarf and gloves when going out in cold weather.

8. Get Plenty Of Sleep:

One of the best and easy beauty secrets is sound sleep. It has been found that sleep deprivation hinders blood circulation, thereby making you look pale and dull. Hence try to get eight to ten hours of sleep a night to put your best face forward. While you sleep, the body gets ample time to rejuvenate and repair your skin.

9. Remove Makeup Before Go To Bed:

Leaving makeup on your skin not only clogs pores, but it also causes excessive dryness and leads to skin dandruff. This is because most makeup products contain a specific sugar-type molecule that fosters the growth of microorganisms. Never sleep in makeup, ever, no matter how tired you are. Always use a gentle and oil-free cleanser. Be diligent, and your skin will improve.

10. Clean Hands Before Touch The Face:

Hands off!! Stop touching your face! Surfaces that you touch are full of dirt and bacteria, right from phones to doorbells to menus at restaurants, and all of those bacteria spread all over your face once you start touching your skin. Most skin problems vanish without medication by simply keeping your hands away from your face. This a simple yet beneficial skincare tip for women.

11. Eat Right:

We all know that beauty comes from within. So if you desire to look beautiful and young, eat well. Fresh, healthy foods contain vitamins and nutrients which keep skin glowing. Try eating foods with more iron-like spinach, green beans and juices. Your skin will perk up in no time. Add plenty of fruits to your diet and avoid taking juices. One of the most important skincare tips is eating right and following a regular healthy diet.

12. Keep Away Hair From the Face:

Get your hair out; keep your hair off your face. Greasy hair and skin go together, and hair can spread infection. So if your hair feels oily, simply tie it in a knot to avoid sticking on your face more often.

13. Clean Your Face Regularly:

Wash your face in the morning and nighttime. Make it a routine by setting a reminder for three weeks. It will become a habit once you start to do it for weeks. Wash your face after rinsing off your hair conditioner in the shower.

14. Apply the Best Moisturizer:

Taking too many showers can dry your skin and leave you all itchy. Though clean skin leads to clear skin, washing it too often or too vigorously can irritate the skin and do more harm than good. So moisturise your skin with a good moisturiser immediately after a bath or shower. If possible, use a moisturiser containing SPF. One can even use natural honey and oils as a natural moisturiser.

15. Limit Bath Time:

Hot water and long showers or baths can remove oils from your skin, besides causing mild burns. While taking a steamy shower may make you feel better, studies reveal that it is the worst thing that can be done to your skin. So try to spend less time in the shower, and always use warm or cold rather than hot water.

16. Cleansing:

Do most of your cleansing while taking a bath. During the bath, the skin stays moist, and the pores remain open. Avoid using a harsh cleanser or an astringent! When you are cleansing your skin, use gentle massaging movements. Organic Witch Hazel Water and Organic Nettle Water are natural astringents. And remember, Skin cleansing should always follow by toning.

17.  Avoid Alcohol Skin Care Products:

Always try using alcohol-free products since sometimes increased humidity could open up pores. You should always avoid skincare products containing alcohol as they dry out your skin.

18. Exfoliate:

If not every day, make sure you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Exfoliation helps shrink the pores on your skin by eliminating dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Use a natural and homemade exfoliation mask for better results. For sensitive skin, look for a more gentle exfoliate. After exfoliation, clean your skin with a mild cleanser that clears up the dead surface cells and renders the skin smooth and soft.

19.  Don’t Use Soap More Times:

Avoid washing the face with soaps more than twice a day. As soaps can strip oil from your skin, wash your face often with plain water splashes or use a gentle cleanser instead of soap.

20. Don’t Hold Back Yourself On Facials:

Even if you don’t feel like spending bucks on spa visits, keep the practice of applying proper homemade facials on a periodical basis. Prefer facials like clay-based ones for a better result.

21. Protect Yourself From The Sun:

It’s very important to protect your skin from sun exposure. A little sun exposure is fine, but a long time of exposure can cause age spots, wrinkles, sunburns and other skin problems. It is one of the basic skin care tips on the list.

22. Don’t Go Out At Mid Day:

Avoid the sun during peak hours- 11 a.m. -1 p.m. This is when one should avoid going out regardless of the season. During these hours, even on overcast days, the ultraviolet radiation is highest which can damage the skin.

23. Use Sunscreen Lotions:

It has been found that wrinkles in nearly 90% of cases are caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. Therefore never forget to step out of your home without applying sunscreen. Whether it’s summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. Remember that it is better to prevent any damage to your skin rather than fix it later. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Try to reapply it every two hours, and if you are swimming, then apply it more often.

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24. Don’t Use Foundation Make Up In Summer:

During summer, don’t use foundation. Try to keep it clean and scrubbed. Use sunscreen, but a lotion because it is lighter and stays on longer. One can even use sunscreen with a matte look as it works as sunscreen plus foundation.

25. Use Protecting Accessories During the Daytime:

Wear protective clothing- wear long sleeves shirts, jeans and sunglasses.  One can accessorise it with a wide-brimmed hat or can use an umbrella for shade. You have to follow this useful and valuable simple skincare tip.

26. Quit Smoking:

If you smoke, the best way to protect your skin is to quit. Smoking makes the tiny blood vessels of our outermost layers of skin narrow, decreasing blood flow and making skin look older and contributing to wrinkles. It damages collagen and elastin, which are the fibres that give our skin its strength. Even the continuous expressions you make when smoking, such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke, can reduce wrinkles.

27. Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet can help you look your best.  Diet rich in vitamins A, C & E and low in unhealthy fats and processed or refined carbohydrates might promote younger-looking skin. Eat plenty of Organic fruit and Organic vegetables (get a variety). Eat oily fish such as fresh and wild mackerel and wild salmon (to get glowing skin). Berries are rich, and vitamin C and antioxidants and have a tiny glycemic index, so they won’t raise your blood sugar. Adding coconut oil to your diet will help to moisturise and smooth your skin. Munch on nuts more often as the high-quality fatty acids and oils help skin rejuvenation and skin repair.

28. Apply Milk Pack:

If you’re a DIY person, I suggest using the milk in your fridge. Take a small amount of milk in a cotton ball, gently pat it over your face, leave it for about 10 minutes, and then wash it. For effect all over your body, add a cup of milk to your bathwater. You will get clear and smooth skin.

29. Reduce Alcohol Dose:

If you struggle with hormonal breakouts every month, reduce your dairy intake. Improvement in your skin will start showing up within a few weeks. It has been stated that dairy products (even the organic ones) contain specific cow hormones that cause the secretion of oil from the glands, henceforth causing frequent acne breakouts. Try shakes, salad dressings or protein bars high in dairy content. If, however, you must consume them, limit yourself to skimmed milk.

30. Apply Alcohol On Pimples:

If you’re planning to pop a pimple at home, then do it in a precise way. Sterilise your needle and hands by rubbing alcohol. Then puncture the whitehead of the pimple with the help of the sterilised needle, just enough to break the skin. Press on either side of the pimple using a clean cotton swap until it’s drained. Cover it with a bandage to stay clean while it’s healing.

31. Manage Stress:

Uncontrolled stress can produce many skin problems. Stress promotes the formation of damaging frowning that leaves lines and wrinkles. To manage your stress for healthy skin and a healthy state of mind. Find some time to do the things that you enjoy. This is one of the ultimate and excellent skincare tips for both men and women

32. Avoid Very Stiff Bras:

Are you A woman? If your bra straps are too tight, it can cause body acne on your shoulders. Loosening the straps with just a pinch will let your skin breathe, and you will have less chance of having to break out in that area.

33. Do Exercise Regularly:

Exercise soothes the mind and improves blood circulation throughout the body. It helps in accomplishing natural good-looking skin. Great circulations pass nutrients to each cell in your body, while toned muscle makes you look beautiful. Don’t forget to wash your face both before and after you exercise.

34. Taking Multivitamin Food:

Take a good quality multivitamin supplement or exclusively for good skin! Or even better, eat a healthy diet that includes Omega 6 and Omega 3, and Vitamin C. Most experts and grandparents prove this is one of the best and most excellent skincare tips forever.

35. Apply Tea Tree Oil:

Tired of finding a spot treatment for acne? Bring 100% tea tree oil and apply it to the area before bedtime, and when you wake up, you will have a much happier complexion.

36. Take Care Tips With Hair While Sleeping:

If you’re a person who doesn’t have time to shampoo daily. Then sleep with your hair in a ponytail to keep your face away from any grease that may be there in your strands. The oil from hair can clog the skin’s pores and result in pimples and acne breakouts.

37. Don’t Be Dirt:

Don’t use the same towel for both your hands and face. The dirt left behind on a hand towel should not be used to wipe your face, so be sure to use separate towels. Our facial skin is sensitive and delicate, so oil from hair or other body parts should not be transferred to the face. Using separate towels for hands and face is very important if you are prone to acne breakouts.

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38. Keep Away Mobile From Your Face:

A recent study has revealed that germ infections in smartphones are even more than those found on toilet paper. Shocking as it may seem, one of the simple skincare tips for girls is to restrict the use of phones or sanitise their phones frequently. Putting your phone against your face when you’re talking on the phone can cause huge breakouts. As your cell phone contains bacteria, make sure to use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your phone as much as possible to stay away from acne.

39. Shave Carefully:

To protect your skin apply shaving cream or lotion before shaving. On the day of shaving, wash your legs with a conditioner rather than soap. Using conditioner will help soften the hair on the legs, thereby rendering shaving much easier. Use a clean, sharp razor for the closest shave. Never shave your hair in the direction the hair grows.

40. Pat Dry:

After washing or bathing, softly tap your skin with a dry towel to retain some moisture on the skin. Avoid rubbing your skin with a towel after taking a bath as it may cause irritation and ultimately lead to skin losing its elasticity. Patting skin dry after every shower is particularly important for those with sensitive skin.

41. Don’t Eat Sweet More:

Excess sugar will make your pants snugger and cause your skin to look older. If you have a sweet tooth, you need to know that sugar is not good for your skin. Sugar can lead to early ageing skin and loose skin as sugar can affect the elastin, allowing the skin to be flexible. While you do not have to cut out sugar completely from your diet, restrict your intake to only natural sugars found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Avoid consumption of sugar-laden products like ice-creams, white bread and candies.

42. Use Natural Drinks:

Carbonated drinks are not beneficial for your health and your skin, so if you want to prevent dull and dehydrated skin from affecting you, turn towards natural non-fizzy drinks. Most of these aerated drinks have ingredients that trigger premature ageing. They have an extremely high sugar content that has a damaging effect on your skin. So one of the basic skin care tips for girls is to avoid fizzy drinks and opt for natural ones.

43. Switch Up Your Night Cream:

You realised the need for lighter formula moisturiser the minute temperatures started soaring. Apply the same logic to your night cream. Switch to lighter cream to see better results without much effort. The nose area gets easily moisturised, so avoid that area.

44. Try Acne-Fighting Cleansers:

Acnes are the most daunting skin problem for all of us. So the best way to battle them is to use good quality acne-fighting cleansers and face washes. Even if the days when you were battling acne are officially gone, if you have shine issues, use a salicylic acid-based cleanser. Don’t go beyond 2% concentration.

45. Change Your Sleep Style:

If you are a stomach sleeper, then there’s bad news for you. Our head weighs somewhere around 7 to 8 pounds. Don’t you think that’s a lot of pressure to be putting on your face night after night?  The side you’re sleeping on will have more wrinkles. For those who already sleep on their back, try throwing an extra pillow under your head. But if you like sleeping on your side, use a satin or silk pillowcase. As these textures won’t provoke creases on the surface of your skin.

46. Don’t Do Over-Exfoliating:

Even though exfoliation forms a very important part of a basic skincare routine, but just like everything, over-exfoliation can do a lot of damage to your skin. Too much scrubbing is something you want to avoid doing, as this might cause your skin to become irritated. It also causes puffiness and even results in frequent acne breakouts (yes, the effect might just be the opposite if you overdo it).

47. Don’t Eat Junk And Oil Foods:

Stay away from junk and oily food, and try to include fresh veggies and fruits into your daily diet as much as possible. Various researches have revealed that a diet high in carbohydrates and fats is more likely to cause wrinkles sooner. Also, avoid red meat and creamy cheese products as they contain what we know as ‘ageing fats’ and prove fatal for our skin.

48. Use Anti-Ageing Natural Face Packs:

Pamper your skin with an anti-ageing facial mask at least once a week. This mask helps in unclogging your pores and lifting your sagged skin. Some of the best homemade and effective natural packs to defy early signs of ageing are Aloe vera, rosewater and lavender mask, Olive oil and banana mask, Milk and almonds face pack, Glycerine and egg-white and lemon and honey face pack. Regular use of these anti-ageing packs will give a younger-looking skin like never before.

49. Drink Cool Water:

Believe it or not, cold water can be a quick remedy for tired-looking skin. Splashing some cold water is an ideal way to boost a tired-looking complexion as it stimulates blood circulation and obtains a much healthier look. Massaging ice cubes on your face just before going to bed will help to reduce acne and wrinkles.

50. Lay off The Liquor:

More than one drink a day can cause increased oil production and enlarged pores. But wine (in moderation) is proven to help shield your skin cells from harmful UV rays, so don’t think much and start drinking up when it comes to wine. This is another important tip for protecting your skin.


So, you now know the secrets of what real girls do to look beautiful. These are the best, most natural skincare tips suitable for women of all age groups. By following these basic beauty guidelines, you will be gifted with glowing and fair skin. These homemade remedies are safe and work wonders for your skin without burning a big hole in your pocket.


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