Double chin gives your face the plump look that you want to avoid. It doesn’t look cute or pleasantly chubby. It makes you look plain old fat and is not at all becoming. But reducing double chin is not as easy as that. Restricting your diet may help you flatten your stomach but it won’t reduce that bit of flab hanging underneath your chin! Double chin needs more perseverance than that. You need to engage in daily exercises to get rid of that annoying bit of fat. Here are 15 ways to help you do this.

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast At Home Naturally:

There are different home exercises to reduce and remove double chin problem fastly and naturally. Below we have given some of the best exercises and natural ways for reduce double chin.

1. Chin Up Exercise:

This is the easiest and most commonplace of all double chin reducing exercises. Sit in a comfortable position with your back ramrod straight. Next fold your neck back such that you are staring at ceiling above. Make your neck go back as much as possible. Keep your tongue stuck to the upper part of your mouth. Now slowly bring your neck down. Take your chin as down as far as possible. Now repeat the entire process. This exercise is of a great help in reducing your double chin. While practicing it you shall feel the skin on your neck stretch.

2. Pout And Move:

Do you know how to reduce double chin problem by using pout and move exercise? The major movement of the exercise is same as the one above. The major difference is that instead of holding your tongue to the roof as you did previously, you pout while taking your face back and bringing it down. This exercise is good for your face muscles as well as your double chin.

3. O Movement:

In this exercise you make an O with your mouth. Feel your cheek muscles move and get strained. Move your head back while keeping the O secured. You will feel some tension on your lower jaw. This is the muscle getting stretched. Now slowly bring your head back to its original position. Repeat the entire procedure.

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4. Reaching High:

Don’t you know how to get rid of double chin fastly through a simple exercise? For that You need to stand straight for this exercise. Then tilt your head back so that you are staring at the ceiling again. Now pucker your lips and try to reach the ceiling and kiss it. You have to essentially move your face away from your neck. Pull it as far as it will come. Then go back to the original position. Repeat the entire procedure.

5. Neck Exercise:

The neck rotation exercise is also helpful in reducing double chin. Sit straight or stand straight, then move your head from one side to the other. Continue this round slowly till you’ve made a complete circle. Repeat the entire procedure.

6. Neck Stretching:

Have you heard neck stretching also can remove the double chin problem? Here is a process for get rid of double chin fastly at home. For that

  • Sit on the floor with your back ramrod straight.
  • Now taking support with one of your arms, use the other to tilt your neck to the other direction.
  • Push it as far as it goes.
  • Hold this position for a minute then bring it back.
  • Now take it to the other side.
  • Repeat the entire procedure.

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7. Mouth Stretching:

Jaw movement exercises are excellent for reducing double chin.

  • Open your mouth in a wide O and say ‘aah’. Then close your mouth.
  • Open it again, moving your mouth as you do while masticating food.
  • Inhale while opening your mouth and then after a minute of movements exhale.
  • Repeat the entire process.

8. Turn Your Head:

  • Use your palm to hold your face by your jaw and then turn it to one side.
  • Make it go as far as possible.
  • Hold it there for some time.
  • Then bring it back. now, turn your face in the other direction.
  • Repeat the entire process for getting out of double chin problem.

9. Take Your Tongue Out:

Take your tongue out as far as it will go and say ‘aaa’. Hold it for some time and then go back to normal. This is one of the very simplest exercises for get rid of double chin.

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10. Tennis Ball:

A tennis ball can be used to exercise and is an extremely effective method of reducing double chin.

  • Take a tennis ball hold it tight between your neck and chin.
  • Now firmly press the ball, squeezing into it, with your chin.
  • The release must be as slow as possible, making sure you don’t drop the ball in the process.
  • Repeat the above process ten times to obtain visible results.

11. Head Lift:

Do you know how to do head lift exercise for reducing double chin problem.

  • Lie down on your back with face-up on the bed and place your neck on the edge of your bed.
  • While contracting the muscles at the front of your neck, curl and lift your head so as to reach your chest.
  • Your shoulders should be perfectly flat on the bed.
  • Hold on this position for 10 seconds and then slowly revert to the starting position.
  • Do 3 sets of 2 repetitions each.
  • Take breaks between repetitions to avoid feeling dizzy.

12. Chin Rotations:

  • While sitting or standing, elongate your spine as much as possible for an erect, straight back.
  • Gently rotate your head, starting from one of your shoulders, to the chest to the other shoulder and then to the back, with the chin leading the circular path.
  • If you experience any pain due to the circular movements, just stick to semicircular movements.
  • The shoulders should be kept down and back throughout this whole exercise.
  • The above procedure consists of one rep.
  • Repeat it 10 times and then continue by rotating in the opposite direction.
  • This process will help to lose double chin problem naturally.

13. Pigeon:

  • Place a thumb underneath the jawbone, just before it turns upward toward the ear, on one side of the jaw.
  • Place the index finger of the same hand at the same position but on the opposite jaw.
  • Push forward against your hand using your neck and head, keeping your hand still meanwhile.
  • Stay in this position for around 30 seconds and then revert your neck back to its initial position.
  • This constitutes one repetition. Perform three such repetitions.

How To Reduce Double Chin Through Natural Ways:

There are some naturally available substances as well which help to reduce double chin.

14. Wheat Germ Oil:

The abundance of Vitamin E in wheat germ oil is extremely helpful in tightening the skin and its nourishment. Right before going to bed, massage your skin with the oil in the upward direction and leave it as such overnight. Repeat this every day until results are visible. Consumption of foods rich in vitamin E, for instance, green leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy products, beans, barley, brown rice, nuts and seeds, peanuts, soybeans, etc., are extremely fabulous alternatives. A mixture of Vitamin E capsule and water can also be applied as an alternative.

15. Glycerin:

Glycerin masks can be used to get rid of double chin. The masks consist of a mixture of glycerin, Epsom salt and peppermint oil. Glycerin and Epsom salt are added in the ratio 2:1, along with a few drops of peppermint oil. This mixture is applied with a cotton pad and is left as such for several minutes. After it is absorbed by the skin, wash the area with cold water. Repeat this at least three times a week to obtain highly desirable results.

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Double chin looks ugly and brings down your overall personality. The above all the exercises and natural tips explained how to get rid of double chin at home and naturally and fastly. It makes you appear soggy and lazy. Yet, not anymore! Reduce double chin with these effective methods.


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