Emo is basically a street word for the Goth inspired culture where the dark undertones or the colours with a dark hue are basically their choices of preference. Starting from their clothes to their accessories, emo would generally section out to be mainly preferred by the young generation, mostly in their teen years even though the predominant Gothic style is still seen here and there. As an ongoing trend, one supported by many youngsters in their phase, the hairstyles inspired by this genre has made it to one of the trend-setting lists.

Most Popular Emo Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Here is a list of some of the inspired emo hairstyles for long hair women that you can try this season.

1. The Simpleton:

This hairstyle right here is the best that you can get in a formal gothic hairstyle where the hair is not quite similar to an emo cut but still has traits in bits. Even though this is not hardcore emo, you can sport one of these hairstyles and easily pass it for an emo hairstyle with soft blendable colours on the undertone locks to add to the effect.

2. Long Braids:

Emo usually gives off a very strict hardcore feeling with strewn locks all over the forehead and hair cut into sharp pointed ends. However, if you want to add a bit of a modification to your hair, you can always opt for these soft braids from the back of your locks. Section the hair from the nape of your head and braid it properly all the way down.

3. The Ribbons:

To add a girly touch to your beautiful hairstyle, while you’re at it with your emo hair, might as well add a bit of feminism to your look. The hair here starts off in fluff with shorter layers on the above section. However, the hair towards the end straightened out in a long lock with a ribbon on the side.

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4. Funk it up:

The proper layers to an emo hairstyle are always measured in multitudes. The usual aspects would include the messy feathered haircut in steps. However, often if you want a much more hardcore feel to the look, you may want to opt for this emo mixed with a slight sprinkle of funk that would keep the fun in the funk and at the same time create an exciting look.

5. The Bandana:

The bandana look is just an accessory to the emo haircut. To start off, section the hair into two sides, usually, the longer locks are separated while the front few locks are segregated by the bandana tied from the back of the head. The layers of the hair can then be draped over the bandana to add volume and personality to their look.

6. The Dual Hues:

Fun is in colours, and the more you make your emo look colourful the more exciting will you look. The hair is in dual colours made of green and black, both contrasting and yet alluring. The entire hair is in its natural state while the edges of the locks have a beautiful mint green hue. One may add a clip or a ribbon to this to add to the look.

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7. The Massive Curls:

This long blonde hairstyle is a much softer emo look, where the hair though parted and styled in a gothic fashion still retains the bouncy curls that start off heavy on the front and tone down slowly to form only soft waves towards the end.

8. The Front Bangs:

This is an exception to the usual emo look where the hair instead of an angular look, covers the entire breadth of the forehead in a Chinese front bang hairstyle. The hair as usual however starts with a soft bang on the front and then sleeks down on the later parts.

9. Ponytailed Emo:

Even with an emo hairstyle, you can do up ponies pretty well. Section out the longer locks from the softer ones in the front and pony it up.

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