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20 Popular Feather Cut Hairstyles for Women with Pictures

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A feathered hairstyle was once the most prevalent hairstyle of earlier days. Feather haircut has once again bounced back to fashion. This hairstyle is often confused with layered hairstyle though it has its own individuality. It involves texturing the hair and styling it in a way that gives a person a very relaxed, and an airy look. This style is especially preferred by those who have very dense hair and who wish to give their hair a ‘feather’ like feel. It has to be ideally cut by reducing the bulk from the crown region and creating wispy ends creating a light and breezy look.

Feather cut for long hair looks the best, that will make you look chic and trendy. Check out the best feather cut hair cutting that is in trend today.

Best Feather Hair Cuts For Women And Girls With Images:

This article delves into the top 20 variations of this feather cut hairstyles for women and girls with pictures.

1. Feather Haircut For Long Hair:

Feather Cut Hairstyles

This hairstyle has continued to be in vogue since the seventies and Farrah Fawcett was responsible for its origin. This hairstyle involves excessive layering with a combination of long bangs. It gives a lot of volume to the hair and sits on a place with mild spray and combing. Try out this!

2. Feather Haircut For Short Hair:

Feather Cut Hairstyles2

The length of this hairstyle starts from shortest blunt cut and goes up to the length of shoulder level. Ideally, to give a complete feathered look, the blunt cut should be completely layered and textured intricately. When a shoulder length hair is given feathered hairstyle then length can be kept throughout and restricted to the eye zone.

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3. The Classic Feather Cut Hairstyle:

This is the original style wherein it is under layered. It can be done with both centre parting and the side parting, maintaining long lengths hair at the sides. This hairstyle adds a subtle look to your hair. The classic feather cut hairstyle is always the opted choice among the many who prefer a feather cut.

4. The Sleek And Straight Feathers:

This hairstyle can be tried on any length of hair and looks best on people with poker straight hair. Volume of hair is also considered as this hairstyle has the quality to give a light look. Thin-haired people should avoid this hairstyle as it can give the hair even more sparse. Try some mild hair colour and a side parting to make it look neat and give it the needed combing just to keep it kept.

5. Wavy Flowing Feathered Hairstyle:

Feather Cut Hairstyles5

Women who have both good length hair and volume are the ideal contenders for this hairstyle as texturing this kind of hair with long bangs can bring out the best look, giving them a chic and stylish look. This feather cut for straight hair is the next best-opted style by women. Try out hairstyles here.

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6. The Undercut Feathered Hairstyle:

The undercut feathered hairstyle involves reverse layering and essentially looks good on bob cut hair. This hairstyle looks best when the hair is slightly turned under. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham have often been seen sporting this look. How about this as your ideal summer feather cut hairstyle? Sounds like an idea?

7. The Messy Look Feather Cut Hairstyle:

Another variation of short feathered hairstyle is the messy look hairstyle. It looks brilliant on blonde hair and is relatively easy to maintain. This feather cut hairstyle involves intense layering with bangs. This hairstyle will also cover your forehead, if in case you have a bigger forehead.

8. The Pageboy Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is named after a page boy’s haircut, involves a short blunt with front fringes. The length should not go beyond the shoulder length. To give a feathered and ruffled look one should ensure a lot of under layers. Curling the edges towards the inside makes it very elegant and stylish.

9. Modern Feathered Hairstyle For Women:

Feather Cut Hairstyles9

The introduction of the feathered hairstyle in the seventies got improvised by texturing it and scrunching it and converting it into modern feathered style. In curls and out curls were both done at the edges to add glamour. Blow dry your hair and let it loose for any occasion. It will look neat and add a bit of accessory to set it right.

10. Very Short Feathered Haircuts For Girls:

feathered hair cuts10

In this picture, you will be able to see how you can make even very short hair look very smart and pretty with a feather haircut. The woman here has a very short cut with most of the feathered styles above the head. She is looking very modern and this one is an absolute no maintenance hairstyle.

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11. Short Bob Feathered Hair Cut:

feathered hair cuts11

This one is a soft feather cut hairstyle with a little bit of highlighting too. This is not very short but looks like a softer version of the short bob with some flow towards the front of the forehead. This is a very girlie style in spite of the short length hair. This could be your perfect summer cut and is a feather cut hairstyle for round face.

12. Feather Cut For Curly Hair:

feathered hair cuts12

The very stylish girl with the blood red puckers here sports a rock- chic look with the grungy bangs and the curly hair feather hairstyle. Here she has long hair and she has left the curls on the lower part of the hair and yet managed to keep the feathery look. This is one of the best and popular feather cut hairstyles which adds to your beauty. How about this for your curly hair?

13. French Fringe Feather Hair Cut:

feathered hair cuts13

This is another version of the French fringes with a feathered end to it. In this version of the feathered haircut, the girl looks very sweet with the romantic blonde hair. She has absolutely fine-textured medium length hair in a feathered cut and the French fringes all over her forehead are also in a feathered style.

14. Retro Feathered Cut:

feathered hair cuts14

This one is the most suitable when you plan to sport an entirely different style and you decide on this retro feathered haircut. In this one, you will see that the lady has partly red hair and the upper portion of the head is completely messed up and has more hair than the lower part which has a complete feathered style.

15. Super Feather Bangs Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair:

feathered hair cuts15

This is one of the most stylish feather cut hairstyle in the whole list. Notice the woman has highlighted hair and the feather cut on her straight and silky hair looks lovely. Also, she has medium length hair and a complete bang which drops on her forehead. If you like, go for some mild shades of hair colour that will go best with your complexion. That adds the remaining charm.

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16. Thick Feathered Style:

feathered hair cuts16

This is one more idea for the girls, especially who love to keep it neater and also have very thick hair. As you can clearly find in the picture that the girl has very thick hair and the version of simple middle parted feathered style is suiting her very much.

17. Side Undercut Hairstyles:

feathered hair cuts17

This is also a semi- pixie style and a version of the very modern undercut hairstyle for women. Here, the side portion is left a little till the end of the chin and the other side is completely cropped like a neat undercut. The side left long has a feathered finesse and also some highlight.

18. Pixie And Feather Hair Cut:

feathered hair cuts18

This one is the perfect pixie cut in combination with the super cool feathered style. In this, the lady has completely cropped up hair in a sweet pixie style but have come out of the girlie girl version of it and have thus given the feather hairstyle a shot over here and she looks good too! It is one of the most popular and trendy feather cut hairstyles for women.

19. Russian Doll Style Feather Hair Cuts:

feather cut hairstyles

This is one amazing idea of the feather hairstyle in which the very pretty girl has very curly and permed hair. The lower parts of the hair are in a feathered version and that makes the whole thing look even prettier. This one is a safe style and you can adapt this any time. Time to flaunt your curly hair!

20. Layered Feather Hair cut:

feathered hair cuts20

In this, you will see that the beautiful blonde girl has her hair cut into long layers and that looks very simple. The added beauty comes from the feathered ends that hand loose on the sides of her shoulder. This is a good option for people with straight hair and looks very good too!

How To Do Feather Hair Cut?

Feather hair cut can be time taking and needs a lot of patience. The art of getting it rights lies in the attention you give to the entire process as the elevation and cutting need extra alertness. Practice them quite a few times before you actually get started. We have made this simpler for you in the form of a series of steps that you can follow. Take a look.

  • Wash your hair. This is the first step. Washing helps to add volume to the hair and will ease the parting.
  • Now, while the hair wet, part your hair down in the middle. Separate your bangs to the middle and part them to sides.
  • Take segments of hair from of the same length on each side of your head and bring them up to a central point on the head. Make sure these segments are even in length when compared. If they aren’t even, it probably means that your cut is uneven.
  • In the last step, if the hair needs additional texturing after the cut. Try using the point cutting technique to feather the hair ends. This will give it a softer look.
  • Spray some volumizer to add some dense to your hair. If you like, go for a mousse.
  • Adding some colour shades to the ends of your hair will make it look more attractive and will enhance the cut as such.

Feather hair cut has been in fashion for a long time. People with long hair choose this cut as that the levels really get highlighted. A ponytail on a feather cut hair is another ideal hairstyle you can try if you don’t always want to flaunt your hair. Heat blow dry your hair before you go out to a party. That’s the ideal way to flaunt your layers.