Top 9 Long Hairstyles For Women Over 40 Years

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At every age woman should style herself differently. A 40-year-old woman should not have a hairstyle that is suitable for a teenage girl or that of a 60 year old. She should look matured yet not very old, smart as well as fun loving. This is why we have tried to list some suitable hairstyles for women over 40 years of age.

1. Out Curled Long Hair:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 1

Long hair requires special attention when styled and one of the best way to keep it is out curling them. Out curls can be layered to provide extra volume to hair. It can be kept open for party and other casual events while you can tie a high ponytail when at home.

2. Bun:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 2

A really simple and pretty hairstyle for long hair is to tie it up in a bun. A bun can be prepared with different styles according to the occasion and event. If, you are going to a shopping mall you can simply tie a loose bun with some bangs falling on your cheeks.

3. Soft Wavy Hairstyle:

Soft Wavy Hairstyle

Older women should choose to keep long hair and one of the best options is to have wavy hair. This should be very softly done and look exactly waves on water. The front hair can be side parted or pinned on the crown. The bangs can be cut as per suitable face type.

4. Long Dimensional Bob:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 4

Bob cut with long length is an excellent choice for women who are over 40 years. This type of dimensional haircut will give you younger look and hide the flaws of your face. The length of the bob hairstyle can vary depending upon the hair type and texture.

5. The Blonde Hair:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 5

Blonde color hair looks very good on women who are over 40 years. Middle-aged women can wear any hairstyle that is long and has some texturing to it. If, you have good density hair then you can think of layering the hair at the edges only or choose overall layering.

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6. Textured Back Swept Straight Hair:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 6

Back Swept Hairstyle looks good on woman who has round or square face. It can be complimented with fringes or long bangs on the side. If, you want to look casual you can think of tying a ponytail. Otherwise, you can also leave it open for a nice formal look. Depending upon the dress you are wearing the curls can be altered and given angle with a curler.

7. Elegant Straight Bob:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 7

For woman who looks younger than their age can opt to have a completely straight bob cut that is shoulder length. It looks smart and elegant and is quite versatile for all kinds of occasions. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and one only requires some straightening shampoo on a regular basis.

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8. Straight Bangs And Medium Length Hairstyle:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 8

An excellent hairstyle for women who have crossed their 40’s and have medium to long tresses can choose open hair. Here the front hair will be shaped according to your face to frame it and some bangs will fall on the forehead. You can also let the length be long and have the crown hair short for smarter styling.

9. Blunt Stacked Haircut:

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years 9

Stacked haircut offers volume to the hair and is useful for woman who has thin hair. You can choose to get blunt edges so that the hair falls properly and gives you a nice pretty face. The blunt look also allows getting the attention to one’s eyes.

You should always remember to style your hair according to your age, face type and hair density so that you look beautiful and your features are enhanced.

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