Have a go at these wonderful gold necklaces that are made in just 15 grams. This is a very cost-effective way of buying jewellery. Gold is the most sought after jewellery item for all people. You will find this as the best thing that people will spend money on. But if you want something pretty and do not want to spend too much money on it, then having these gold items in 15 grams is the best option.

Best and Modern Gold Necklace Designs In 15 Grams:

Have a look few top 15 gold necklace designs in 15 grams for your dear one,

1. Floral Necklace in 15 Grams:

Here is a wonderful gold necklace design in 15 grams that can be worn for functions. The floral necklace design has a centre round pendant with spikes and hanging gold strings. The beads of gold up to the necklace make it look stunning.

2. Beaded Gold Necklace in 15 Gms:

Try out this pretty 15 gram gold necklace that looks elegant and dainty. The two string beaded gold necklace is spaced out beautifully. The gold beads change in size from large up to small. If you want to gift to your mother then get this gold necklace in 15 gms for your mother on a very special mother’s day, she will surely appreciate this selection.

3. Choker Style 15 Gm Necklace Design:

These 15 gm gold necklace designs are very traditional and wonderful to wear for important functions and marriage ceremonies. The gold choker style necklace looks very nice since it covers the neck area. You can get this heavy-looking necklace for a good price in 15 gram gold.

4. Flower Pendants Necklace in 15 Gms:

You can try this pretty gold necklace set in 15 grams for a cost that is impressive. The necklace has little flowers as pendants around it. The size of the flowers changes from the centre to the side. This is a nice necklace for western as well as traditional attire.

5. Gold and Garnet Necklace in 15 Gms:

If you want something traditional, then these gold long necklace designs in 15 grams are what you should buy. This necklace has garnet gems as well as emeralds in it to compliment the gold. This makes it very nice with the long earrings as well.

6. Temple Design Necklace in 15 Gms:

This temple design necklace is great for people who love the south Indian jewellery style. The pendant of the necklace has the picture of the God carved in it. Use of green and red beads adds a nice touch to this lovely pendant.

7. Layered Necklace in 15 Grams in 15 Gms:

Get a nice look with this layered necklace design in gold necklace design in 15 grams. This layered necklace has four rows of chains that are different in size. The cute bell pendant of each layer adds a dainty look to the necklace.

8. Pearl Gold Necklace Designs 15 Grams:

You can get a statement jewellery piece in pearl and gold that looks very impressive with traditional attire. The gold necklace within 15 grams is possible with glass beads and gemstones to add colour. The complimentary earrings are great as they are large and look nice with lehengas and other traditional Indian wear.

9. Jhumka Design Necklace in 15 Gms:

This Jhumka design necklace is wonderful as it is within the 15gm weight. The details on this necklace are perfect with the earrings. This 15 grams necklace is long with the pendant large in the middle.

10. Modern Necklace Design in 15 Gms:

You can go in for something modern and yet looks perfect with Indian wear. The modern gold necklace within 15 grams is designed with flowers and string loops. This loop is what makes the design very delicate at the same time. This looks simple but catches the attention in the crowd sure.

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11. Mango Design Necklace in 15 Gms:

Here is a nice Indian style necklace that is based on the mango design. The mango design has green and pink gemstones that make it look stylish. This necklace goes very well with saris and Indian wear. The colours along with the gold are great for functions. Combination of green and dark pink colours gives an outstanding look to your necklace; men’s can get this one design for their wife too.

12. Black Stone Gold Necklace within 15 Gms:

This traditional necklace design using black stones is also something that you can buy. The gold necklace below 15 grams is worth the price too. The designs used here include flowers and peacock details. You can use this for any of the marriage functions or religious ceremonies that you attend or you can try this pattern in party time too.

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13. Star Gold Necklace Below 15 Grams:

Try out this lovely star design gold necklace that is made from 15 grams gold. The delicate necklace design has a nice pendant at the centre. The side of the necklace has four stars encrusted on it. This is a nice necklace for the modern woman. This is a classic design which gives a better effect for your outfit.

14. Chain Style Necklace:

Here is a strong chain loop necklace that looks thick and heavy. The 15 gram necklace is perfect for the wallet too as it is cost-effective. You can wear this for formal wear with office use. This cannot be worn for traditional functions but is great for designer wear. This one done using heavy finishing on necklace gives catchy attention of viewers.

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15. Yellow Gold Necklace:

This gorgeous stunning necklace in yellow gold with green gemstones is just perfect for the modern woman. The twisted lines of the necklace are spaced with oval gemstones. You will surely look stunning in this choker style piece. This is the best gift to your bride on the engagement day.

The gold necklace designs in 15 grams are best for its price tag and the styles that are available. You can get the necklaces in choker style or long length too.if you plan to gifted to your dear or loved one then this gold necklace designs in 15gms will be a nice choice for your day on a special evening.


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