Are you having an artistic bent mind as well as a passion for jewellery? One way that you can indulge in love for jewellery is to go with the different necklace set designs. Wearing a necklace set with earrings is not a modern deck-up. More than a few years ago, people were seen wearing the different categories of necklace sets made from Gold, Diamond, Ruby, silver and platinum that adorn the wearers.

There is a wide range of fashion jewellery necklace sets which will be usually made of beads and gold. There are also some simple and elegant designs with a solitaire pendants and intricate patterns that too with endless possibilities for special occasions. Apart from this, designer necklace sets made of gold and silver are a rage among all the fashion conscious women of today!

Simple Designs of Necklace Sets for Women:

Today with the faster and latest development of internet, you can get numerous designs and styles of necklace set designs which can be a perfect gift for your girlfriend or relative. Here, you can get the top 25 designs of necklace sets as a perfect accessory that suits any occasion. These deigns will make the wearer look elegant and chic thereby displaying the creativity and personality of the person. Also, these designs will highly accentuate the beauty of the person of all ages and of any style.

1. Terracotta Ganesha Necklace Set with Jhumka:

This terracotta Ganesha necklace with the matching Jhumka is considered to be a unique and extra ordinary piece of art from the famous designs in temple jewellery. This is having a pendant with a Ganesha pendant which will be worshipped by the Indian Deities. Hand sculpted design with baked clay for the hardness of the jewellery piece, this necklace is also incredible light weight and hypoallergenic

2. Goddess Lakshmi Necklace and Earrings:

This Goddess Lakshmi necklace set will be very nice to wearing as this will be trusted to wealth, fortune, and prosperity. This was the very unique and inspired necklace set with the goddess Lakshmi pendant in a hand sculpted pattern. Painted with nontoxic colours and patented acrylic paint make the necklace more durable.

3. Peacock Design Necklace Set:

There are various necklace set designs. The most standard necklace set designs come in terracotta designs with peacock feather design that are made with attractive colour. This necklace set is glided with embellishing peacock pendant will give the soft and delicate look. This necklace set is a great piece for occasion and wedding wears. There is an adjustable hook available; this gives a trendy and classy look.

4. Palm Beach Pearl and Crystal Gold Necklace Set with Bangles:

The yellow gold necklace shown above was made beautifully with the richness filled red ruby stones that can be adorned with the bangle. This jewellery was crafted from a classic 14 Karat yellow gold material. Wearing this necklace will add beauty to the wearer by adding a burst of brilliant red colour to your everyday wardrobe. If you are a fashion addict, choosing this will be the best choice for your wardrobe.

5. Bridal Silver Necklace Set with Earring:

Bridal silver necklaces for women are some very beautiful selection of jewellery that always excites anyone. For the best choice of jewellery for a special purpose, silver necklace set may be the perfect choice. This bridal silver necklace set is made out with sterling silver and decorated with full of fresh white stones, which gives an attractive view for your whole appearance.

6. Fashion Diamond 3-Piece Necklace Set:

This Elegant charm style Fashion Diamond 3-piece necklace Set was featured with a highly detailed designed leaf and paired with matching studs in your choice of design. This gives an elegant and more eye-catchy look while associated with a thin chain. This is also available in a variety of designs, on silver fill chain. This is a lovely and best choice for bridesmaids, and you can wear this necklace set.

7. Gold Floral Necklace Set:

Gold floral pattern necklace set was made in a flower design will be dazzling in look when worn by the wearers at all the occasions. Topaz floral shaped pendant is an additional beauty that makes this as a perfect complement to numerous varieties of outfits by making the wearer much more enhanced in their look and outlook.

8. Rhinestone Diamond Necklace Set:

Diamond necklace set was made in a way that simply completes the elegance that every woman wants to express on their special occasions. Diamond necklace set will suit for any kind of women who wants to enhance their beauty. Elegant and beautiful diamond necklace set was made with diamond stones and gives the gorgeous stunning look to others.

9. Traditional Coin Design Necklace Set in Gold:

Simply Geometric rounded necklace set was composed with two five rounded pendant, and suspended on a gold filled chain. This gold rounded necklace is a simple and beautiful piece perfect for giving to a special someone or as a gift for loved ones. This necklace set gives a simple and an elegant appearance to your neck, and suitable for any kind of occasion. You can also use this chain for part wear use.

10. Open Heart Diamond Necklaces Set:

Diamond jewellery speaks of the warmth of the sun and the passion of your heart. This 4 layered necklace set designs will make you proud and populous design among other necklace sets. Beautiful and well quality layered necklace set will give the unique look. The 4 layer gold necklaces consist of diamond stones which are wrapped with a thin chain.

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11. Pearl Set Necklace with Ear Hanging:

Pearl necklace set are very famous for its natural colour and their quality. Women love wearing pearl necklace sets. Glamorous bride pearl necklace set is featured with freshwater pearls chain and decorated with silver stones; the pendant of the chain contains pearl with stones which gives an elegant view of the wearer’s neck.

12. Turquoise Necklace Set:

This stylish Turquoise Necklace copper plated green colour necklace set will showcase the vibrant green colour beads in a rounded cut which was strung together on a longer strand. This necklace set was highly secured with a 14 karat yellow gold lobster claw clasp. This can be worn with all the outfits from casual salwar to a perfect wedding costume as this was beautifully made in an elegant look.

13. Modern Silver Necklace Set:


Sterling silver necklace sets are versatile pieces that can be worn for special occasions and everyday use. They are endowed with unique personalities and designs. This silver necklace set was ornamented with the turquoise stones which give a modern and trendier look; this can be a perfect accessory for any kind of outfit.

14. Amber Crystal Necklace Set:

Unique Amber crystal necklace set designed with tiny red colour stones and associated with thin white stones on the outline area which gives the unique view. This necklace set can be made with off rounded design; the clasp is designed with sterling silver. You can wear this red colour necklace set for any wedding ceremonies which gives a unique look than others.

15. Yellow Gold Black and Grey Color Set Necklace:

Yellow Gold black and Grey color set necklace is designed with selective and matching colour stud is indeed a designer art. These unique designed black necklace set contain the design of black stones and each and every stones are made highlighting. This gives more attractive and eye-catching look than other necklace set designs.

16. Party Wear Gold Plated Necklace Set:

This is one of the perfect party wear necklace set that has been designed with kundan stones and designs. This can be a hand crafted party wear necklace set which can be decorated with a variety of glitters, and stones. This necklace set design can be designed with gold plated chain and finished with black beads which give a perfect traditional look to the wearers.

17. Simple and Enticing Necklace Set:

This simple and enticing diamond necklace set was made with diamond stones and the pendant decorated with unique stones. You can wear this pendant with your normal chain also. This diamond necklace set is done very beautifully and it’s stylish ended. This diamond pendant is colour less which gives the best clarity.

18. Gold and white Circle Earrings and Necklace Set:

The round shaped pendant necklace set is made of American stones, in a matte white shaded stones. The pattern is identical on front and back. This dainty necklace set will add the elegance to every outfit. You can wear this necklace set for your regular use as well as special occasions.

19. Bridal White Diamond Necklace Set:

Diamond necklace sets are the unique one from other jewellery collections. There are varieties of style and designs are available with American diamond necklace set that was designed with red diamond and a perfect finish. This diamond necklace set is a perfect accessory for party and wedding functions. You can gift this necklace set to any bride, which is a perfect gift for their wedding ceremony.

20. Gold and Diamond Necklace Sets for Wedding:

This handmade necklace set with two matching earrings one of the popular styles is gorgeous neck chain. You might be surprised to hear that chain necklaces have been around for a very long time. This is a unique handmade item from silver plated materials along with the crystals and diamond stones. This necklace set has the complex design and it can be used by women for all occasions from weddings to parties.

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21. Curb Link Necklace Set:

Choosing the right bridal necklace set is just important as picking the right bridal frock for it portrays a complete image, an overall look. There are different types of wedding necklace sets for a bride to consider. This fully Curb link necklace set is very popular on among all the necklace set designs. This can be designed with a curbed pattern which gives a classy look.

22. Abbey Style Emerald Necklace Set:

Abbey style Emerald necklace set was made with rare New Zealand emeralds. This is a multi coloured abbey style necklace set and associated with tiny fresh emeralds and it can be wire-wrapped with copper thin rounded chain. The emerald on the necklace gives a special appearance to the set. This kind of high-quality necklace set will really bring grace and elegance to the wearer’s.

23. Purple Colour Necklace Set:

This genuine purple colour pearl necklace set was made of dark purple stones and end up with the perfect finish. You can choose different lengths. This necklace set is a perfect match for fashion women of all ages.

24. Gold Leaf Motif Necklace and Earrings Set:

This leaf necklace set was ended with a polished finish which was the real attractive part of this necklace. Each and every leaf is 100% unique making it a great gift for a friend or bridesmaid! This leaf necklace set with earrings is a perfect accessory for your any kind of outfit. Chain necklace set is widely made out for teen girls and all ages of women. Varieties of necklace sets are available in the market and that are made for the vibrant look for the persons.

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25. Deco Art Necklace Set:

Art deco necklace set was very familiar from the early 1920’s which was gold plated in the magenta purple colour will be really giving the sophisticated looking when worn at any occasion. Also this was attached with the lovable matching magenta organza ribbon which will let the wearer to adjust the wearing when needed. You can get many colours with this version of necklace sets.

Necklace sets are the great way to attract other peoples. With immense competition and fashion trends, peoples are more attracts with the necklace set designs. Necklace sets are the perfect choice for women of any age and for any occasion. Especially, it indicates your personality and your mood. It makes you look energizing and stunning. You can select your own necklace set designs that not only show off your creativity, personality and your mood; but are well within your commercial constraints.

In this article variety of necklace set designs are enlisted. There are new and trendiest necklace set designs are available in the market. You may make slight adjustments to the available ones at the stores, when it comes to choosing your necklace set, as there is no shortage of choice. You can choose your best necklace set design and enjoy your every occasion with this necklace sets.


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