How can one show their love to their beloved ones in their life??? It can be in different ways with flowers, food, or jewels, but nothing can be more personalized than showing your love with Personalized jewellery. Creating your love jewellery!! Name necklace, as the name goes, it’s a personalized, custom-made ornament. The name necklace can be a monogram name necklace, family collection, Mother’s day or Father’s day collection. Here are the top few designs bought out.

Stylish and Beautiful Name Necklace Designs for Girls and Guys:

Let’s look at the top and trendy models of name necklaces for gents and ladies.

1. Gold Necklace with Name:

Gifting a woman a Jewel can be Mother, Wife or baby girl will be gold jewel first on our list. Making their special day of hers more memorable is threw the present, and an interesting way to do it is by getting a name necklace. A name necklace can be made with a couple of starting letters of the name, which is the Monogram name necklace or her pet name writing which is the name necklace. The name necklace can be like a pendant in the middle, or you can write the name on the side of the necklace.

2. Name Chain Necklace Diamond:

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones. A person wants to gift diamonds only to the precious one in one’s life. To give the precious one a wonderful surprise can be through a diamond necklace, and to make it more romantic when it is for his wife, it’s through a diamond name necklace. Her name written on a necklace with diamonds on it will surely make her day out of bloom, or a word which brings out his emotions to her through the necklace is also a romantic way of expressing love.

3. Silver Name Necklaces for Couples:

A simple silver necklace can look more beautiful with a good pendant in the middle; the pendant can be with the name written on a silver bar or a casted silver name plate with their name written, this kind of name necklace can be an “Introduce yourself” theme.

4. Crystals Name Plate Chain Necklace:

Crystals are the next top-listed jewel stone by women. It replicates the glow of original cut, polished diamonds, and women go crazy for that and a relatively affordable price. This name chain is mostly gifted by men on wedding days or birthdays to their lovely ladies. Swarovski most popular crystal brand with fine-quality crystals.

5. Gold Name Necklace-Family Collections:

To make it more interesting, when someone has attained their family function and is confused about what gift can be bought, there comes the Family collection name necklace. Unlike a few gifts, which can keep only in the showcase, a name necklace is more closely related since they can wear the necklace with their family name written, either the couple’s name or their kid’s name, which becomes more sentimentally attached to them.

The names are usually engraved in a plain pendant; since it’s a family collection, the collection of names will be more to write on a small piece of gold block. The name necklace can be in Silver, Gold or Diamond, depending on one’s interest.

6. Baby Name Necklace:

One of the best gifts, when close friends or relatives attend a baby naming ceremony, is a name necklace engraved with the baby’s name. This kind of gift will not make the parent happy, but it will be one of the best-ever collections for the baby in his later years.

7. Wooden Name Necklace Chain:

Nowadays, the trend is on writing names on rice, soap and gifting, which can keep in the showcase, but a more innovative idea to gift dear ones is to gift them a wood-carved name necklace. One can order in a shop, or when the person is more artistic, they can carve their own to express their emotions for the love of their life. The carved name piece usually goes well with a black chain or rope. Youngsters usually love this kind of necklace, and it can be daily wear and above and is affordable for a range of people.

8. Bead Necklace Name:

The most favourite activity for kids during summer or winter vacation is jewel making; one of their favourite and easily made jewels in chains, and filling their names at the middle of the chain as a pendant with the help of beads with alphabets makes it more attractive. Kids even present the bead name necklace during their friend’s birthday party, which is a joyous moment.

9. Mother’s Day Name Necklace Gold:

Every mother shows heart and hand to raise their kid. To complement their love during a very special day other than her birthday is mothers day. Sharing love and joy is the greatest gift, according to her but sharing the love through a gift is an added moment of joy. Gifting her jewels and saree, which are already filled in her wardrobe, does not make it interesting. Instead, sharing an emotion of love through a necklace and a word of love along with her name written along definitely makes that one drop of tear in her eyes to cherish lifelong.

With this thought in mind, gifting a name necklace is price-worthy. Words which can not express through talk are expressed through words. Decided to gift your loved one with a name necklace?


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