Women have been crazy for the beauty accessories for years and years. The love for fashion jewelry also changes with the arrival of new trends. The main motive behind the jewellery is to make the lady feel gorgeous. It is not merely with expensive jewelry like gold, real diamonds or rare gems that only beautifies the feminine attire but a mere thought of art serves the best beauty accessories these days. The fashion statement jewelry has taken the place of precious metal and stones these days. Women have been choosy in case of jewelry.

Necklaces made of gold and platinum or other metals have been in demand since many years. The very thought of expensive jewelry was made for only the rich women of the society has become merely a history in the world of fashion jewelry. It is now not only limited to the gold and diamond jewelry that women love to wear. But necklaces and jewelry made out of stones, pearls, crystals, hard threads, beads of various qualities are used to enhance the feminine beauty. Statement jewelry is worn in day to day life of many women. A single thin necklace to heavy full neck covering designs of necklaces have been accepted high on demand.

Different Types of Jewelry Necklaces for Women:

The necklaces today are made with various materials that definitely make you feel the show stopper of the event. Here we brings 25 trendy necklace designs for women.

1. Indian Traditional Bridal Gold Necklace:

Indian traditional necklaces are heavy gold made entirely. The most common designs in Indian jewelry are the temple designs in Indian necklaces and bridal jewelry. Ginni, geometrical shapes, floral designs and leaves designs are most common in Indian bridal necklaces. A pair of matching earrings is also very common in these necklaces. Brides are fully dress up with heavy jewelry and necklaces as the center of attraction.

2. Simple Designer Gold Necklace for Wedding:

Gold necklaces have formed new modern designs with sober looking patterns. A leafy design looks adorable on the neck of a bride on a part of wedding ceremony. A fix necklace type bridal wear attracts the attention of many.

3. Gold Choker Necklace for Ladies:

Choker necklaces are short necklaces made by joining various gold motifs together making a whole piece of necklace. Gold chokers come in many varieties. Designers prefer knotted gold balls which differ in many designs to make a choker. Ladies love wearing gold choker at many functions.

4. Italian Gold Necklaces for Women:

Italian touch jewelry has its own ravishing look. The multiple chains beholden with beautiful diamond broche look adorable. The yellow gold of Italian jewelry is also different. The unique necklace set looks stupendous on a broad neck long cocktail party gown.

5. Floral Diamond Fashion Necklace:

A floral diamond necklace with pave white diamonds studded making flowers is just what need for an evening white wedding gown is. The beautiful piece of jewelry suits fantastic on the special day of marriage. The necklace is full neck designed with paired long earrings that accompany the necklace.

6. Kundan Gold Necklace Jewelry:

Indian designs in necklace normally gets more attractive look with kundan work in it. Kundan work has brought a revolutionary demand in fashion jewelry. The diamond fitting of kundan work is eye catching and note worthy on any event.

7. Paris Vintage Gold Necklace Design:

An excellent choice that one can make for the jewelry that can be an ultimate suite on a splendid evening gown or even on slim fit one piece on a lovely date. The lovely Paris gold mesh necklace and bracelet can be a wear anywhere.

8. Colorful Beaded Necklace:

The bib style of the beaded necklace brightens up the look of ant lady. The colors of the beads can best match with and color outfit and also goes best with multi color dressing. The beads of this necklace are made from acai nut that grows in rain forests acai palm trees. All colors of the beaded necklace are the rainbow colors that are the royal blue and orange and beige.

9. Pearl and Mini Silver Beads Necklaces for Girls:

The pearl necklaces have been signature jewelry at any event. The precious looks of pearl jewelry have always mesmerized many jewelry lovers. The pearl and mini silver beads necklace looks sober and rich, simultaneously delicate. The spectacular look of the shimmering of colors and pizzazz catches attraction.

10. Traditional Ukrainian Necklace:

Traditional Ukrainian necklaces are made from strong and thick durable polyester thread. The clasp is sewn with extra strength to make it long lasting. The top of the necklace is sewn with an extra thread to make it stronger. Bad bring more attractive look to the necklace. The floral look of the Ukrainian necklace looks splendid on a beach outing.

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11. Multi Strand Silver Chain Beaded Necklace:

A multi strand necklace with silver chains beaded with multi blue and aqua beads is just a magnetic look. To any outfit. The chic design of a multi strand necklace with a flower broche adjoining all strands makes it more attractive.

12. Egyptian Scarab Necklace Design:

Egyptian scarab necklaces look fantastic with their entirely different look of large stone work with self designs within. Beautifully knotted necklaces are made by hand. The main featuring looks of scarabs are the bold outlook of these necklaces. Women have accepted worldwide wearing scarabs of various designs on traditional as well as on trendy outfits.

13. Silver and Gold Plated Dancing Leaves Statement Necklace:

A statement necklace with simple still stunning cascading leaves that looks fantastic on any gorgeous lady. The necklace make leaves of pearl shells and diamond studded leaves. The excellent look of the statement necklace is made of silver gold plated. The cubic zircon is embellished within the leaves of the necklace. The entire set is nickel and lead free alloy.

14. Contemporary Fashion Necklaces Jewelry:

The contemporary fashion jewelry comes in uncountable designs. The variety of each and every jewelry design gives you a wow impression. The look of the fashion jewelry depends on the outfit, occasion and surrounding. Women and men both wear the fashion jewelry. Necklaces in this criterion have a large sum of designs. Be it beaded necklace, or metallic, necklaces made from leather or crystals, it can vary with the amount and material used in the making. Contemporary fashioned necklaces seem best to people with bold and out of the blue kind of attitude.

15. White Freshwater Pearl Necklace:

Pearls are always carrying a signature look of purity and simplicity with the rich look defining glory and dainty. The pearl have many forms. We get a large collection in pearls such as Japanese Akoya Pearl necklace, the large white majestic South Sea, the exotic Tahitian Pearls, rare Golden Pearls or talking about the ever green fresh water pearls. The beauty of pearls never fades. A single strap of large size pearl can make your jewelry enough to make you glorious.

16. Lustrous Pearl Necklace Jewelry:

A rhinestone pearl necklace is a heartbeat for any women. And when a multi strand pearl necklace with a diamond studded broche attaches them it’s all what you need for the night. A lovely party wear gown suits beast with the pearl set on high heels.

17. Hand Knotted Peacock Pearl Necklace:

Hand knotted peacock pearls look elegant on the neck at a night out on a glamorous party. The look of such a pearl set mesmerizes the eye beholder. The peacock pearl set looks amazing with an open neck one piece dress with similar colors. The crystal shine blue and purple and green shades of the pearls look stunning.

18. Black Tahitian Double Row Cultured Pearl Necklace:

The Tahitian black pearls are very rare pearls and a rare choice too. The look of such a necklace is mind blowing. The black beauty is no less than other pearl necklaces. The shine and texture of the black pearls look glamorous at evening dates. The design of the short black pearl necklace is also different than the rest. The short mala is fixed with the pendant at the center. The necklace remains fixed high on the neck emphasizing the beauty of the lady.

19. Vintage Rhinestone Pearl Necklace for Wedding:

A vintage rhinestone pearl necklace is a bridal choice. The elegant white gown with a gorgeous floral pearl necklace makes the bride look amazingly stunning. One can hardly take off eyes from her. The three pearl strands are made with different sizes of rhinestone pearls that are a bit creamy in shades.  And a beautiful flower broche that hangs on the last strand makes it all look stupendous.

20. Handmade Fabric Made Womens Necklace:

A less costly and amazing look of a fabric made necklace is something one must have hardly chosen for a perfect match. But the excellent color combinations and finishing can make your look give you a different definition. A casual wear of a trendy tee on a long skirt make it best with such a homely necklace.

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21. African Wood Smoke Necklace for Teens:

The African wood smoke necklace is something chosen by the ladies with a bold look and attitude. The look of the necklace gives you a large feeling that can be noticed even from a distance. The bold look of the necklace also looks beautiful at same time. The wooden large beads are amazing at its print. A simple plain color outfit looks more effective with such an elegant necklace design.

22. Crochet Necklaces:

A new thought of crotchet necklaces is on high demand among the fashioners. The work with the thread makes the beauty of the neck look splendid. The models introducing new fashion opt for beautiful necklaces made by crochet designs. The designs of crotchet necklaces fill the neck with a beautiful look. One can wear such a necklace on summer outing on a beach festival. It is for sure you will be eyed on wherever you go.

23. Paper Quilling Necklaces for Women:

Quilling has also taken its place in fashion jewelry. The amazing designs made with mere strips of paper have won many hearts. Young girls love more of the Quilling jewelry. In a way it is also making its look go trendy with casual wear. Beautiful necklaces and even pendant sets and earrings have been chosen for making a fashion statement now.

24. Polymer Clay Jewellery Necklace:

Polymer clay jewelry necklace are found in many baby shops. Little girls love to wear the colorful and delicate at the same place on their dresses. The designs of necklaces made with the polymer clay are somewhat unbreakable. The necklace sure make you feel a princess look. A short high neck necklace goes amazing with a party dress.

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25. Black Leather Rope Necklace:

A thick leather belt combined with multi leather belts making a statement necklace. A fashion lover can really go for such a fashion boost necklace to emphasis her look. The broche on the leather belt is also made of leather and decorated with diamonds to bring a cling of glitter. The necklace with go best with a trendy outfit such as jeans, or leather made fashionable one piece tops.

Hence, be it the glamorous white gold or yellow gold necklaces, or the amazing glittery diamond necklaces; talk about the sterling silver necklaces or the delicate pure pearl necklaces, the bold and beautiful statement necklaces or the delicate ones. Necklaces have a large part of the hearts of women. The collection of statement necklaces is full of chic and colorful designs that help you show off your attire in a distinguish way.

It is no issue these days to shine your wardrobe with amazing necklace designs. Ladies have a wide choice for the variety of dresses they have in their wardrobe. A best match for their outfit is always available that can give a show stopping effect. The style provided by the oversized beads and stones look amazing on trendy outfits. The elegant look of large stones and pearls or shining crystals makes you feel glamorous. The variety of gold and sterling silver necklaces bring an asset to your wardrobe giving a high standard to your jewelry collection. A ravishing look of precious diamonds and American diamond make the looks entirely stupendous and high light throughout the event.


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