One cannot actually know about a Women unless one has seen her Jewel Collection “In that category falls Gemstones necklace collection. Gemstone also called precious stone which outcast the beauty of different colors according to the refractive Index, fracture of the crystal particles and the chemical composition. Gemstones are classified into groups and species. The species Beryl has Emerald, Aquamarine, red beryl, Heliotrope, Morganite and Goshenite and the species Corundum includes the group of stones called Ruby and sapphire.

Latest and Stylish Gemstone Necklaces Designs for Womens in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of gemstone necklaces for ladies.

1. Multi-Shaped Faceted Gemstone White Gold Necklace:

This type of designs features the different shape of the gemstone which falls under the Multicolored Gemstone necklace design. The stones present in the more necklace are the most commonly used Blue topaz, Garnet which is green in color, Amethyst purple in color, Star Ruby(Red), Citrine (Yellow). The combination of precious and semi-precious Gemstones gives out magical radiant of colors.

2. Sapphire-Pearl Long Necklace:

It is a precious gemstone which is the birthstone for the month September. This stone falls under the species Corundum which emits the color of Royal blue to Orangish-Pinkish color rare color seen. When Royal blue and white pearl is combined to form a long gemstone necklace words cannot express the wonderful jewel piece.

3. Pear Shaped Ruby -Diamond Necklace:

It is the most important precious stone used in making jewelry. It emits bright red color and the color depends on the chromium content. Ruby goes well with Diamonds which makes it more attractive and gives a soothing effect to the eyes. It is the birth gemstone for folks born in July.

4. Viking Knit Amethyst Gemstone Necklace:

Amethyst a semi-precious purple colored Gemstone. It is the birthstone for People born in February. A Copper wire knitted into a shape of spiders with Amethyst stone studded at the center the beauty by itself.

5. Aquamarine Gemstone Linked Gold-Necklace:

Aquamarine Semi-precious gemstone which shines out in green-blue color, the birthstone for people born in March. A gold necklace with a bluish thread running linked with square shaped Aquamarine stone pendant necklace forming a double necklace is worth having in a Women jewel box!

6. Cat´s Eye Quartz Platinum Necklace:

Cats eye or dragons eye is the most commonly worn jewelry by youngsters this day. This transparent quartz has a moving eye called the “Chatoyancy” meaning Cat´s Eye. This stone helps in regulating Blood sugar level, maintains the vision of the eyes

7. Onyx Gemstone Black Thread Necklace:

This simple and elegant black thread necklace with astonishing black color gemstone is an mind blowing combination which can be worn along with any type of custom. People who have their birthstone (for Leos) as oynx can wear this gemstone necklace not only for any occasion but also as a day wear jewel piece. This gemstone has healing property which helps in curing anxiety.

8. Tourmaline Multi Color Gemstone Necklace:

This is a unique gemstone bead necklace, Tourmaline comes in different colors the most popular one is the Watermelon Colored tourmaline Stone. The multi color emitted by these stones are natural which makes it more special among other stones.

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9. Wooden Frame Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace:

Rose Quartz which emits out a subtle rose color making it look rich and royal when it is used as the necklace pendant. This gemstone, when combined with a wooden circular framework, is a bliss. This simple pendant can be combined to a Gold chain or a think black thread chain.

Gemologist demand has been increased all around the world proving one main factor that Gemstones have created a huge impact in everyone’s life by its enormous amount of positive effects. Choosing the right stone and giving it a design is worth the time spent.


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