The American socialite, famous media personality and model Kendall Jenner is well known for her elegant, fashionable looks. After her reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, she rose to fame in the celebrity circles, and there has been no turning back ever since. Kendall Jenner hairstyles and beauty are a current hot topic in today’s youth, as she is famous for her subtle yet rich glammed-up style quotient. Today, we are doing a quick round-up on the all-time favourite Kendall Jenner hair trends.

If you, too, are a follower of her style, we bet you will fall in love with this compiled guide. So, let’s go and check it out!

20 All Time Best Hairstyles of Kendall Jenner:

We particularly fell in love with the plush, polished and incredibly beautiful hairstyles and haircuts of Kendall Jenner. Kendall sure never fails to set new trends and inspire contemporary young women. Would you love to go on a tour with us to explore these stunning looks? Here we go!

1. Short Ponytail:

Kendall Jenner personally loves short haircuts, and we often observed the plethora of such short styles on her. She looks ravishing and cute with her youthful looks. This short ponytail hairstyle is among our top favourite. As simple as it may look, the short hair looks pretty and feminine in Kendall Jenner personality. What do you think?

2. Hairdo:

Hairdos and buns are among other most common hairstyles list noticed by Kendall Jenner. However, this beautiful hairdo has all our special attention, given the mesmerizing elegant feel. The neatly styled hairdo is noticed on the diva in one of the public events, and she looks sophisticated with an exquisite appearance.

3. Bob Haircut:

All our Hollywood celebrities seem to love bob haircuts. We notice several faces trying out different variants in the bob, and our favourite, Kendall Jenner, is no exception. Kendall has sported this lovely bob short haircut, and it suits her at its best. The haircut is comfortable, edgy and sleek; it gives her sleek contemporary vibes without compromising on fashion.

4. Long Sleek Hairstyle:

Long sleek hairstyle is a vintage, timeless look that never goes out of trend. It stays perfect to match women across age groups and lends elegant, feminine vibes. This long length hairstyle with a sleek pressed look is noticed even on Kendall Jenner! Isn’t it amazing? What do you think?

5. High Bun:

This particular high bun is among the hot trending hairstyles flaunted by Kendall Jenner. The high rolled-up bun with the bodycon dress is noticed on her in a public event, and we love how she looks picture perfect with a youthful style statement in this appearance. Her makeup looks subtle, and the hairstyle takes all the attention with a peppy look.

6. Pixie Haircut:

Pixie is the modern-day most loved after a haircut for many women. Our diva, Kendall Jenner too flaunted a pixie cut. This haircut picture will impress and shock you if you do not believe it. Kendall has surprised several of us with a bold pixie, and we can definitely say we are impressed with her short-length hairstyle. She did step out of her comfort zone for this one!

7. Pink Hairstyle:

Did you ever come across Kendall Jenner in pink hair? If not, this hairstyle will shock you. We found a throwback picture of Kendall in this look, which is among the most viral photos back then. It still impresses and surprises us! It is perfect for women who loves to experiment and try out unique looks!

8. High Ponytail Hairstyle:

If you ask us what Kendall’s most common and favourite hairstyles are, we definitely would say ponytail in the list. Kendall Jenner tried out a plethora of ponytail variants, and this high ponytail is super sexy and stylish. The high ponytail hairstyle as flaunted by her in New York Fashion Week has all our hearts!

9. Long Wavy Hairstyle:

We can’t miss out on a wavy hairstyle, can we?! The timeless wavy hairstyle for all celebrities is a widely accepted norm. This long wavy hairstyle is yet perfect for our diva. It matches her striking facial features and subtle feminine appearance. Do you agree with us?!

10. Cornrow Braids:

Not everyone can pull off a braids hairstyle! It is challenging and requires a whole lot of confidence. The cornrow braids as sported by Kendall Jenner were received with mixed opinions. While some appreciated her bold move, others criticized her for not getting it right. Whatever it may be, Kendall does look unique in braids!

11. Messy Braid:

Messy hairstyles are most easy hairstyle looks that can instantly give an accentuated fashion statement. Kendall Jenner also tried out the most famous messy braid hairstyle variant, and we are in awe of it! We can see how beautiful she looks with the straight hair texture in a messy braid, appearing feminine and youthful!

12. Double Updos:

Two bun updo hairstyle is unique and distinct. Kendall Jenner is noticed flaunting a double bun updo hairstyle in one of her appearances, and we are impressed by her move. The two-bun updo suits her very well, and she appears exquisite and elegant! Do you agree with us?

13. Half Bun Hairstyle:

Half up half down hairstyle is the talk of fashion in recent days, especially after the young women adapt it seamlessly. Kendall, too, tried out one such very common hairstyle in her own way. The half bun hairstyle with the other half hair down gives her a charming and simple style statement. We love how the diva gracefully carries the most simple look in style!

14. Wet Hairstyle:

Wet hairstyle is among the statement look for celebrities in the fashion world. They are the fashion magazine cover-worthy looks accepted globally. Our favourite Kendall Jenner too, tried out flaunting the stunning and bold wet hairstyle in one such incident. She definitely looks ravishing in this choice of look.

15. Blonde Hairstyle:

Did you ever notice Kendall in a blonde hairstyle? Well, blonde hair is not something our diva often prefers, but however, there are specific select incidents where she is seen walking in such looks. This one picture compiled here is from her walk on the runway at the Versace event, and Kendall looks extremely beautiful and charming. What do you think?

16. Lob Haircut:

Lob, also called a long bob haircut, is a perfect match for women who don’t like to go too short on hair but prefer comfortable hair. Kendall Jenner, too, experimented on the lob haircut, and we love how seamlessly she carries it along. This celebrity hairstyle is pretty easy to manage and gives a beautiful,youthful look.

17. Curly Hairstyle:

This is among very lesser-known hairstyles of Kendall Jenner. Kendall most often sports a straight hair look, but this curly hairstyle is unique and not well-known in public eyes! The subtle curls hairstyle is charming, oozing out a feminine vibrant style statement. This throwback style indeed is a perfect charmer.

18. Top Knot With Bangs:

Bangs may be quite common by now, but twisting it with a new look makes it distinct and amazing. The bangs hairstyle with a topknot is the new trend, and our Kendall Jenner has already tried it to get the best of the looks. This similar look can be done with both long and medium-length hair. Check the hairstyle out and see how you like it too!

19. Copper Red Hairstyle:

While most times we see Kendall Jenner in black hair, this particular copper red hairstyle is unusual yet pleasant. This bright copper-red coloured hair looks pretty on her, by giving a hot and trendy style statement. It raised the hotness level bar high, and she looks mesmerizing. What do you think?

20. Mid-Parted Shoulder Length Hair:

This may be all known as an age-old hairstyle, but we say it is timeless. The shoulder-length hairstyle by Kendall Jenner in the mid-parted hair looks charming. She looks elegant and sophisticated with polished style. The versatile Kendall hairstyle suits her and many young women very well. Do you agree?

Did you enjoy exploring these lovely Kendall Jenner hairstyles? If yes, which hairstyles mentioned above did you like the most? We love the classic Kendall Jenner straight hair sleek looks. How about you? Let us know your thoughts too, we love to hear from you!


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