Top 9 Taylor Swift Hairstyles

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Are you a part of Taylor Swift’s fanbase? Show your love for your favorite teenage sensation by sporting her hairstyles!

1. Long Curls:

taylor swift hairstyles

Taylor Swift’s most sported long hairstyle with some tight curls thrown down at the end. Casual at its approach, this hairstyle is quite popular among her fans.

2. Braided up do:

Braided up do

Where most girls would utilize a hairband, Taylor replaced the artificial one with a natural one by creating the headband by styling it using her hair. She styled a portion of her hair into a thin braid which goes across her head and finally ends up in a braided up do behind. The portion which is in front of the head band is styled into silky bangs which compel us to admire her elegant eyes.

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3. Bangs With Long Tresses:

Bangs with long tresses

This one is a clean and polished her hairstyle for beautiful long tresses. Giving off a sort of an Egyptian vibe, this hairstyle features completely straight hair devoid of any curls or waves. The bangs are bold and expressive while the layers and textures of the hair speak for themselves.

4. High Bun:

High bun

Styled with medium length hair, this hairstyle is quite chic and trendy. The hair is parted into a front and a rear portion, the front part is styled into brilliant eye framing bangs and some comparatively long hair strands are also present on either side of the fringes which frame the face (or the cheekbones, to be exact). The posterior part of the hair is pulled back and is tied up into a high bun.

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5. Bohemian Bun:


Bohemian hairstyles have some kind of a mystery to them. Taylor Swift definitely looks like a princess in this hairdo. She donned on this hairstyle for the recording of the music video for her chart buster song “Love Story”. The hairstyle features a bun which is composed with twirled hair. All the messiness in the hair takes a definitive shape in the bun and the overall look of this hairstyle along with the hairband is quite exquisite.

6. Medium Curls:

Medium curls

This is another one of her medium hairstyles which features her hair possessing strong defined curls. The Hair starts out straight and ends up being in flamboyant curls. This hairstyle can be a challenge for the amateurs to style, so it is recommended you visit someone who is well versed with the process of styling hair in a professional manner. The side parting is visible which imparts a neat look to this hairdo.

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7. Low Ear-Pony:

Low ear pony

This is a low ponytail hairstyle, but the ponytail doesn’t hang beside her neck, but rather it is situated right behind her left ear. The hair is parted at one side and then brushed to the sides and tied up in the ponytail which then flows over her left shoulder till her arms. The hair in the front covers a portion of the forehead and helps in diverting the attention to her beautiful eyes.

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8. Retro Look:

Retro look

This is a pinned up hairstyle in which she has cut down her long hair and kept it till neck length. Her hair is styled in the form of strong curls with well-defined waves (not ringlets). The waves start out polished but have an evident mess around the edges. Hair pins are utilized to make the curls more manageable and keep them set up in place.

9. Navy Look:

Navy look

With her long curly hair and with the cap on top she looks just like a SHIELD agent from after WW2. Most of her beauty comes from her flawless facial structure which is a perfect oval. Her medium-thick hair quality is best for styling such amazing curls and waves. The curls also forms side sweeping fringes at the front and the volume added on to her hair by such beautiful layers highlight the jaw line really well.