No matter how far we may have come in terms of modernity, royalty is a special topic we always would love to discuss. Royal families, affairs and weddings always come first in every discussion globally. Royal members are constantly scrutinized for their fashion sense and hairstyles. In contemporary times, Kate Middleton is often well-received by the media and folks around for her sense of beauty and looks. Kate Middleton’s hair is our special focus today, for her hairstyles always look top-notch and beautiful without compromise.

Do you love elegant and charming graceful looks? If so, Kate Middleton’s hairstyle looks will be your favourite too. So, let’s explore more about them today.

20 Beautiful Kate Middleton Hairstyle Looks Over this Season:

Why wait? Let us take you through the mesmerizing and stunning Kate Middleton haircut and hairstyle looks over the years. Here we go!

1. The Classic Wavy Hairstyle:

Most often, when we think of Kate Middleton’s hairstyle looks, the common picture that comes to our head is the classic hairstyle she flaunts! The mild wavy hairstyle with a medium-length haircut is her signature look, and she personally loves this look. It is most simple, yet looks exquisite and elegant on her. Do you agree with us?

2. The Dense Hairbun:

The hair buns are the most common hairstyle we often notice on Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge was observed in this lovely signature hair bun while attending an event, and it truly looks royal. The hairdo is mesmerizing and intricate, bringing the best of her looks. What do you think?

3. Low Ponytail:

Talk about elegance and charm; we think Kate Middleton never compromises on these features. This low ponytail is just another style to give out the best plush, elegant look. It is very quick to do and yet gives out a polished, sophisticated rich style statement. The look can suit several events and gives her an adorable stylish appearance.

4. Half Hair Ponytail:

We bet most of you haven’t come across this youthful look from Kate Middleton. While we always see her in a sleek open hairstyle or with a bun, this half-hair ponytail is truly mesmerizing. It gives an instant glow youthful sleek feel, and this is a throwback picture of our Duchess that went viral on the internet a few years back. So, what do you think of this hairstyle?

5. Bob Haircut:

You will be truly shocked and wondering – did Kate Middleton ever try out a short hair? Well, we would say yes! She did give a bob haircut a try and definitely looked gorgeous. While this is not typically a Royally approved hairstyle, Kate did make her hair into a bob transformation in her own way. She looked very charming, but this hairstyle won’t stay long!

6. Elegant Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

This may be our usual hairstyle, but we do agree that not all of us can look this beautiful and gorgeous in a simple look. Our favoriteKate Middleton nails every style statement seamlessly, and even a casual half up and half down hair looks mesmerizing and exquisite on her!

7. Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle:

This medium-length haircut is truly an inspiration. If you think a short haircut may be too bold and a long haircut may be challenging to manage, this Duchess-inspired wavy mid-length haircut is simple yet charming. The side-parted hairstyle is a perfect choice to flaunt the feminine, sleek contemporary vibes.

8. Sleek Thicker Ponytail:

We all agree on a common fact that Kate Middleton naturally has mesmerizing beautiful hair. Her glossy hair can never look bad, and she may not have a bad hair day like us! But, this thick, sleek ponytail hairstyle is among our favorites to give out royal plush and sophisticated looks. What do you think? Do you agree?

9. Sleek Straight Hairstyle:

Our Duchess truly loves wavy hair, and we have only noticed the wavy hairstyle most times her. But she did try out the classic sleek straight hair tucked-back look, and here is the proof! Kate Middleton looks adorable and graceful even with a straight hairstyle, and the hair suits her immensely. She gives out charming classic, timeless vibes with this hairstyle.

10. Bow-Tied Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

Within the half up half down hairstyle variants, very few are well-known to the fashion world, and Kate Middleton seems to experiment quite a lot with the latest trend. This chic, sleek, intricate half-up, half-down hairstyle with a bow tie design is feminine and charming. It gives out a sophisticated, edgy and plush look. Isn’t it?!

11. Side Bun:

We love our Duchess hairdos, and this side hair bun is among the top favorites for internet folks. This gorgeous sleek side twisted hairdo is elegant and mesmerizing. It is a timeless classic hairstyle choice for women to give out vintage feminine vibes. What do you think? Isn’t this Kate Middleton updo hairstyles look truly stunning? We often see Kate in the side hair buns, which suit her very well!

12. Pearl Studded Hair Bun:

Looks like our Duchess, too, loves to escalate her looks once a while into a festive makeover, and this pearl-studded hair bun is proof! The beautiful hair bun is easy to achieve and what sets it apart from other hairdos is the gorgeous, intricate pearl attachments to it.

13. Bangs Haircut:

If you remember, Kate Middleton used to maintain bangs many years back, and it used to be among her favorite hairstyle back then. While she no more encourages bangs haircuts, this throwback picture is truly adorable. The side bangs give her a youthful elegant look, and the Duchess truly stands out!

14. Braided H airbun:

Braided buns have been synonymous with elegance and charm, and this sleek braided hairdo, as flaunted by Duchess, is truly lovely. The adorable hairbun is seen on Kate Middletonat one of the events, and this beauty is the perfect choice to blend and balance between traditionality with modernity. Do you agree with us?

15. Ringlets Hair:

Kate Middleton looks beautiful in the hair ringlets, and here is the proof! She looks breathtaking in these intricate hair ringlet curls that eruptwith confidence, style and sophistication. It is intricate, exquisite and mesmerizing. She was seen in this hairstyle in one of the public events back in 2013. Truly a hair transformation, isn’t it!

16. Bouncy Curly Hair:

Most of you may not have seen the Duchess in curly hair, but here is one charming, trendy picture. This image of Kate Middleton with the dense bouncy curls is beautiful and striking. The blow-dried curls looks stunning on her, and we wonder why the Duchess does not flaunt this hairstyle much! Do you agree with us?

17. Clipped Back Hairstyle:

There is nothing exceptional about a clipped-back hairstyle, but what sets this look apart is how Kate Middleton carries the style so seamlessly! The clipped-back hairstyle looks beautiful with the curly ends touch-ups! It is truly mesmerizing and extraordinary!

18. Hairdos With Hair Nets:

We often see Royals wearing hair nets around the hair bun to keep the style in place. Well, we can strongly say that they always do the trick. The gorgeous hair bun with a hair neck is seamless and elegant on our Duchess, Kate Middleton. It is intricate, polished and plush! What do you think?

19. Half Braided Hairstyle:

This half braided hair up with half down is apt and striking on our Duchess, Kate Middleton. The braided look goes seamless with her personality, accentuates her overall beauty and gives a charming touch. It is elegant and classic and is also quite simple to do. Kate’s hairstyles indeed are truly an inspiration! Do you agree with us?!

20. Wedding Bun Hairstyle:

This hair bun is truly an inspiration for all of our upcoming wedding events. The hairdo with twists and braids gives an intricate, sleek, chic, classic vibe; the overall hairstyle brings on a feminine, classic, and traditional style statement. Kate Middleton is seen flaunting this hairstyle in one of the events, and ever since, the internet started to laud this look as the wedding hair inspiration of the decade!

What do you think of this list of trending and beautiful Kate Middleton hairstyles and haircut looks? Which one did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts! We love to hear your thoughts!


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