Top 9 Beautiful Red Carpet Hairstyles

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Red Carpet is one of the best places to get a reality check of the celebrity hairdos, furthermore to figure the current style, fashion and accessory trends. And not to forget the out of the world hairstyles that some of the celebrities sport, it’s a pity people don’t attempt to get these done.

red carpet hairstyles

Latest and Attractive Red Carpet Hairstyles with Pictures:

So here’s a list of some of the gorgeous ladies of our industry who do not fail to woo us with their awesome hairstyles, just for you. What are you waiting for? Get a party invitation, now!

1. Jessica Alba- Side Braid Bun:


The Greek haircut of side braids have been truly a most loved on Celebrity red carpet. Anyhow to thin it down to flawlessness, Jessica Alba buns it up a bit low as though it was etched and not rolled. It improves her whole look and graces her wonderful grin as she walks down the Red Carpet.

2. Michelle Williams- Pixie Cut:


Michelle Williams, best on-screen actress nominated for her part in “My Week with Marilyn”, arrived at the 84th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, February 26, 2012 looking as stunning as her role in the film. Michelle settled on ultra-short pixie hair with a ravishing red outfit. The pixie cut is presently extremely popular, all thanks to Hollywood celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson.

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3. Angelina Jolie- Pull Back:

Angelina Jolie Pull Back

While twisting and rolling are evergreen hair dos in beneficiary differed structures, Angelina Jolie decided to just draw her detached strands back and cut it in a messy way. The shabbiness is the real appeal of this whole look as it looks smart and flows with delicate twists looking like ripples of water. Everybody loves this Jolie twist.

4. Vanessa Hudgen- Boy Cut:


Her vintage down-dos Hollywood haircut is not a long way behind in the race of big name haircuts. This vintage hair styling is constantly known to add fabulousness to any outfit, giving an amazing celebrity central look. Vanessa Hudgen’s next door look in ‘High School Musical’ in no way prepared us for this stunning look with her highlighted cheekbones and wavy black hair.

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