15 Attractive and Stylish School Shoes for Boys and Girls

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6. Loafers Style School Shoe for Girls:

Loafers Style School Shoe for Girls

These are the stylish and smart looking slip on school shoes for girls which looks trendier and than those traditional ones. The shoe is designed from high quality leather and has small heels and the small fringes in the front give a versatile look to the wearer.

7. Flower Studded Hair Clips School Shoes for Girls:

Flower Studded Hair Clips Shoe for Girls

This cute shoe is designed in fine leather and changeable hair clips. It means that you can clip on set in the front of your shoe and can wear the other set also. You can switch as per you please and requirement. What more the girls want from the school shoe? The flower studded in the front gives a blooming look to young ones.

8. Rip Tape Kids School Shoe:

Rip Tape Kids School Shoe

This type of cute looking school shoe is ideal for small kids. The shoe has a rip tape instead of buckle making it easier to small ones to wear. It has flat soft soles thus preventing the tender feet. A cute and ideal school shoe for small ones.

9. Traditional Canvas White School Shoe:

Traditional White Canvas Shoe

This is the traditional white shoe which is made of canvas. The shoe has white laces for fastening the shoe and the rubber soles which lends grip while walking or running. This the most common type of sport shoe worn by both boys and girls in school.

10. Strapped School Shoe for Boys:

Strapped School Shoe for Boys

The shoe is an ideal shoe for older boys as it has two rip tapes and lends immense comfort when worn to schools. The awesome light and dark brown colour combination looks very dynamic on boys and the ideal shoe for performing any activities in school.

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