Brogue shoes, originated from England and Scotland, are one of the most elegant and classic footwear across the west. They are low-heeled shoes made with traditional genuine leather, often comes with a decorative and designer styled look. Brogues Known for their plush and polished look with style, the brogues are well-received to be the most sought-after business and formal wear shoes in the present context.

But not just it, today we even have brogues suitable to fit in events all across. While they were popular among men’s fashion in past decades, today we have even women’s brogue shoes. Most brands have come up with different variations and styles within them, and if you have an eye for intricate fashionable statement looks, these men’s and women’s brogues shoes are a must-have!

Trending Brogues Shoes for Gents and Ladies with Images:

Features and Types of Brogue Shoes:

If you think all shoes with decorative elements and perforations detailing are brogue shoes, what you should know is that they are all not the same. There are different types and features of brogue shoes, and it is important to distinguish between them to choose the right fit as per occasion and style statement. Let us give you some tips.

  • The brogue shoes often have decorative designs on the front side, near the toe and face of the shoe. They come with an open lacing system.
  • All kinds of brogue shoes are mostly low heel in nature.
  • If the wingtips come with M or W shaped wing extensions, then they are called full brogues. They are ideal for semiformal occasions and wear or parties.
  • The brogues can also have long wings wrapped in full length and are formal in looks. They are called longwing brogue shoes.
  • You can also find semi or half brogues, which mostly come without wings or extensions.
  • If shoes have broguing only near the cap at the edge, then they are quarter brogues. They are perfect for basic looks.

Where To Wear Brogues?

Not all brogues are universal in their style types and look. They all come with different looks, and one has to see which brogue is suitable for which kind of occasion.

  • Brogue shoes are both formal and informal. If you want the simplest and casual look for an outing or stroll, go with a basic quarter or blind brogues.
  • For those ethnic or casual occasions, you can go ahead with half brogues. They are not at all formal yet look stylish and elegant.
  • For those perfect formal meetings, parties and gatherings, try out longwing brogues. These are also perfect for high-end occasions and weddings.

How to Spot Quality Brogue Shoes?

Brogues are quite popular across the world and genders. There may be several types and imitations within the brogue shoe, but wearing low-quality or unoriginal brogue can be quite painful on the feet and uncomfortable. But it is not hard as well to spot the right and perfect quality brogue shoe. Here are a few tips from us.

  • Go for best known and internationally acclaimed brands. It is worth purchasing the right brogue from a good design and comfortable and quality brand rather than a low-end one.
  • Check the quality of leather. See if the brogue is genuine full-grain leather or not, and this can be a good clue to understand how it is made.
  • Further, check the edges of leather and shoes. If you notice any wet blue or concealing tips around, you understand it isn’t the original brogue.
  • Check the sole and stitching. Ensure it is not a casual rubber sole, as original brogues or dress shoes never attach them.

Latest Designs of Brogue Shoes For Men:

Let we have to look at the top collection of brogue shoes for gents.

1. Lee Cooper Leather Brogues:

If you do not want to compromise in any way for having the perfect looking branded and comfortable brogues, these Lee Cooper wingtip slip-on formal shoes are perfect. Especially for those men in the business and professional field, this can add to an enhanced look and effortless style statement. What do you think?

  • Design: Burgundy Wing Tip Slip-On Leather Brogues
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Formal
  • Style Tip: Add this with perfect formal wear and coat/blazer for ideal looks.

2. Louis Philippe Burgundy Brogues:

Well, while black has always been in trend, we even have burgundy colour brogues for those men who prefer chic and youthful style statements. These square-toed burgundy colour formal brogues are one such, with a stacked low heel and perfect plush looks. This is one of the most trending and favourite for men across age groups.

  • Design: Burgundy Brogues with Stacked Heel and Central Lace-Ups
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Formal, Parties and Weddings
  • Style Tip: Add this for grand ethnic wear or formal wear for perfect looks.

3. Gold Brogue Loafers:


You can even have many informal looking and yet mesmerizing eye-catchy brogues, and here is one such. These gold-coloured brogue loafers are a budget variant for those men who want a regular look variety. They are among the casual shoe section, ideal for regular outings or dinners and lunches gatherings.

  • Design: Gold Brogue Loafers in Slip-On Variety
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Regular, Casual
  • Style Tip: Wear this with casual t-shirts and jeans/denim look for an ideal style statement.

4. Formal Oxford Brogue Shoes:


The oxford formal brogue shoes are among the most popular men’s formal wear ranges. With a business and plush lifestyle look, these come with a lace-up variant and tan brown colour. From meetings to business dealings to professional gatherings, they are perfect for men across age groups in formalwear outfits.

  • Design: Tan-brown Oxford Brogue Shoes with Lace-Up
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Leather
  • Occasion: Formal Occasions
  • Style Tip: Add this on with formal wear and a blazer for the perfect look.

5. Brown Red Tape Brogues:


Red tape is another acclaimed brand known for footwear style variants. This brown colour full brogues for men comes with a regular look and lace-up detail, with a textured pattern. It has a round toe design and comfortable for long day wear as well.

  • Design: Brown Red Tape Brogue Shoes with Lace-Up Detail and Round Toe
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties and Semiformal Events
  • Style Tip: Add this with a semiformal outfit for a perfect look.

6. Bata Lace Up Brogue Shoes:


We even have another common and budget-friendly brogue shoe from the brand Bata. Their lace-up variant is ideal for men across age groups and is quite versatile. From formal meetings to parties after that, these stylish shoes are ideal. If you want to try out sleek, stylish footwear for men without burning a hole in your pocket, try this one out.

  • Design: Brown Lace-Up Brogue Shoes
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties and Meetings
  • Style Tip: Add this with shirts and jeans or for parties and with kurtis for the perfect look.

7. Casual Clarks Brogues:


If you are a fashionista from within and do not want to settle for any less, even for casual and regular wear or outings, these slip-on brogues can be a perfect choice. These mens best brogue boots are easy to maintain and wear, comfortable, and versatile to fit various outfits and garments.

  • Design: Black Slip-On Brogues
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: EVA
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: Add this with your pair of jeans and shirts with a jacket or blazer to add to the style statement.

8. Round Toe Suede Brogues:


These full-length long wing suede brogues with round toes are perfect for that unconventional yet unique and mesmerizing look. It comes with a regular styling variety, yet perfect for those parties or cocktail events in regular looks. Be it with denim or pants; they give a chic and edgy contemporary style statement effortlessly for those casual chill evenings.

  • Design: Brown Longwing Brogues with Cushioned Footbed
  • Material: Suede
  • Sole Type: EVA
  • Occasion: Casuals, Parties, and Dinners
  • Style Tip: Add this for semi-formals or denim for the perfect look. Add on an informal blazer for the extra effect.

9. Italian Leather Men’s Brogues Shoes:

Men are so conscious about choosing their pair of shoes to buckle up their attitude. As desired by them, this pair of the stunning model of men’s Brogues are highly recommended for formal usage. They have pointed toes and has minimum heels to suit their official look.

10. Beautiful Half Brogues Shoes for Men:

Discover the beauty of these half Brogues for the people who wish to wear such kind of half tweed brogues. This has a pointed toe model and is of a dark brown shiny colour. It constitutes laces to complete the look of a formal pair of shoes. Men are fond of such type uniqueness to make their manly look up to the mark.

11. Brogue Boots for Men:

The brogues type of men’s shoes is also available in variants of boots model. The tweed design of this particular shoe type is too modish and gives a gorgeous look. And this is suitable for all types of modern attires.

12. Black Leather Men’s Brogues Shoes:

Lace-up your attitude with this new design among casual Brogues for men. This particular design is sophisticated with its featuring tweeds and decorative punch of blue line shade in its outer line of the sole. It goes perfect with any casual wear and is suitable for all kinds of manly attires, even for a party get together.

13. Men’s Full Brogues Shoes:

Glam up your appearance to be striking in choosing such a kind of Brogues ranges. This men’s accessory is bold enough to express its value and gaze with its stunning colour of white. It is designed using the full Brogues model and is made using the finest quality of artificial leather.

14. Lightweight Men’s Brogues Shoes:

Want to show off your appearance and pull up everyone’s gaze over your looks? Then it is the best choice to own this particular model of Brogues Shoes, which is paired with two marvellous shades of blue and beige. This is a full Brogues type model and has a pointed toe with lacing up options.

15. Fancy Type Men’s Brogues Shoes:

Explore this selection of casual footwear, which has a sleek yellow shade in its sole outline. And has a cement grey fabric all over its top. It gives minimum tweeted brogues with a leather touch on its part of the upper layer. For contrast, the option of yellow colour laces is provided to bring its uniqueness.

16. Elegant Men’s Leather Brogues Shoes:

Elevate your outfit with the Season’s hottest collection of footwear, making up your looks to the next level. The stylish finishing touches of these Brogues for men make it look elegant. The material used for making these men’s brogues shoes is genuine leather, which is of tan brown shade. This pair of shoes is of flat heels and fully tweed.

17. High Ankle Men’s Brogues Shoes:

Invent a new style in the men’s world by getting this range of brogues models of boots type. These men’s Brogues are of high ankle type model and have laced up to the ankle level, giving it the perfect groomed-up look. There are a mix and match of two types of fabrics used here. They are artificial leather and jute kind of fabric, which gives it a perfect casual wear look.

18. Jean Blue Men’s Brogues Shoes:

Last but not least, here is a fantastic collection of men’s Brogues types. It is in an eye-catching denim blue shade and gives the exact causal effect for the entire look of our attire. It suits any shade of jeans pants and can be chosen for even a party wear outfits.

Stylish and Fashionable Models Brogues Shoes For Women in Trend:

Here are the best designs of brogue shoes for ladies in fashion.

1. Carlton London Fancy Brogues:

The gold and silver colour can never be enough in a girl’s wardrobe. Their perfect style statement and plush looks make them a good deal, which is also versatile to fit in partywear and western dresses. These gold-toned fancy brogues by Carlton London are stylish and casual, with a sizzling look and contemporary style statement.

  • Design: Gold-Toned Lace-Up Brogues
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners
  • Style Tip: These can be worn by any western wear outfits such as denim and dresses and can be ideal with the casual look.

2. Tassel Brogue Shoes:


Last but not least, these loafer brogues can’t be missed out as well. With tassel detailing near the toe, black plush, and silhouette look, we love how these statement pieces of brogues can be perfect for both professional working women as well as for night dinners and party events. They are sleek, contemporary and gives an elegant and elite look. If you are a working woman, these comfortable women’s brogues are a must-have in your wardrobe!

  • Design: Black Tassel Detailing Brogue Shoe Loafers
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Formal and Parties
  • Style Tip: Add this with a black formal skirt and white shirt with a blazer for a perfect look.

3. Rose Gold Brogues with Tassels:


Who doesn’t love tassels and sizzling looks? These rose gold colour brogues come with beautiful tassels, perfect for those who love noise and chic appearance. They are sleek, refreshing and unique in their design and pattern colour and give a plush and elite appearance. We quite love these ladies brogue shoes. How about you?

  • Design: Rose Gold Color Brogues with Tassels and Lace-Up Detail
  • Material: PU
  • Sole Type: Tunit Sole
  • Occasion: Parties and Cocktail Events
  • Style Tip: Add this with a knee-length dress or skirt for the perfect partywear look.

4. Black Wedge Brogues:

You may have heard of wedges as well as brogues separately. But with the fashion world moving fast forward, we have the most unique and lovely designs and looks. This wedge brogue is one such, and we are in love with them. These wedge brogues are one of a kind with lace-up detail, black coloured polished look, and designed trendy looks.

  • Design: Black Wedge Brogues with Lace-Ups
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Neolite
  • Occasion: Dinners and Parties
  • Style Tip: Add this with denim and crop tops or skirts or casual dresses for a perfect youthful look.

5. Slip On Heeled Brogues:

Women love heels, and one can’t make peace without having a heel variant of brogue. These slip-on panels brogues come with slight heels, perfect for the modern young women who love mesmerizing and eye-catchy style statements. These female brogues are comfortable as well as unique in their design!

  • Design: Slip-On Brogues with Panels and Tassel Detailing
  • Material: PU
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties and Dance Nights
  • Style Tip: Wear them for stylish maxi dresses or skirts for perfect looks.

6. Handmade Floral Brogues:


These floral printed handcrafted brogues are worth a deal if you love feminine style statement yet boho and quirky looks. They are intricate in their design and looks, give an ethnic sense of fashion and alluring looks. For all those ethnic festivities and wardrobe issues, you can try them out for perfect looks.

  • Design: Floral Design Handcrafted Grey Brogues
  • Material: Textile
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Ethnic and Festivities
  • Style Tip: Wear them with ethnic outfits, accessories and pair them with these brogues for perfect and quirky looks.

7. Steve Madden Designer Brogues:


There are no women who do not know the international brand, Steve Madden. Their designer brogues are one of a kind, with a perfect metallic look and design. With the silver overall textured look and striped design in between, these girl brogue shoes make a perfect edgy, and unique piece of statement for women who loves branded and designer looks.

  • Design: Metallic Steve Madden Designer Brogues with Lace-Up Detail
  • Material: PU
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Parties and Events
  • Style Tip: Wear them with short skirts and dresses for perfect looks in contrast colour.

8. Ladies Round Toe Brogues Shoes:

This is a beautiful shade of dark brown, and the material used is mixed vintage faux leather, which gives it a shiny look. It has low heels, and it is of the type of full brogue shoes. It is truly meant for women who are too trendy and wanna look like the best fashionable Diva.

9. New Fashion Women’s Brogues Shoes:

Have a look at these full black brogue shoes, which is an updated fashion for a stylish woman. This Brogues for women has a bit elevated type of heels and has a pointed toe. It is pure black leather, and you can truly use it for a formal wear outfit also.

10. British Style Brogues Shoes:

Enhance your stylish look with this unique design of British style Oxford brogue shoes. This is meant for women and has a Vintage carved bullock model design. It is made up of genuine leather and has a flat heel sole. This leather brogue has a mixed shade of both cream and dark maroon. And it gives a shiny look for your total attire.

11. Women’s Dark Tan Leather Brogues:

Make up the true beauty of wearing a pair of shoes by using this kind of Brogues. No matter what kind of official wear you are wearing, this pair of unique leather Brogues gives you a complete formal look. This is a tan brown shaded Brogues in leather material and has a lace-up model.

12. Flat Heel Women’s Brogues Shoes:

Wind up your collection of footwear among these women’s Brogues, which is handmade. It is perfectly designed by making the front part having a round shaped toe, and the fabric used is genuine leather. It consists of flat heels, and it is a perfect choice to be paired with a casual wear outfit for women.

13. Mid Heel Women’s Brogues Shoes:

Here is another beautiful choice for women casual Brogues shoes. This is a pure white shaded Brogue which is designed with mid heels. It is a lacing up model and is entirely white, leaving the heels to be brown shaded. It can very well go with a knee-length dress or a skirt.

14. Ladies Laceless Leather Brogues Shoes:

Brogues are mostly worn without the socks but still give that unique and marvellous kind of perspective. These ladies Brogues have no laces and have a patchwork of Jean material over them. This design makes it useful for all casual outfits on every casual occasion.

15. Office Use Ladies Brogues Shoes:

This pair of brogues shoes can be easily paired with any type of attire wore daily. This particular range of collection is carefully selected for office goers who may use these in any formal meetings. It will ensure you a step ahead of comfortability that you would always wish to have on a hectic day.

16. Classic Red Women’s Brogues Shoes:

Explore this classic pair of brogues for ladies that would end your search for a unique and stylish collection here. This is a bright red brogues shoe for women that would make you enter the world of comfort and style. It provides the perfect ease of wearing since it has used leathers’ finest to design its outlook.

17. Shiny Silver Shade Brogues for Women:

Come, have a heavenly experience with these shiny silver shaded brogues for women. It is owed up with the laces along with the expert craftsmanship with stunning design. It is rich in its luxurious silver colour to give our outfit the exact party look. Nothing stops one to own this, for adding beauty to their wardrobe collection.

It is here clear that these variants in brogues are available for all personalities. Those who need full Brogues, those who need halfway tweed, and the women who need flat or mid-heel types all have their own choices. So ladies and gentlemen, go on to search for your typical desired kind of brogues from the top 35 models discussed above.

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