Every day we are bound to cover our feet during the course of busy daily life traveling and in an office atmosphere. To give a good protection and showcasing the current trend by wearing a good pair of shoes which consists of Quarters, Vamp which connects the quarters and the welt. which compliments our outfit and the progressing fashion trend plays a very crucial and significant role in leading or life. Gone are the days of guessing which types of shoes belongs to the part of the world, nowadays we all are updated with many types of shoes designs and patterns. Sweden leather or Britisher’s oxford shoe is also available in any part of the world.

To point out the known and unknown types of shoes designs which will definitely be useful for both men and women to find out which design shoe matches with their outfit. A glimpse of this article will lighten up our knowledge about known and unknown facts of shoes.

Latest and Best Types of Shoes Designs for Men and Women in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 30 types of shoes patterns.

1. Women’s Casual Oxfords Shoe:

Oxford shoes have two quarters and a vamp pattern with the outlets of the lace stitched below the vamp which forms a closed laced network. Most commonly used as formal shoes as well as casual shoes. For women casual oxford shoe suits well with a pair of jean and a top.

2. Derby Formal Men’s Shoe:

Derby shoe is next popular to oxford shoe. In derby pattern, the eyelet of the lace is stitched on top of the vamp creating an open lace system. Formal shoes goes well for men with formal suit outfit

3. Saddle Causal Men Shoes:

The front part of the shoe is covered with a contrast colored material which forms a saddle-shaped when stitched around the vamp and the quarter part of the shoe. These types of shoes is made from synthetic material which has a glossy finish.

4. Monk Men Shoes:

Men’s who are bored of toeing laces for the shoes then this designed shoe will give you relief. The shoe is fastened by buckle system. The shoe is provided with a belt with buckles attached to the belt. The material used is leather or leather replica. This type of shoe is used a formal as well as semi-formal shoe.

5. LED Lighted Women Sneakers:

LED shoes are not just popular for kids but also for young girls and ladies. The LED tube runs around the outer sole region. The LED color can be of a single color or multicolored. This type of sneaker is commonly worn as a party wear.

6. Slip on Mens Boat Shoe:

Without lace, shoes are any day comfortable for both men and women. On such lace free shoe design, is the boat shoe. This pattern was actually designed to be used for boating to avoid slipping later the design became as a fashion accessory among Men. The side of the shoe is designed with lace which also resembles like a lace shoe.

7. Plain Black Ankle Length Men’s Canvas Shoe:

Ankle length shoe is nowadays more commonly used by young boys and men as a casual wear or as a party wear. The shoe covering extends till the ankle level and the pant is inserted into the covering in order to avoid covering the design.

8. Colored Canvas Womens Shoes:

Canvas shoes were considered as a school shoe but that concept has faded away after the designers creating newly designed shoes for women with the canvas material, which is designed with a heel or with colorfully designed on top of this material.

9. Leather Loafer Mens Shoes:

Loafers are a type of slip on casual leather shoes which are designed for men. The loafers are usually flexible when worn by curving around the curvature of the leg. This type of slip-on shoe is made from leather which can be of any color.

10. Unisex Tennis Shoe:

Tennis shoes were considered as costly shoe sin past years. Now in recent years due to sports craze by both men and women, the depend on for tennis shoes has increased. The main important fact is that the sole should prevent from skidding during fast movements during the course of play. The best patterned sole is the herringbone pattern with shock absorbers and the upper part of the shoe made from nylon.

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11. Unisex Flexible Running Shoe:

Flexible shoes are the most comfortable shoes for athletic sports and can also be used as daily wear shoes along with a casual jean and a t-shirt by both men and women. The sole of these shoes is made from flexible rubber based material which has shock absorbing power too. For those who get heel pain due to a hard sole, this kind of shoe is the best.

12. Work Boot For Men:

In olden days men used to wear work boots which can bear the weight of the body throughout out the day for people who have standing work. For then this special designed hard sole shoe was available. Then the design of these boots became renowned among fashion industry, then colored and designed worked boots became a trend.

13. Shiny Rain Ankle Length Boot For Women:

For rainy day girls want to avoid high heels and shoes which absorb water rather they prefer to wear a water resistant shoes which are trendy and comfortable. One such design is the shiny patterned boots which cover till the ankle. The most common color is black with a low heel base.

14. Hiking Boots For Men:

This rugged boot gives a solid support for the legs during the course of hiking and most loved shoes among men who are into hiking and trekking sports. The sole of these type of shoe has many grooves which give the grip against skidding and falling.

15. Ankle Length Boot for Men:

Men also like to boots which are above the feet which are best suited with a jean which is folded or with a ripped jean faded at the tips. The boot design comes in the various material with lace locking system or elastic system or with zipping at the side of the boots. Men who like patterned material then the option of designed boots are also available in the market.

16. Golden Wing Sneaker For Women:

Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes next to a sports shoe. To make it more colorful and create a modernized design the designers came up with golden color material for the sneakers with wing design on the sides of the shoes. This type of sneaker is worn during a party to stand out in a crowd.

17. Unisex Perforated Sneakers:

Perforated sneakers are commonly worn by youngsters these days which is very comfortable for any kind of sports activity. Due to this lightweight and flexible nature of the material gives the lot of room around the toe fingers and helps in absorbing the sweat.

18. Knee Length Rugged Boot For Men:

This rugged boot till knee length gives a cowboy effect. The boys wear this type of designed show for any kind of party or a theme party which is worn along with leather shorts and a white shirt with a hat.

19. Knee Length Boot with heels for Women:

For winters this knee length boot is commonly used: the material used to make these boots are velvet material or synthetic fabric. The most common colors are black, beige and brown. THE girls pair this kind of boots with dress, jean or shorts.

20. Winter Fur Shoes for Women:

Fur fabric gives warmth and coziness when worn during a winter season. The fur material is placed inside the shoe on the base and also seen around the outer part of the shoe around the ankle region.

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21. Wedge Heels Sneakers for Women:

Wedges are one of the types of heel patterned sandals available in the market for girls. This wedge pattern is used as heels in sneaker shoes which normally comes in the flat base. The wedges have a thick base heel at the tip of the shoe base the height of the heel reduces. The colors available in the store are silver, golden, pink.

22. Pointed Edge Formal Black Shoes For Men:

This pointed edge shoe design was popular among kings in the olden days with kola pure sandals. The same design is used to create Formal Shoe which has pointed tips or a swordfish tip and can be either tied with lace or can be slip on a pattern. The colors commonly available are black, brown and shades of maroon.

23. Brogues Shoes with Lace for Women:

Brogues shoes are designed shoes which can be used as semi-formal and casual wear. In this type of shoe, the top of the shoe has perforated designs around the front quarters, top cap and the vamp region. The common colors are black, brown, bottle green and pink.

24. Velcro Shoe For Women:

Instead of taking the time to tie lace or difficulty in slipping on the feet inside a slip on the shoe this velcro method of fastening shoe has tremendous response among women for purchasing them. The shoe color can be of white, black or any colored. with Velcro fastening seen on the vamp region of the shoe.

25. Mesh Worked Sneaker for Women:

Mesh worked fabric shoe is comfortable shoe like perforated shoe which helps in absorbing sweat and prevents bad odor caused by the sweat. The mesh worked is designed on colorful nylon fabric and stitched onto the sneakers.

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26. Slip-On Back Open Formal Men Shoe:

This is the most commonly worn shoe by men due to its comfortability and easiness in wearing them during a hurry working day. The color black is famous for its formal outlook and these black shoes are available in the different finish like dull finish, glossy finish or a matte finish.

27. Designed Loafer for Women:

Loafers is also a slip on shoe expect the design of this shoe is different. The sole are made from plastic material with grooves and leather rubber material is used as the top covering the shoes. The designed loafers for women can be designed by using the color combination with lace design at the corners.

28. Ballet Shoe for Women:

Young girls who are ballet dancers use flexible sole ballet shoe which has sateen covering on the top. This designed inspired designers in creating ballet shoes as a occasional wear. The main difference is the elastic pattern running around the inner tips of the shoe with a flat base sole. Due to flat and thin base it is not recommended as a daily wear shoes.

29. Slip-On Women Sneaker:

Sneakers are also available with lace which is very easy to wear.The heel of these type of sneakers comes in white color made from a rubber based material.The height of the heels varies.The material used to form the top can be colored cloth material with or without perforation on the top or synthetic material.

30. Brothel Creeper Mens Shoe:

This type of shoe was used during the period of second world war, which later became a fashionable footwear because of the sole design. The heel of these shoes is made form crepe material which is hard and the shoe top made from a leather material called the Suede. Men use it as casual wear with a pair of jean and a t-shirt.

As listed out there is Humpty number of shoe design available, but selecting the correct one for any kind of occasion or daily work is the important feature to be noted to prevent from injuring the feet. Many injuries are caused due to faulty shoes. One of the common problem due to false shoe size and shape is the tendon inflammation. For runners and athletic people it is best advised to select a perforated shoe with a soft sole. As a daily office wear selecting a formal shoe which does bite the toe finger should be chosen, for that trying a shoe before owning them is recommended. For a broad feet men and women pointed tip shoe should be avoided, in order to avoid crushing the toe fingers. Daily walking with a good a pair of shoe is better than sitting idol.

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