Wrestling is an up and coming sport nowadays, with the popular media spreading awareness about it as a real sport. Wrestling, as now people have started realizing, is as much about a fit body as a fit mind. It takes real talent and lots of hard work to learn how to wrestle your opponent to the ground without wounding or injuring yourself in the process. When learning to wrestle, the first and foremost important thing that a person needs to take care of is the quality of equipment being used. “Equipment” here may mean anything from dumbbells, to treadmills, to shoes.

Top 10 New Wrestling Shoes for Men & Women in Good Quality:

This article, will discuss the different types of best wrestling shoes that are required when one is considering taking up wrestling as a sport.

1. Durable Wrestling Shoes:

When we talk about wrestling shoes, especially boys wrestling shoes, durability is the biggest factor we look at. Well, this one fits the bill very well!

2. High Traction Wrestling Shoes:

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing men’s wrestling shoes is the traction provided by the sole for when you are on the mat. This shoe gives greater stability and protection.

3. Edged Out sole Wrestling Shoes for Women:

This is one for the Ladies mostly. When looking for womens wrestling shoes, look for the out soles to have traction surfaces as well. And what is more, the design is edgy and awesome too ladies!

4. Split Sole Wrestling Shoes for Kids:

Kids wrestling shoes are nowadays coming in split sole designs, giving higher stability to the posture while training and greater protection to the feet. This is one of the highest recommended shoes.

5. Light Wrestling Shoes:

The weight of the shoes a wrestler uses must be comfortable for balance as well as a good match. This one is one of the highest choices in womens wrestling shoes!

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6. Heavy Wrestling Shoes for Men:

Generally, higher weight signifies higher stability when looking at mens wrestling shoes.  This is one of those shoes that will ensure you a win on the mat.

7. Single Sole Wrestling Shoes:

Although split soles are all the rage right now in the wrestling business, good old single soled high traction shoes are still not out of business, and they make the top 10 list!

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8. Rubber Out sole Boys Wrestling Shoes:

This one is wrestling shoes for boys. When just beginning out, are of the rubber out sole type. The out sole gives more protection and avoids injuries of the ligament kind. Not only that, these are high runners! Starting your kid on wrestling? Well, then this one is definitely what you should buy.

9. Beginner’s Wrestling Shoes:

Are you just a beginner but are dreaming of making the Olympics in wrestling? Well, then these shoes are for the ambitious beginner in wrestling. The lightweight mesh covering lets the feet breather, while the traction soles give stability. Skill and Shoes, friend!

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10. High Ankle Wrestling Shoes:

Another one for the kids, one of the highest bought kids wrestling shoes, this one ensures protection as well as safety. The high ankle gives more support for when your legs come in contact with your opponents’. This is another one of the best wrestling shoes on the top 10 list.

Wrestling is a serious sport, and the quality of equipment a person uses can make or break them as a wrestler. Shoes are an important part of a wrestler’s arsenal- after all; the right pair of shoes can turn the match in your favor. Wrestling shoes come in various types, and like any other equipment, they should be carefully picked according to type and need of the sportsman or woman involved.

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