Important and very essential accessories for both men and women are shoes. Everyone has shoes for various occasions. We start wearing shoes since we are toddlers. We wear shoes to school too. One must be having sports shoes, sneakers, casual shoes etc. for wearing along with casual clothes. Shoes in various materials, colours, patterns and designs are available these days to choose from.

Latest and Fashionable Blue Shoes for Men and Women in Trend:

We will check into the top 15 blue shoes now.

1. Navy Blue Formal Shoes for Men:

One royal looking navy blue formal shoe is must for a man. These luxury navy blue shoes have platform heel and are in shiny leather fabric. These have a formal feel because of the lovely navy blue lace. The nice navy blue colour with the nice sole gives the perfect formal wear.

2. Navy Blue Leather Designer Shoes for Men:

These are navy blue shoes in cowhide leather. Using cowhide leather gives the natural shade of leather to the shoes. These leather shoes are just the one to go along with a prom night ahead of a wedding.

3. Navy Blue Moccasins for Men:

Moccasins are soft suede leather shoes without a separate heel. The navy blue moccasins are perfect for any usual casual day. These are perfect for driving as they have a rubber heel. The rubber sole adds to the longevity and versatility while giving the shoes the right amount of flexibility.

4. Blue Sneakers for Men:

These are classic tie up blue sneakers. The shade of blue in these sneakers is different and has a lovely white sole. Sneakers go best with usual t shirt and jeans. Sneakers give a cool look to a man and a sneaker in shade of blue is a definite buy.

5. Navy Blue Casual Shoes for Men:

One casual shoe is must for a man for other activities apart from office. These are casual leather boat shaped regular shoes. The colour combination is navy blue with beige. The sole is beige coloured which gives additional nice look to the shoes.

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6. Blue Sports Shoes for Men:

One sports shoe is essential for a man. These stunning blue breathable sports shoe are awesome pair of running shoes. The bright orange sole and branding complements the navy blue mesh and lace very well.

7. Light Blue Men’s Dress Shoes:

Dress shoe is usually worn at parties, weddings, events, dance and other special occasions. This can be a perfect wedding shoe too. These lightly striped blue dress shoes have heels so that it makes the wearer comfortable. The black sole matches with the light blue shoes and white lace.

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8. Turquoise Sky Blue Ballerinas:

Women just can’t get enough of ballerinas. These turquoise sky blue ballet flats are the perfect shade of blue not very light not very dark. These are the correct slip on shoes. The glitter in the shoes adds to the designer element to the shoes.

9. Blue Office Wear Shoes for Women:

These are perfect shiny navy blue coloured formal wear shoes with the required heel. The cuts and heels in this shoes are comfortable so that women can walk around comfortably, travel with these formal shoes. These formal shoes can be paired with skirts, trouser-shirts or any other formal women’s office wear.

10. Navy Blue Pump Shoes:

One pump shoes peep toes are a must have shoes for a woman when it comes to comfort along with fashion. These pump shoes with almost any outfit and the colour matches too. The heel is just the right height and looks great on legs too with adequate cover to the legs to prevent exposure and tanning.

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11. Light Blue Denim Wedge Shoes:

These are a must have for a woman. What makes this really interesting is the colour being light blue and it being a denim sneaker wedge with zippers. Wedge gives the height with the heel and denim sneakers on it make it so much a lovely shoes to flaunt. How cool and trendy is that!

12. Indigo Blue Flat Cut out Shoes for Women:

These are one of the most comfortable casual wear flat cut out shoes for women. One can team this with jeggings, denim, black jeans etc. the cut out in the shoe is just right and the colour of blue is very unique.

13. Blue Lace Wedding Shoes:

These are the shoes that a woman will want to wear on her big day that is on her wedding day. These are high heeled shoes with blue lace on it. The lace is also beautiful with the fabric having self-design, net and stones on it, which gives an additional charm to the blue heels. Wear this and rock a wedding.

14. Royal Blue High Heeled Stilettos:

High heeled stilettos are a woman’s prized possession. These royal blue concealed plat form high heeled stilettos are a must have. Wearing heels gives an additional grace and confidence to a woman. This blue stiletto is perfect for evening parties, weddings and prom nights to team up with the best outfit.

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15. Light Blue Shoes for Women:

Women love shoes in light colours for a nice undertone and to upkeep with latest fashion. These branded light blue flat shoes are for any casual wear with denims or shorts. The python prints in this shoe make this a unique one to wear. These are true high end fashion accessory.

Blue is the colour which pleases both men as well as women, be it outfits or accessories. Blue shoes are kind of must in a wardrobe. Blue formal shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, wedges, stilettos etc. are just few of the many blue shoes available out there catering to everyone’s fashion needs and requirements.