One of the happiest moments in a parent’s life is when their babies start getting around of their small and cute feet’s. That’s the time when real hunt starts of fetching the correct shoe for toddlers so that it lends them comfort while taking small steps and even lend them protection when they are outside. The toddler shoe must be perfect in size, has an ideal fit and should have soft bottom so that it doesn’t hurt their tender feet.

Latest and Beautiful Shoes Designs for Toddlers:

Let’s we have to look at top 10 designs of shoes for the toddlers.

1. Cute Pink Shoe for Toddler:

Here comes a sizzling and distinct looking pink shoe for toddler. This type of shoe can be worn by either baby girl or boy and it appears cute on both of them. The shoe has appropriate width in front so that doesn’t hurt them and small flower on the sides of shoes enhances the look of the shoe and feet.

2. Casual Toddler Shoes:

This fox shaped toddler shoes appears very cool on the chubby girl baby. This type of shoes can be worn on daily wear but just ensure to put a matching sock so that she looks more cute than ever.

3. Handmade Crochet Shoe for Toddler:

Crochet is a handicraft in which yarn is textured in the shape of attractive looking shoes. The shoes are found in many bright and pastel colours and appear very different and very pretty on the young ones feet.

4. Heart Shape Golden Toddler Shoe:

This cute small golden dress up shoe gives a fashionable looks and mesmerising look. The flat shoe has soft bottoms and the big bow on the top of the strap enhances the look of the shoe. The small cute heart studded in the front adds more sizzles to this toddler shoe.

5. Soft Fur Toddler Shoes:

The small cute white fur boots are perfect for the toddler when they start walking. As fur is very soft the shoes lends extreme comfort to their feet’ s and are pretty comfortable to walk also. The fur shoes are available in many cute and funny shapes and you can pick the one which bring smiles on your baby face

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6. Purple Wool Toddler Shoes:

The wool toddler shoes are ideal in winter as it keep their feet warm even while they are walking. As the wool is porous it even allows the air to circulate in and out and is even flexible also. These shoes are available in many bright colours and get the favourite colours shoe for your baby.

7. Canvas Toddler Shoes:

Canvas shoes are the ideal shoes for toddler as they are very soft and are even flexible. The shoe is designed in red and white checker giving a very appealing and exclusive look to baby feet.

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8. Designer Toddler Shoe for Baby Girls:

This type of unique looking shoes looks very cool on girl babies and makes them appear like a princess. The shoe has soft bottoms and the leopard print with pink laces makes it appear more attractive to young ones.

9. Nike Toddler Shoe:

Now many big brands also designs toddler shoes to lend extended comfort to small feet. This shoe is quite wide from the front side and has thick rubber bottoms. These types of shoes are ideal for daily wear as well for occasion also.

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10. Stylish Toddler Shoe:

This type of stylish and cool looking shoes has the looks of socks and is extremely comfortable when worn. The shoes are so attractive that it easily draws the attention of young ones and makes then more smarter than before.

Toddler shoes are available in many shops, but as a parent you should ensure that’s it suit and well fitted on them. The toddler shoes are very appealing to eyes and make the small ones look more cute and smart than ever. So fetch a handsome and comfortable looking shoe for your baby and give them earthy and sturdy looks.

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