A person’s character is known by the shoe he wears. Formal shoes offer a wide range of comfort and character to a person. Choosing a formal shoe may not be that difficult. But it is nice to have a complete idea of the types of formal shoes available and then choose one that best suits your need. Each of these formal shoes for men and women has been selected to give you a complete guide into the shoe world. Formal shoes are usually made from leather and luxurious materials like suede. Each one gives a level of elegance such that the pair can be worn on formal black-tie events.

Features of Formal Shoes:

While the formal shoes for female and male can come in different variants and looks, here are few significant features you must know of them!

  • Do you know, the shoes aren’t just about a singular type. There are several variants within them, which we will see.
  • The formal shoes give a softer and dressy look effortlessly. They are made of leather, synthetic, rubber or textile.
  • They may come in full shoe variant, slip-on look, high-up rise boots look, and more, depending on the variety.
  • Depending on the type of formal and occasion, you can prefer shoes or boots or different types to fit the engagement.
  • Their sole is super comfortable, usually made with leather or TPR or synthetic to provide comfy and easy long wear style.

Types of Formal Shoes and How To Pick The Right One?

Within several variants, let us understand the popular types of formal shoes and pick the right one for yourself!

  • Here are the most popular variants of the shoes that can be worn with formal wear for men. The most dressy shoes include oxford shoes (well, we are sure most men already own this one), decorative brogue shoes, derby shoes with open lacing, strapped shoes, loafers, and boots.
  • If you want to have a dressed up and very plush grandeur looks, the most stylish one you can choose is oxford gents formal shoes or derby shoes. They are classic and effortless with a vintage look. Be it for high-end occasions or social gatherings; it can be ideal.
  • Men who prefer to have a bit of cheery and contemporary hues can prefer loafers or strappy shoes.
  • Further, your choice can also be depending on the season. Boots are the best fit for men during chilly weather or those who want to have sharp, edgy vibes and stylish wear. For the cocktail office parties or evening outings, it can be an amazing fit.
  • Coming to women, the most popular shoes we come across for formal wear is high pump heels, formal high heels, and formal shoes.
  • For regular office wear, the ladies’ formal shoes can be apt fit, but for those who prefer the fashionable, western, and trendy look, there is nothing better than high pump heels!

Latest Collection of Mens Shoes for Formal Wear:

Here are the best formal shoes for men with images.

1. Red Tape Formal Slip-On Shoes for Men:


Besides black shoes, a pair of brown formal shoes is a must-have in the wardrobe for all working men. This slip on the variant of round-toed formal shoes are an absolute delight – they come with elegant and timeless style and grand appearance effortlessly. They have stacked heel beneath which adds to elevating its look further.

  • Design: Brown Slip On Formal Shoes with Stacked Heels
  • Material: Leather Upper
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Office Meetings and Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Be it for socializing and parties with office colleagues, or any formal high-end meetings, wear the shoes with formal wear and blazers to look edgy.

2. Lee Cooper Formal Loafer Shoes:


These panelled loafer shoes in black are all about smart and edgy looks. With trendy pattern along with the rust orange colour design, the slip-on loafers are easy to wear, comfy and are ideal for men who want a few bright hues and modern looks than a classic straight look. These most comfortable formal shoes for men are also versatile, which can be good to not just formal styles but also party and casual looks.

  • Design: Black Loafer Shoes with Panel Detailing
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR Sole
  • Occasion: Semi-Formal and Formal Occasions
  • Style Tip: These loafers are versatile, can be used with casual shirts and office wear shirts too and edgy blazers as well.

3. Red Chief Formal Lace Up Shoes:


The derby lace-up shoes are all about open lacing instead of closed variety. This formal black Derbys come with lace-ups option along with cushioned soft footbed to rest foot in long day wear. With the shiny plush design, we love how these footwear elevates the style and are high in utility for men who aren’t just looking for casual office shoes but also party wear formal gathering ensembles.

  • Design: Black Lace Up Shoes with Cushioned Soft Footbed
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: PU Sole
  • Occasion: Office Gatherings, Night Outings
  • Style Tip: These can be ideal with formal wear (with formal blazers and coats) along with semi-formals too. Wear them with beige, white, and black colour-blocked ensemble for best looks.

4. Casual Paneled Formal Shoes:


For young guys and men who are in search of stylish and contemporary footwear, these high-top casual shoes can be good formal wear too. They come with constructed panels across along with a heel collar with cushioning around. The entire look appears grand and modern with a unique design. Add on this best dress shoes for men to your collection if you prefer such new-day choices than the conventional classic variants.

  • Design: Brown Paneled Shoes with Lace-Up Variant
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR Sole
  • Occasion: Casual Regular Office Wear, Parties
  • Style Tip: These are ideal with semiformal outfits better than complete formal looks.

5. Louis Phillip Formal Shoes for Wedding:


If you are a sucker for grandeur styles and trends, this Louis Phillip textured leather shoes in tan brown is absolutely modern and edgy. With central lace up the pattern, these branded top mens dress shoes come in a new design with patterned heel and sole variety. Be it for grandeur parties and occasions or weddings, such shoes can be ideal for giving elite and enhanced style statements effortlessly.

  • Design: Tan-Brown Formal Shoes with Lace-Up Design and Square Toe Shape
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Leather
  • Occasion: Weddings, High-End Parties, and Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Wear them with either full-formal blazer look or with traditional wedding attire such as sherwanis, they can look perfect.

6. Bata Formal Leather Shoes for Men:


The black shoes in leather material from Bata are all about class and style apart. With its trendy, edgy look and easy slip-on the variant, these shoes are comfy and are best for regular office and professional chores. Be it any season; the leather shine looks plush and elegant in its appearance. Men who are looking for a long day comfy wear must have this in their wardrobe.

  • Design: Black Leather Slip-On Round-Toe Shoes
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Regular Office Wear
  • Style Tip: These shoes can be ideal with formals and semi-formals with casual styling.

7. Monk Straps Formal Shoes for Men:


These high quality Italian formal shoes for men are great for connoisseurs of luxury. This brown leather formal shoe is perfectly cut and stitched to give your feet the comfort it needs. The stylish buckles are a class apart. The monk strap shoes come in single, double or even triple straps. Each one is worth the buy.

8. Oxford Men’s Formal Shoe:

Oxfords are the classic shoe style with a very formal appeal. They are usually in black and brown. These are considered the utmost in comfort and style. Oxford shoes have been in demand for a long time, and they, therefore, have a very timeless appeal to them. Most first-timers will prefer to own a pair of Oxfords to give them the style edge.

9. Derby Men’s Formal Shoes:

The Derby is quite similar to the Oxfords. The difference is in the lacing. The flaps are visible are lacing is sewn outside the shoes. These are a little less formal and come in various colours and styles like brogue and wing-tipped etc.

10. Brogue Oxfords Formal Mens Shoes:

These formal men’s shoes are again a classic. These are heavier and look a little less formal those Oxfords. The brogue work done on the toe cap is quite delicate and makes it unique. Brogue work is work intricate, and this adds character to the shoes. The finer details on the cap of the shoes and the sides lend a formal look to them. Too much detailing at the same time will render the shoes to be casual in look. So take care to buy a pair that has a formal look to them.

11. Dressy Loafers for Men:

Dressy loafers are the best alternative to laced formal shoes. The ease of slip-on shoes is great for business people who travel a lot. The simple and sleek design makes them formal looking. Loafers made in pure leather strike well in a business environment. Select a pair that goes well with your business outfits, and you are sure to woo your clients.

12. Men’s Formal Pumps:

The semi-formal shoes called pumps are a type of formal loafers that are made from shiny black leather. They usually have a ribbon on the top of the loafer. These are best suited to be worn with black tie suits.

13. Cap Toes Shoes for Men:

These formal shoes have on the front of the shoes an extra layer of leather. The cap toes shoes can be brogue or not. The slim designs make them more formal. These are great to be paired with suits as well as tuxedos.

14. Tassel Loafers for Men:


Men’s loafers are made for formal wear with these great looking tassels on the shoes’ top. The loafers give you the ease of wearing them as they are slip-on slip-off style. The shoes have an added style of laced edging on the sides of the shoes.

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15. Long Wing Derby for Men:

These formal Derby shoes are a great buy. The wingtip in these shoes is usually put all around the till the back of the heel. That is the reason why they are called a long wing. These look good for the summer and have a racing feel to them.

16. Dress Boots for Men:

These are the perfect country gentlemen look. The dress boots are sleek and can be worn with jeans and suits alike. The look quite dressy and formal and are suited for the cooler winter months.

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17. Suede Bucks Formal Shoes for Men:

Suede as a material is quite casual as well as formal. These formal suede bucks are derby style shoes without any detailing or decorations. These suede shoes come in colours of beige, brown, even white.

18. Wing Tip Formal Men’s Shoes:

Wingtip formal shoes for men are called such because they have the toe cap of the shoes look like a wing. Derby shoes are normally wing-tipped. They come in single colours, but now the two-toned shoes are back in fashion.

19. Saddle Formal Shoes for Men:

The saddle shoes for men have an oxford or derby feel with a saddle strap where the lacing is done. This is usually in a contrasting colour that gives it a stunning visual effect. The brogue work done on these saddle shoes adds charm as well.

20. Balmorals Boots for Men:

Choose these ultra-cool regal-looking balmoral boots for men that ooze luxury and style. The boots are high boots with thin lacing style. They are made in high-quality leather. Some may even have suede and leather mixed in style.

Stylish and Comfortable Formal Shoes for Women:

Let we have to look at the top designs of formal shoes for ladies in fashion.

1. High Heels Formal Shoes for Women:


What best than the edgy and stylish high heels to pair up with formal wear for women? They are forever in trend and always classic with grandeur looks. This particularly pointed toe kitten heel comes with faux leather finishing, giving contemporary appearance. For those in search of formal and party wear, this can be a good versatile multi-utility option.

  • Design: High Pointed Toe Heels
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Parties, Formal Gatherings, and Meetings
  • Style Tip: Wear them with pencil knee-length skirt, white shirt and blazer for the ideal look.

2. White Formal Shoes for Women:


If you are a girl with bossy choices and simple looks and want to get done with the casual and usual heel styles, why not! These lovely formal brogues shoes for women with detailing looks trendy as well as intricate with beautiful design. They have central lace us and can beautifully fit in the formal wear effortlessly too.

  • Design: White and Blue Formal Brogues Shoes with Lace-Ups
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR Sole
  • Occasion: Office Wear and Formal Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Be it formal pants or skirts and shirts, these shoes can be ideal to complete the everyday formal look.

3. Pointed Toe Formal Shoes:


Women with feminine choices and grand designs in mind, the ballerinas can never disappoint you. These pointed-toe narrow fit yellow ballerinas are for those who have sleek choices. If you love to get dressed up and do not want to miss out on your appearance’s intricate details, these girls dress shoes can be perfect to complete your look!

  • Design: Yellow Ballerinas with Pointed Toes
  • Material: PU
  • Sole Type: PVC Sole
  • Occasion: Everyday Office Wear
  • Style Tip: These can be ideal with western casual office wear (such as jeans and shirts) or even formal wear choices for best appearance.

4. Textured Pump Formal Shoes:


The pointed toe pump shoes are probably the most coveted look for women from decades across. The evergreen style is popular and wanted by women, those who prefer to have a sleek appearance. These textured pumps come with shiny synthetic detailing and finish, with sharp-pointed heels and toes. Women who love the narrow fit shoe style can ideally prefer this one.

  • Design: Black Pointed Formal Pump Shoes
  • Material: Synthetic Upper
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Office Parties
  • Style Tip: These shoes are ideally best for skirts with blazers or long bodycon slit gowns.

5. Formal Flat Shoes:


Lastly, let us not miss out on this bright pointed to flat ballerina shoes. Without any heel and simple yet vibrant hues, these formal shoes are for women who prefer flat variants, without stacked heels and yet look mesmerizing. The shoe also comes with a wide fit and ideal for women who already have good height and prefer comfort to any other feature.

  • Design: Taupe Ballet Flat Shoes
  • Material: PU Upper
  • Sole Type: PVC Sole
  • Occasion: Office Regular Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear these with jeans or pants and shirts to have a fancy look and appearance.

6. Formal Pumps for Women:


Pumps are the classic and timeless formal shoes for women. They ooze sophistication and women carry them off well for day to day wear as well as on occasion. The classic black pump is a versatile piece that every woman should own.

7. Neutral Pumps for Women:

Give your legs that elongated look with these neutral pumps. These formal shoes for women are great on any outfit with any colour. They blend well into the skin and give a rich look to the whole ensemble. The colour nude is such a great colour since it doesn’t clash with any other colour that you may wear. So when in doubt always wear a pair of neutral pumps and that will surely complete your look.

8. Formal Flats for Women:

These dress shoes for women are formal enough for any business meeting. The flats offer a great deal of comfort to the wearer. These are decorated with bows, buckles, etc. to give it a stylish edge. Flat shoes are great for long hours and continuous standing jobs that pressure the heels and feet. These shoes provide relief since they do not put pressure on the back and spine. So choose flats that will give you that extra support while looking formal enough for a business meeting.

9. Mary Jane’s for Women:

A classic Mary Jane for women is the perfect accessory for any woman. The simple style is elevated with these block heels to give a very formal look. The tiny straps of a classic Mary Jane offer ease and style that can be paired with any outfit. Formal Mary Jane’s give you sophisticated yet feminist look. The cute cut of Mary Jane is what is adorable and timeless. Select a pair that is made of leather and has simple detailing on it. Show off your cute side with these classic pairs. Trousers are best suited to this, and even suits are complemented well.

10. T-straps Formal Shoes for Women:

A t-strap formal shoe has a strap attached to the shoe’s front with another strap to form a T shape. These straps are normally narrow to give a very feminine look, or they may be thick to give a retro feel. Choose a pair that best suits you and you will surely feel beautiful wearing them.

11. Oxfords for Women:

Get a branded formal shoe with style. Choose these great brogue oxford shoes for women if you would like to add a little manly look to your outfit. These flat oxfords are a great buy. You can choose them in colours like black or brown if you fancy two-toned ones, and then you could select the white and brown.

12. Formal Wedges for Women:

Wedges are a great comeback to the fashion world. These formal wedges are high in stature, and the suede or leather look of the shoes give you a very business and corporate look. The wedges are perfect for a busy office day when you need to be on your toes most of the time.

13. Ankle Boots for Women:

Go western in this stunning pair of boots that look gorgeous as your strut in them. The boots are the best women’s formal shoes to be worn for office and paired with trousers. They can also be worn over jeans to give it a little casual look. The ankle boots in leather are the best pair of shoes you can buy.

14. Monk Shoes for Women:

Choose to be masculine in these formal monk strap shoes for women. The double or single strap monk shoes are great for any occasion and look stylish. They are made with Italian leather and probably calfskin lining.

15. Formal Loafers for Women:

The right shoes for a formal setting; these loafers offer comfort and style at the same time. The low heels of these best formal shoes are a great alternative to high heels. The loafers look great with the neat plain edge or even with tassels.

Men and women love to sport formal shoes, and these bring out the best in their ensemble. The formal shoes for men and women are considered stylish and sophisticated. They are so many types to choose from, and it is great to have one of each of the types. Select pairs that offer comfort and make you look stunning and elegant.

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