Wedge shoes are the latest item in the footwear industry. These shoes have soles that run the length of the foot, not only under the heel. The soles of these shoes are made of rubber, cork, etc and are thus light weight and easy on the feet. When you select wedges shoes for women then those you will found commonly and sole you will get thicker back side instead of front side. It make them high heel boot type or shoes. This type of designs had introduced in 1930’s. For men’s you will get name for this shoes are ‘wedgies’, it has introduced in 1970. You will found low heels in men’s wedges shoes types. In late 1930’s that time designer had used cork with wood because of shortage material rubber and leather. Lighter weight of cork especially used for shoes. That was durable too.

Best Wedge Shoes in Latest Designs:

Here you look in to 15 Best Wedge Shoes in Different Designs. Select styles and colors that suit you well and make a statement.

1. Platform Wedge Heel Shoes:

Look gorgeous in these platform wedge heel shoes made in fiber. The shoes are ultra light and have a nude color so these can be worn with any outfit. Soles are thick and the light weight shoes are perfect for you since they do not put pressure on the heels.

2. Ankle Strap Wedges:

Get a good grip shoe and you are set for a busy day. These ankle strap wedges are perfect for keeping your feet in place. The leather look gives it a formal appeal and is therefore good for work.

3. Peep Toe Wedges:

Look chic and sophisticated in these peep toe wedges that offer great style. The peep toe wedge look is very cute and this is something that can be worn for work and for a party as well. The fiber sole gives a good contrast to the leather finish on top.

4. Lace Wedges:

Select this awesome blue wedge shoes in lace. The lace toe cap gives this shoe a very elegant look. The ankle straps provide a firm grip. Regular wear type of this shoe is best for your daily outfit.  Choose this wedge shoe for a casual outing and pair it with jeans.

5. Ankle Boots for Men:

This front lace up shoes for men is perfect for a style statement. The wedge shoes give an overall effect and the contrasting colors through the shoes are eye catching. The detailing of buttonhole stitch is quite striking.

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6. Zip Booties Ladies Wedge Shoes:

Go all black in these zip booties that offer complete coverage of the foot. The zips on the wedges give a good style statement to these shoes. Women will get good look on skirt wear or comfortable outfit which will suitable for this type of shoes. They are made in suede or leather.

7. Summer Rope Wedges:

Fashion forward men can select this awesome piece to make a great fashion statement. They hemp rope sandals in bright red and white looks very striking. The wedge sole gives the shoe a higher look too.

8. Winter Wedges for Men:

A perfect winter wear for men is this navy wedge shoes for men. The wedge shoes have a complete cover up with buckled strap. The shoes are good for winter as they keep your feet warm.

9. Broad Strap Wedges:

Select this white wedge shoes with broad straps and buckles. These shoes are perfect for a night out. They stand out and look daring. The wedge shoes are great to be paired with jeans or skirts too.

10. Toddler Wedges:

Kids love bling and this silver wedge shoes for kids is the best bet. The flowers on the front strap of this shoe are cool and perfect for little girls. The T strap wedge shoes are stable for little feet.

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11. Sneaker Wedges:

Want a sneaker’s comfort but with style? Go for a wedge heel sneaker that offers both. These comfortable sneakers are in solid colors and look classic. The added wedge gives you something that can be worn for a casual outing or for a party.

12. Preppy Style Wedges:

Paint the town red with these solid bold red wedge shoes. The preppy style wedge shoes are awesome with thin ankle straps. The shoes have ribbed soles near the front of the shoes.

13. Front Zip Wedges:

Select a front zip wedge for a completely different look. If you planned for any party wear shoes then this front zip wedges will give you comfort for your look. These wedges are perfect for party wear. The zips used are normally metal ones that look glamorous.

14.  Backless Wedges:

Choose a backless wedge for style and something different. The wedge has a broad front portion that offers stability. The backless wedge goes well with Indian wear as well as trousers and jeans.

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15. Contrast Wedges:

Get a two toned effect in these contrast wedges that look good for office wear as well as casual wear. The blue wedges shoes with brown leather contrast details are very classy. The twisted loop in the front of the shoe looks absolutely stylish.

Wedges shoes are perfect for women, men and kids. These shoes in ankle straps, full closure, heels, backless, etc are perfect for any occasion and one cannot have enough of this great style. This type of shoes is more comfortable for those who have skinny heels. More colourful designs you will find in market and varieties you will get in wide collection of wedges shoes. Some women feels height issues, they mostly prefer wedges shoes because after wear legs look longer. It improves posture. They will get good balance while walking and surely will get confidence too. Men and women can select colors that are bold for parties or solid and formal for office wear.

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