20 Best Safety Shoes in Latest Designs For Men & Women

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Safety Boot (steel-toe-boot, steel-capped-shoe, safety shoe) is a type of boot recommended and designed for durability and protection. Safety Boots are usually reinforced with steel cap under the toe cover to offer protection against falling objects and sometimes also have a mid-sole plate for protecting against punctures from below. As the name suggests the primary objective of a safety boot is to offer safety to the wearer’s feet, hence steel is usually the material of choice for building the reinforcements in question. However, steel reinforcements also make the boot heavy and limit its flexibility. This could be acceptable in construction and heavy industrial settings but poses challenges in environments where apart from safety; ease in wear ability is also a requirement. For cater such a market reinforcements are also built using composite materials, aluminum and sometimes with plastic such as thermoplastic polyurethane.

Safety boots is also recommended by doctors after examining the patient thoroughly and suggesting them to wear shock absorbing or slip resistance safety shoes to protect their feet against external factor like Slippery floor, uneven flooring or a bump which may lead to harmful conditions like fracture or tendon inflammation.  Ratings for the safety boots vary based on the setting they are used in. For example, shoes rated against electric ion discharge and special protection against electric shocks. In India safety shoes are rated as per the following certifications: IS 15298-I: 2011 test methods, IS 15298 –II for safety footwear, IS 15298-III Protective footwear, IS 15298-IV Occupational Footwear.

Top 20 Safety Shoes in Different Designs For Men & Women:

Although safety boots are not the first choice when fashion is concerned, now a days safety shoes come in various fashionable formats. Here are top 20 safety shoes trends available for men and women which not only comes in handy for a slippery household work but also for traditional safety boot settings.

1. Safety Metal Toe-Shoe for Men:

Safety Shoes

Also known as traditional good old safety boots, offer the best protection for the feet of the wearer in harsh industrial settings. In India such shoes are vastly used as per industry mandate in big companies like SAIL, JINDAL STEEL etc.

2. Rubber Sole Men Shoe:

Rubber sole Men Shoe

These good looking shoes are typically useful in slippery environments like cold storage, rocks river sides. The rubber sole in such shoes help in getting a better grip and prevents accidental slipping.

3. Steel Insole Safety Shoes for Women:

Steel insole Shoe for Women

Shoes with insole steel plate offers protection against punctures from below the shoe sole. Such shoes are particularly useful for women who are employed in the factory floor in heavy industries.

4. Diabetic Unisex Shoe:

Diabetic unsex shoe 4

Specially designed keeping the diabetic patients in mind these shoes offer better comfort through thick soft sole. These can be worn be both men and women suffering from diabetes. It is balance shoes for them. As patient they need proper safety when they on walk.

5. Low Ankle Single Speed Density Toe Shoe for Men:

Low Ankle Single Speed density Toe shoe for Men

These shoes have Composite toe cap which offers high resistance against abrasion and attrition. Although not as protective as steel reinforced shoes, such shoes can offers safety in industries like chemical processing and semiconductor manufacturing.

6. High Ankle Steel Toe Winter Shoe for Women:

High Ankle Steel Toe Winter Shoe for Women

For fashion conscious women working in harsh industrial setting these shoes provide the perfect alternative to traditional safety boots. Designed with high heels and a modern sleek look such shoes offer the protection of a safety boot through reinforced steel toe cap.

7. Full Safety Gumboot for Women:

Full Safety Gumboot for women

These gumboots made from PVC material are worn during season more than a fashionable outfit it is considered as a protective boot against getting the feet wet from rain water. But designers try to give a trendy outlook by bringing in jazzy and bright colors like shiny red, dull yellow or blue.

8. Normal Safety Gumboot for Men:

Normal Safety Gumboot for Men

For men working in wet or marshy environment such gumboots offer the perfect footwear solution. Such shoes offer unparalleled safety against slipping accidents.

9. Water Resistant Leather Boots for Women:

Water resistant leather boots for Women

For centuries leather has been the only material of choice for footwear industry. However leather doesn’t play well with water or humid environment. Waterproof leather boots offer the class of leather and weatherproofing of rubber for leather loving female customers.

10. Puncture Resistant Safety Shoes for Men:

Puncture resistant Safety shoe for Men

This high resistance puncture resistance is achieved by placing a metal plate between the inner sole and the outer sole of the shoe and resistance against a force of 1200 newton and resists against cracking. The upper part of the shoe is non-metallic which makes it lightweight and easy to use.

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11. Women’s Special Puncture Resistant Safety Ankle Boots:

Women’s special puncture resistant Safety Ankle Boots

Such shoes provide a lightweight & durable footwear solution for women who work in harsh environments. The sole of these shoes are reinforced with steel plate making them puncture safe and usable on potentially dangerous turf.

12. Heat Resistant Safety Boots for Men:

Heat Resistant Safety Boots for Men

In this type of shoe the upper part is designed with leather or suede material with hooked or non-hook lace pattern. The sole is furnished with heat resistant property upto 300 degree Celsius.

13. Anti-slip Safety Cut Shoes for Women:

Anti-slip safety cut shoes for Women

This anti-slip cut shoe design is a classic shoe which offers style and protection. The upper part of the shoe is made from suede leather material with a soft insole. The outer sole is made from an exclusive rubber material which provides get floor to outer sole grip which washes out the water in between the two surfaces thus providing the anti-slip effect.

14. Absorbent Shocker Lined Shoe for Men:

Absorbant Shocker lined shoe for Men

This type of shoe is made to provide a good contact with the inner sole and the feet by cupping effect. The inner sole is soft and has cushioning effect. People who have previous record of feet injury or tendon tear are always recommended to wear shock absorbing shoes rather than normal fancy shoes and sandals.

15. Di-electric Unisex Boots:

Di-electric Unisex Boots

Dielectric boots are specialized  rubber boots, suggested for people who work at a construction site or electricians whose daily job is to connect electrical wires. In which case they are bound to wear boots with electrical insulated sole which prevents shock against high voltage electric voltage. For ladies safety shoes, these rubber boots come in different color combination.

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16. Metatarsal Footwear for Men:

Metatarsal footwear for men

These boots provide special protection for the metatarsal bones by not compromising on comfort. For heavy material work in industries this type of shoes comfort for workers. When men work full day in industry after wear shoes, during the day feet feels swelling, so this shoe gives proper soft feel. These boots come in both ankle height and long boot formats.

17. Latex Safety Shoe for Women:

Latex safety shoe for Women

These safety boots are made of latex rubber which provides better flexibility while not compromising on comfort. It helps to prevent any foot injury while on working. Because of electrical accident in industries or any machinery work platform, it helps to avoid such type of injuries or accidents. They offer good slip resistance and protect against static discharges.

18. Cold Resistant Women Safety Shoes:

Cold resistant Women safety shoe

For women working in cold environment these shoes provide good protection against cold along with the usual protection offered by safety shoes. It helps in such industries where burn from chemicals or metal splashes. Some of the hard or danger substance which injure skin of the feet so on workplace this type of pair are most essential.

19. Nitrile Sole Safety Shoes for Men:

Nitrile Sole Safety shoes for Men

These Nitrile sole shoes provide excellent protection on hot surfaces and can provide heat resistance up to 300 degree Celsius. They also offer good slip resistance thereby making them ideal in settings like mining industry, petro chemicals etc.

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20. Formal Safety Shoes for Men:

Formal Safety Shoes for Men

This is work and safety type of shoes and material used pure leather. Pattern is solid. In autumn season this pair is comfortable for safety. These shoes not only go well with formal clothing for men but also the protection of a traditional steel reinforced safety shoe. It helps in any season mostly autumn season on your work platform; this type of shoes can wear on any outfit instead of office wear. For feet safety need such type of shoes too.

Safety shoes now days along with offering the promised safety are also catching up fast with the ever growing and fast moving footwear fashion trends. Not only the hardware manufacturers but also the established footwear manufacturers are offering rather good looking safety shoes which are embraced by the fashion conscious customers with open arms.

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