There is a lot of difference how a guy will behave and act in front of his friends as compared to that in front of girls. However, this is the aspect that most men are not aware about. They tend to be the same as they are with everyone.

One needs to be really different in front of girls especially if the aim is to impress her. To help you know the right ways in which a guy should act around girls, you would need professional help. To save the effort, the same is provided in the guide below. Check them out and follow each one with due diligence to get best results. Below Shows some tips for How to Act Around Girls?

Be Yourself:

There is no one better out there to be than you yourself. This is one of the basic mantras that should be followed not only by guys but also by girls no matter where they are. By being yourself, you can win half the battle of how to act around girls. Your honesty will be really appreciated and girls will be highly impressed by you.

Have a Friendly Approach:

A guy should always be friendly when it comes to acting around girls. Try not to be too eager when girls are around and behave in a way that she knows you are interested. You need to see how she reacts to your friendliness and if she is welcoming then you can go ahead.

Courtesy is Important:

You should know that one thing a girl searches for in a guy is courtesy. Try and be helpful whenever possible. Be like a true gentleman when girls are around. You will surely catch their attention towards you. Courtesy is a trait that will take you a long way, in understanding how to behave in front of girls but also how to impress them.

Confidence is required:

Confidence is the key to any challenge even on how to act around girls. But make sure you balance the levels of confidence. Do not boast or be rude and arrogant when it comes to this aspect.

Give them Respect:

Do not talk trash about girls or other people when she is around. Do not act like a complete jerk. Instead be good to her, respect her and the people around. A girl will surely like this habit of yours.

Be Flirty:

A little bit of naughtiness is acceptable in any relationship and adds fun and excitement. The same goes for healthy flirting. You can flirt with her a little and to the level that does not make you look desperate. In fact, somewhere down the line, girls love guys flirting with them and giving hem attention.

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Give her Glances:

Give glances when you are around her. By looking at her occasionally you will only add to the speed of achieving your aim. Smile at her and if she smiles back then it is one of the good signs to take that she is interested.

Try Not to Talk About Other Girls:

When around girls, make sure you do not talk about how good some other girls are. This will make them lose interest in what you are saying. Talk about them and try to know them better rather than giving examples of others. This will make them think you are a jerk.

Show Off your Sense of Humour:

Being funny and witty is one of the best things you can do when surrounded by girls. This will catch the attention of many of them towards you. Girls have a soft corner for guys who have a good sense of humour to show off.

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