They say, “Relatives and fish stink after three days”. Now isn’t this why we hate some of our relatives so much, but as destiny has it. We have to deal with their existence and especially their visits now and then. Some of the occasions which really turn our worlds upside down.

There is always that one person who would love stepping on your feet, no matter what. And sometimes we shudder to think if the grown up relative is indeed a grown up or what!! However, it will never stop them from doing what they do best, annoy you.

So what you need to do is to take matters into your own hands, and not overreact to their nonsensical ways of living. Today we would like to speak with you more about how to deal with annoying relatives or those that you hate. Hence please read on and be well-informed about the same. Here look at a few tips on how to deal with relatives you hate.

How to Deal With Relatives You Hate?

Why do you hate them so much?

1. Is it something that they did or said, didn’t do or didn’t say or something that you don’t like about them? This happens especially when we have aunts and uncles around. Who thinks they know it all and would create a massacre for us at the end of the day. They keep saying they went through the same age we are in but keep forgetting that times have changed and things need to be dealt with differently. So think if this is one of the reasons why you so hate that nagging aunt or the dominating uncle.

2. Be nice and talk to them once. Let them know how you hate it when they interfere in your private affairs and life. And also, let them know how much you appreciate it. When they don’t interfere in your business or when your dad gives you a talk. Be civil and gentle, and if it doesn’t work. Let them know through polite yet stern words (only) that their existence doesn’t make a difference to you anymore.

3. This means you are now justified by ignoring their presence. And even if they do come over sometimes, which they will. You can always greet and play with others, and minimize your interaction with the ones you despise around. Or what you could do is, if the one you hate is the one who comes alone to visit your family, go ahead to your neighbour’s place or lock yourself in a room on the pretext to study. This will send a loud signal that you really don’t want to socialize with someone you cannot stand.

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Abuse and use:

Unfortunately, more and more children in their growing years are being abused or have been abused by relatives in many ways, which seems to be one of the main reasons why relatives are hated. If such is the case with you, it would be wise to chin up and speak with a counselor who would be able to get you out of this situation. Remember, there are many other ways to show you hate him or her, but the hate will only grow into pus within and hurt you more.

Maybe the philosophical values at home or with the hated relative are different or ancient, and you really don’t resonate or sync with their ideals.

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Make that clear to them in a polite way, and do let them know that as much as you respect their views, following them all is not your forte, and no one can force you to make life changing decisions basis that.

Good luck, and keep going in life.


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