The old adage goes “You are not ugly. Society is”. With that being said, why then do you hate yourself? Why do you allow others to dictate how you walk, talk, dress and socialize? You are a free spirited individual, made in the likes of divine, so why allow anyone to pull down your shine? Easier said than done, but ninety per cent of teenagers and young adults these days suffer from low self-esteem. Today we would like to speak more about this with you so that you learn to accept the signs Here are the signs for how to stop hating yourself. Hence, please read on and be well-informed.

How to Stop Hating Yourself?

Tips on loving yourself:

Have you seen the popular boy or girl in school? Look at the number of friends they have and what a massive fan following to deal with. But wait, is that what you truly want because if you look deep within their lives, the same popular boy or girl in school is a lonely child. They wear a mask of happiness, and even though they have an awesome body, wear good clothes, hang out with the rich kids and drive swanky vehicles, deep within they aren’t happy. But does that show? No, it doesn’t, because they have learned to love themselves, they have stopped hating the way they are, and because of that others are inspired to be around them and follow them.

The first thing you have got to understand is that you are an individual. Yes, sometimes parents and friends, the society at large, can be cruel, and they love making comparisons. Right from looks to clothes, the food you eat and how you eat, what time you sleep and what you do when you are idle, they make judgments on everything. However, if you have accepted yourself as an individual with your own needs, remember to ignore others’ negative remarks and enjoy the blessing and miracle, which is YOU.

Self Motivating:

Learn that every BODY is unique, so if you too want that flat ab, you need to work for it. You can still eat what you want and yet work out to gain that awesome body. When you stay fit, you stay happy, and you are motivated to dress well too. People then would notice the glow on your face, which comes from the inside out. This is because you have motivated yourself to be strong and pleasing, not to others but to yourself first. When people see how much you love being who you are, with your own choices and natural ways, they would want to be your friends. No one wants to be around someone boring and negative. Hence, you have to change yourself for yourself before allowing others to notice that change in you.

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Loving yourself makes all the difference:

Take a look at your body, your eyes, your nose, your skin, your hair. Every inch of your body is you, the bare naked truth, made in the likes of the divine. You need to understand that by taking care of your mind and body, you would be fit throughout. This would give you the strength to perform daily activities and to exercise your mind as well. Healthy minds never allow room for negative comments and criticism. However, do take a look at the negative comments that come by as well. Learn from them and move on, don’t dwell on them.

If you cannot love yourself first, how would you expect others to respect, care and love you? They say it all starts with YOU, which is so true. So go ahead and pamper yourself, nourish the body, mind and soul, and when that happens, you automatically would start loving YOU.

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