The best way to ignore or avoid someone you really don’t like is to just be out of their way. It is easier said than done to handle especially when the most hated person stays in one‘s own home. However, it isn’t impossible to avoid someone completely. Today, let’s discuss this topic in detail so that you can become well-informed. Please read on as we delve into it. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways to avoid people you dislike, from setting boundaries to finding alternative activities and environments.

Ignoring someone is as good as being indifferent to the person’s needs. For example, if he or she is persistent about talking with you or hanging out with you, give them the cold shoulder. Let’s say he or she wants to go out with you and meet your friends over coffee. It is almost 4:30 pm and there is no indication that the annoying person will back out. So we have decided on 5 pm.

How to Avoid People You Dislike?

So You Want to Ignore:

Go ahead and have a shower, dress well and walk out without informing them. Enjoy your evening out; keep your phone on silent and come back home when you please. If the person asks you anything about being left behind, either tell them that they should have been ready since you are known to be a stickler for time, or just go by them and talk to anyone else at home. Looking through them and their needs would send out a message that you’d rather stay not knowing about their existence in your life than have them as a tag-along piece.

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Another way to send a stark message of being indifferent is to avoid their calls, messages, phone texts and what’s app messages or emails as well. If they ask you why you don’t reply, let them know you are too busy helping someone they hate, helping people who really need help or maybe helping yourself finish a task of major importance, the rest can wait.

Avoiding someone doesn’t mean you hate them, it means you really don’t need them around at the moment. And you can always show them reasons why you don’t want them around. For example, unhygienic, unruly behavior in public, ill-mannered, bad eating habits, and the way they dress walk, talk, socialize, and comment online, maybe they have been the reason why your friends. Now don’t talk to me because of the gossip being spread by this one person.

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The Choice is Yours to Avoid People You Dislike:

No one can actually tell you for real how to avoid or ignore someone. If it is online, you can avoid the person completely by changing the settings on your messengers and social networking sites. Block the person and he or she would be doomed and dammed.

If someone presents their topics, stories or talks, inform them. If you are least interested or listen to music using your earplugs. You would send out a strong message. That you are not really interested in the other person’s life Well-being, or whatever moreover. This would also tell people that you really want to have them doing nothing in your personal and private space too.

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Just in case you happen to share the same room, space or class with them. Don’t let them sit close to you. Make an excuse and change your place, speak to the authorities or someone elder at home and moves out. And if in case you have to talk to the person you want to avoid, make no eye contact at all. Just move away or look through the person and live your life. Remember, at the end as mentioned it is all about avoiding on a personal note, and only you would best know what would work wonders in your case.


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