It not only is tough to hold back and not love someone you fancy but managing this phase altogether can make you go mad. It is but understood that one in three would be victims of unrequited love, as a receiver or a romantic fool. Sometimes, even if the person is an ex and we know there is no hope of gaining their affection on a romantic note back, we still would fight to hope against hope to make it happen. In the end, we only end hurt ourselves and no one else, so why not you do the following to steer clear of being a victim of unrequited love? Here are the tips for how to stop love someone

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Tips for How to Stop Love Someone:

1. Slowly but surely stop staying in touch with the person, the man or woman for whom your affections run wild:

Yes, it would be odd in the beginning, but over time you would manage and start focusing on other things in life. Sometimes you have to plainly resist talking to the person or communicating with them, it would make things sour. Being in control, by not talking or keeping any contact would be the best way that will answer how to make yourself stop loving someone.

2. Reduce the calls, mails, Whats App texts et all, and stop responding to what they say online or otherwise:

This would help distance yourself from him or her, and you would then start seeing above what they feel for you or you for them.

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Decline the request to meet. Ensure you guys don’t share the same shift or space. The key is to send out clear signals that will effectively convey the message that you are no longer interested.

3. Go home and make a list of issues you think to deter you from loving them:

This would be the cement that would block all cracks and crevices which allows feelings from both ends or one end to flow. Even if they try to convince you on changing, and you know it is possible, condition your mind to think otherwise about the person. Let emotional blackmailing not take over you, or else you are doomed to be his or her lover

4. Explain to them why this relationship isn’t meant to be:

Start by telling them how awkward you feel since you look at them just as a friend and nothing more. Then bring on to them the career talk, schedule of daily life, conflicts of your own, whining, and cribbing will scare them away one too many times.

5. Make up or tell them about a horrible secretive past of yours:

While this could be a bad idea, it however will only help in cutting the relationship, thus relieving you of the mental pain. In most cases, no one wants to have such partners, but this could be a disadvantage for you since they may leak the rumor to public ears and your reputation could take a beating.

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Time Wounds All Heals:

A famous sitcom once showed unrequited love going bad in a humorous way. However, that is television and not the real world. Ever you find yourself being attracted to the stalking unrequited lover, remind yourself of how superior you are over them. Remember their flaws and drawbacks and ensure that you don’t pick that phone to act all mushy.

  • Psychology states that your healing process will get better when you try to divert your attention to something else. Do things that you always wanted to do, like joining the gym or trekking etc.
  • Get out and socialize. This is one way to stop loving someone. There is no point in sitting in your room and lamenting. Talk to people and socialize. Get to know them. But no! Drinking and throwing up will not help. Abstain from that.
  • Go on solo trips. This could be overrated, but the pleasure of a good journey will incite happiness in you.

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Hypnosis to Stop Loving Someone:

Hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has become popular, of late, as a tool to break all manner of addictive habits from smoking to over-eating. Too many women and men are now turning to this to get relief.

What generally happens I a client will be talked through relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and visualisations or imagining being in a pleasant, calm place. This will encourage them to enter a trance-like state.

It’s than, say hypnotherapists, that a person can change their negative subconscious thought patterns. The technique will ensure that the therapists keep you busy, to quit you from looping in the lost love.

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Cut all connections with the person and keep yourself occupied. While this may be hard in the beginning, it nevertheless will only help in the long run. Love is a delicate concept. It is easy to fall in love but falling out of love is a difficult one. It is indeed possible to stop loving someone. But, give it some time. Time is the universal medicine and healer of all the problems in the world.


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