Top 9 Straight Bob Hairstyles

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There are various types of straight bob looks that can be easily tried out on sections which have been properly made into straightened with the use of cream and other serums. For those who have waviness and would like to get the sections permanently shiny and easily manageable, they can go for permanent straightening which is quite helpful for these.

straight bob hairstyles

These are also easy to manage and sport for parties. These can be done easily don any type of facial structure. Especially if a person wants a low maintenance shape other than the medium or longer, then they can try these for the sweaty weather and these can be done and worn for the months of summer.

Beautiful Straight Bob Hairstyles for Girls:

Below are the top 9 Straight Bob Hairstyles that a person should definitely try out.

1. The Wispy Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 1

This is a very fashionable shaping that can be sport with almost any form of outfits. These can also be sport with any form of t-shirts and other party wears. These can also be worn with long earrings as these give a very stylish feel. These can be done from reputed parlours. If a person wants more airiness then heat equipment can be used.

2. The Inverted Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 2

This is very trendy and especially is a person wants a low maintenance shape then this can be done from reputed parlours. However, this should be shifted to the frontal area from the top back to create this. This is also a very fashionable thing that can be sport for parties.

3. The Banged Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 3

This is a casual and easy to recreate form of look. This can be done quite easily if the proper shape has been cut accordingly. This also has the edged feel to it. If a person likes to sport fresh forms of makeup for the eyes also the lip colours then these can look quite summer type and also fresh.

4. The Asymmetrical Short Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 4

These are quite popular when it comes to shortening the shape. If a person has been wearing various types of summer outfits then these can be tried with those. These are also easily sport by people who go to college.

5. The Inward Rolled Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 5

This is a fashionable cut that can be done on the shiny sections. These can be made to be given heat and then these can be rolled with plates to give this type of a shape.

6. The Back to Front Edgy Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 6

This is another popular shaping for people who likes it short length. This can also be done for parties. If a person teams up, disco outfits with these then these can be good for such night outs as well.

7. The Rocker Girl Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 7

These types of bob cuts can be worn with a fresh colour for the lips and a nude colour teamed with some nude shadow to give a fresher feel which can be done for summers.

8. The Disco Night Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 8

This is a very party girl type look that can be done with a proper shaping of the side sections. These can be also shifted in a way that can make this more trendy. These can be worn for parties and also for other casual day outs.

9. The Symmetric Medium Look:

Straight bob hairstyless 9

Here are the bob has been cut in a way that the horizontal sectioning is symmetrical. These can be made airy and messed with heat and some sprays. These are good for parties. These can also be done with centralized sectioning.