Top 9 Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

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Having big eyes is a huge advantage. Your eyes will look beautiful effortlessly. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t highlight it with some makeup. Using the right amount of eye shadow and liner can do wonders to your whole appearance. Therefore we have shared some exotic eye makeup in this article.

Super Fancy Eyes:

For women who have big and expressive eyes, the super fancy eye makeup has been designed just for you. It is shiny, glittery, attractive and very appealing. As you can see, this style requires a lot of effort as you will need more than just one colour. To jazz things up, you use some false eyelashes and brow highlighter.

The Indian Bride Eye:

Indian women are naturally blessed with big and expressive eyes. A nice makeup will surely bring a lot of shine and glamour to their face. Even though bridal makeup requires professional help, it is definitely worth it as it will pull all the attention towards the lovely lady who is about to get married.

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Ocean Green Princess Eye:

For women who are willing to experiment a bit, they can try out the ocean green eye makeup. It will make you look like an absolute princess. You can use some good kajal underneath to highlight its beauty. Light facial makeup is also nice as you would want to put more focus on the eyes.

Cute Bow Eye:

A very cute and funky idea for big eyes can be one with a bow on top. This looks very feminine and creative in appearance. You can use some nice eye liner and simple eye shadow before you get started with the bow. Also try and use a thick border for the red bow.

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