Many girls like to dress up very glamorously for prom nights. You can create various eye makeup looks for these types of occasional parties with glitters or other pink and mauve colours. You can also use false lashes and other types of looks that can make the effect more dramatic. You can use some bold black liners and you can also use some glittery effects. For various types of colours you need to choose the palette of eye shadow carefully.

There are various ways in which you can create a shimmery look and usually these with loose glitters suit the party style that you want for the proms. However, you must remember that the colours are teamed properly with the color of clothing that you are going to wear for the party. Therefore if you are going to wear a darker shade of clothing like purple or pink, then you can try wearing a look for the eye lid as above. This is also quite easy to create and you can wear these types of looks for any form of parties.

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Below are the steps to get glamorous prom eye makeup look like the image shown above.

• If you do not want your makeup to crack then you need to have a base cleansed so that the foundation or concealer sits properly. You will need to wash the face with a proper cleanser. It can be your face wash that suits the skin type. You also need to clean the eyelid.

• After you have cleansed your face, now pat it dry. Next, take your concealer. If you have oily surface then you may want to prime the face and the eyelids. If however primer is needed then you should apply it before concealer application as then the base will not crack.

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• After you have covered any veins or dark underneath circles and any other blemishes of the face, then you need to use the foundation. It depends on the type of foundation that you are using. If you are using any liquid foundation, it is good to use it with a sponge. If you are using powder foundation then you should use a very soft brush so that the foundation sits into the pores of the surface.

• You should not apply the face compact or the loose powder. If you are going to use blush then you can do the rest of the face makeup accordingly.

• You should have 2 shimmers coloured eye shadows. Here these are copper shimmer and dark pink. You can use dark purple or you can use any other choice of colours. You will also need a faded pink shade and a black shade. The highlighter is also an essential thing.

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• You should take an applicator and blend the first faded pink shade to brighten the lids. Apply this all over from the brow bones to the lid.

• Now take the dark pink shade and blend it all over the lids including the crease.

• Now take the copper shimmery shade. Blend this over the crease area.

• Now take the dark or black eye shadow. Blend this from 2/3rd of the exterior sides to give a Smokey effect.

• Now take your liner and mascara. You can use a gel liner. You can also use a liquid liner depending on your comfortability. The winged formation is an option for this.

• Simple mascara is enough for this look.

• Finish off by highlighting the sides of the eyes and the brow bone with highlighter.


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