Katy Perry is known for her different forms of funky hair colourings and other styles of nails, face, makeup and also outfits. If you have seen her at the award functions and also on the red carpet, you can easily say that she likes to stay in the trend. There are several women who like to follow her trends. She has also sported herself in funky costumes and when it comes to eye makeup, she sports a Smokey look but with heavy lashes and less of the bold shadows. This looks quite fresh and you can easily create a look like this.

Below are the steps mentioned to get Katy Perry eye makeup look like the image shown above.

1. It is important that the face surface is all cleansed otherwise the base makeup will not hold properly. You can also try out oil free cleansers. This is dependent on the type of skin that you have. If you have a dry surface which is prone to excessive dryness then you should use some moisturizer after cleansing the face. The sides of the eye should also be properly cleansed so that the shadows do not crease

2. You need to use some primers if you are going to a party and you want the base to stay along with the shadows to not crease at the exteriors of the lids. Therefore you can buy a special lid primer or you can blend properly the face primer on the whole of the face. Many people do not like buying separate primers therefore if you do not want spend the extra cash then you should use the face primer on whole of face including the lids.

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3. Next you should apply the concealer. This depends on the type of makeup you want. If you are a beginner and do not want to go for different forms of brushes, then you should buy a stick concealer. These can be applied with the fingertips. You can also buy any cream concealer and use a makeup sponge for those of a brush. You can also use mineral concealer but these are more suitable for aging skin.

4. Next you need to apply the foundation and blend properly. This should also be applied on the lids for eye shadow. You should then use loose powder or a compact.

5. Next take 3 shades of eye shadows. A shimmer charcoal shade will suit the Katy Perry look. You can use this at the exterior of the lid. Blend this and create a tailed extension.

6. Apply the false lashes and use the glue that comes with it.

7. Use the silver or a golden shimmer shadow on the whole of the lid and blend this with the shimmer charcoal at exterior.

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8. Use a highlighter for the brow bones.

9. You can use a dark pinkish shade for the crease. This will make the look fresh and not bold.

10. For the false lashes, apply heavy mascara. You can also use some flesh tint colour for the lower rim to make the eyes bigger to look at.

11. Apply a tailed formation of a black liner. Use the same liner to do a thin lining below the lower water line. Avoid heavy lining for the top.

12. You can give funky highlights to your hair like Katy Perry and you can also wear a pinkish or mauve shade for the lips. You can give a slight blusher.

13. This pop star look can be teamed up with any funky outfit or even for a party night.

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