How To Please My Wife?

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A woman is usually considered difficult to handle. It can be your mother, daughter, friend, girlfriend and the one that tops the list is your Wife. It is really a very difficult talk to impress your wife at any given point of time. You can find her nagging at nothing at all, or be in the best of her behaviour even when you make the gravest of mistakes. Above all, you can never judge whether it is logical or hormonal.

So here are a few things you can try that will hopefully please your wife.

Give Attention:

Understand One Basic Thing – She Loves you and will go to any extent to be loved in return. From house chores, managing the kids, cooking, cleaning, keeping the room tidy, dressing up or keeping your parents happy; all she does is to make a place for her in your life. So try not to ignore little efforts she puts in by saying that she does nothing at home all day long. Remember, there is no magic want that puts your things in place while you are away working.

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Give Time:

No relation in this world can survive without giving it a little time. The only difference with the wife is, she perhaps needs a little more of your time. It definitely does not mean that you have to call her at each hour of the day, but when you are around at home, you can devote just half an hour over tea, coffee or dessert to talk about yourselves. Tell her about your day at work and ask how was hers. This is sufficient for her to know that you are interested in her life too.

Surprise Her:

Yes, the basic similarity between men and women, that they also like it when husband plans a surprise. Let her know through your actions that you know her likes and dislikes and have planned a surprise keeping her in mind. To be thought about is the greatest gift she can get. This can perhaps be a weekend away, a dinner, home cooked meal or a spa and massage just for the two of you. It is a harmless deal to give her a weekend off with her friends too. And last but not the least, a surprise sex at any hour and you can perhaps avoid making your day stressful.

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Little Things Keep Her Happy:

A complement on her new outfit, hairstyle, and the meal she cooked with all the love, a new dish she tries, the way your room looked different or smells differently perhaps anything you can find to compliment on. She will surely love it. And the best part is, she will remember it for the rest of her life and get encouraged to surprise you each time. It need not be expensive things each time, but in relations little things count.

Do Not Ignore Her Tears:

Wives never share their tears with other, and if they are doing it with you, do not ignore her. It does not mean you have to do anything about it. Just sit and listen to her patiently. She never expects a solution, just a companion to talk about is important for her. And the core thing here, never try to prove that she is wrong on her face in such a situation. She does not need an advisor, for a change she needs a friend. So try to become one.

Women are simple and easy to handle only if you give a little attention. There is no single formula that applies on all wives. You just need to know what immaterial things make her happy and life becomes easy.

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