How to Apply EyeLiner Perfectly?

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Are you new to eye makeup? Want to know some basic tricks that can help you get a dramatic pair of eyes without mastering the art? Just focus on how to line your eyes beautifully and you will be ready to mesmerize others with your look. Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of our face and we must enhance them by wearing eye liner while doing makeup. Now, for many of the newbies, the biggest question is that how to put on an eyeliner properly. Well, outlining your eyes too much can spoil your entire look. So, let us know the step-by-step procedure of wearing eye liner from this post.

How to Apply EyeLiner Perfectly

Products and Accessories You will Need:

1. Eye liner pencil (choose your favorite one from a variety of shades)
2. Foundation (one shade lighter than your actual skin tone)
3. Translucent powder (must be fine and smooth to touch)
4. Brush or sponge applicator
5. Cotton ball and alcohol-free eye makeup remover

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First Step:

The very first step of outlining eyes is picking the right eye liner pencil. Two most important factors that should be considered during the selection of an eye liner pencil are skin tone as well as hair color. If you want to get a natural look, go for a soft pencil that generates a line of almost similar color to your eyelashes. For those having black or dark brown eyebrows or eyelashes, a black liner pencil is always the best choice. Those who are not blessed with thick and prominent lashes should stick to darker shades, while charcoal grey or deep brown can be the colors for whitish women.

Second Step:

There are lots of women who think that cleansing the face is of no use when it comes to wearing an eye liner. It could turn out to be your biggest mistake as you would look totally unnatural in this way. Always start with cleansing your face including your delicate eye area. Pour 2-3 drops of eye makeup remover onto the cotton ball and wipe your face gently. It will eliminate dirt, oil, makeup traces or anything else present on or around your eyelids and give you a clear base for lining your eyes.

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Third Step:

It’s time to make rest of your face prepared for your eye liner makeup. Application of a very thin layer of foundation is essential for this purpose. Make sure that you blend as well as feather the edges of the foundation layer properly in the region of your eyes. Also, apply translucent powder over your eyelids in order to set your eye liner and keep it fresh as well as unspoiled all through the day.

Fourth Step:

Now, take your pencil liner and put small dots on your upper eye lids instead of creating long continuous lines. It is very helpful for those who don’t have enough experience in doing eye liner makeup. Just hold the liner pencil tightly, position it very close to the base of your lashes, and press its tip against the eye lids. Create as many dots as possible from one corner to the other corner of the eyes across the upper lids.

Fifth Step:

After that, blend the dots well with the help of the sponge applicator or simply the eye liner brush. All you need to do is to sweep the tip of the brush or the applicator once or twice over the dots. However, you must not remove the tool from your eye lids during the activity. Or else, you will not get a smooth line. Finally, repeat the process for your lower eye lids and complete your eye makeup with suitable shades of shadow and mascara.