The first milestone in the couple’s life is the 10th wedding anniversary. This marks a decade of togetherness. You can gift each other items of tin or aluminum as the traditional gifting options. The latest modern theme for the 10th anniversary is diamond jewelry.

Best Gift Ideas Of 10th Wedding Anniversary For Him And Her:

Let’s find here with mentioned 9 best 10th anniversary gift ideas with images.

1. Tin Heart Frame:

Here is a truly unique frame that is made with a tin piece shaped in the form of a heart. The tin piece is hammered to give it some embossed effect. This is a good gift for the 10th anniversary. Personalize it with romantic lines as well. White colored frame gives soft look, have a look this gift for your 10 wedding anniversary day.

2. Engraved Spoon:

The 10th wedding anniversary gift can be made in tin. So this cool little spoon that is engraved with loving words is just right. You can personalize words or you can give few small words which gives emotional touch. Get this engraving done and then you can place it on a board to hang on the wall as a show piece.

3. Hand Stamped Key Rings:

Make these cool hand-stamped key rings for your spouse as the 10th anniversary gift. These key rings have the lovely words ‘one decade down, a lifetime to go’ printed on them. The date of your anniversary is also printed.

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4. Personalized Coffee Tin:

An avid coffee lover will appreciate this cool 10 year wedding anniversary gift. The coffee tin is personalized by adding a label on the outside. The label can be quirky with the words ‘happy tin years’ as a play on the word ten. Make the label colorful and bold. This tin will be suitable for any outing or as a showpiece too.

5. Tin Sundial:

Here is a wonderful handmade tin sundial that is gorgeous to look at. The sundial can be a keepsake. This 10th marriage anniversary gift is precious and perfect. The decorations on the sundial are really cool too.This one really choice as a gift for your dear.

6. Man’s Tin Box:

Here is a cool tin box for the man of the house. This funny box with quirky wordings on the outside is perfect for him to keep his knickknacks. The 10 year anniversary will be a hit if you gift him this box.

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7. Diamond Band:

Gift your wife this exquisite diamond band as the 10th wedding anniversary gift. This gorgeous diamond band is encrusted with many diamonds on a gold ring. It looks really stunning and will be cherished by your wife forever.

8. Engraved Lighter:

This cool tin or aluminum lighter is perfect as the 10 year anniversary gift for your husband. The lighter is personalized and engraved with the words you choose. It looks really sleek and elegant to carry around.

9. Tin Cufflinks:

These simple and elegant cufflinks is what is needed to gift your husband on your 10th year. The 10 year anniversary gift ideas are lovely to wear with formal attire. It gives the suits and shirts a richer look and sophisticated look. You husband will surely love this as a gift; he will enjoy this gift on his 10th wedding anniversary gift.

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10th wedding anniversary is the great time to gift your spouse something in tin or aluminum. You can also go and get diamond jewelry as the modern gifting option or try some customized items as a gift option. Celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary day with full of blessings and gifts.


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