3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Tips on 3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him And Her

3rd wedding anniversary gift

The third anniversary usually makes the couple aware of how strong and durable their relationship is. The 3rd anniversary is the year of leather. Leather is a warm, durable, strong and resilient. These are qualities expected to exist in a successful marriage. The modern gift would be crystal. Crystal has the ability to dazzle and reflect light through its multifaceted surface, meaning that a successful marriage can touch lives of many people.

Stated below are some of the gift suggestions for third anniversary:

1. Leather Clothing and Shoes:

Leather is known for its soft and warm nature. It is very comfortable to wear. Leather clothing and shoes, like jackets, boots, etc, appeals to almost any person. But leather clothing must be of the right size, or it might look very displeasing.

2. Leather Accessories:

Leather accessories range from wallets, belts, leather jewellery like bracelets, etc. There is a wide variety of choices. Today, they are also available in different colours. So ensure that you pick a colour that may suit the tastes and choices of the person.

3. Leather Desk Products:

Leather desk products are also available. To name a few, there are folders, files, leather cover note pads. You also get complete desk set, which may include a pen stand, as well. This would make the person’s desk look organised and neat.

4. Leather Luggage Products:

Tips on 3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him And Her

Leather has always been used in making luggage. Leather handbags and bags can be used for travelling, camping, day outs, etc. While picking a leather luggage product ensure that it has as many pockets and sections, so that it may be able to hold all essential products. Leather briefcases can be used for organising documents and files.

5.Leather Album:

For ones who like to reminisce, a nice leather album filled with pictures and memories from all the years spent together can bring a smile on the face. A leather album or journal can be preserved for years if maintained well, almost serving as a time capsule of the best times spent together.

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6. Crystal Figurines:

Crystal has become a very interesting piece to make figurines like sculptures, statues, etc. These figurines are excellent show pieces. Their ability to sparkle in the light makes them so attractive. The figurines come in various shapes, sizes. There might be large ones sparkling in the light to a small object that may emit a small glow.

7. Crystal Wine Goblets:

Crystal Wine Goblets

Wine is best served in nice and beautiful goblets. A glass goblet is always common. But what makes a goblet even more special is a one made from crystal. A crystal goblet set would draw the attention of everyone present at a gathering. This is the most luxurious anniversary gift.

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8. Crystal Jewellery:

Crystal jewellery has always been in vogue. A nice crystal pendant or a crystal pendant would always the draw the attention of the onlookers. There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to the shape and size of crystal jewellery.

9. Mirrors:

No one can agree less that presence of mirrors in the house add more beauty to it. There are many mirrors, ranging from antique to modern mirrors. There are hallway mirrors, dresser mirrors, vanity mirrors, make up mirrors etc. Mirrors these days come in varying designs. You might be stunned by the number of options and choices available.

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Final Words:

Not enough suggestions for a third anniversary? There are many more choices like crystal vases, candleholders with scented candles, crystal chandeliers, leather caps, gloves, slippers, etc. Gifting anything small that is made from leather or crystal is bound to make the anniversary special.

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