The 3rd anniversary is yet another reminder of the successful and bygone years of the couple. Sure there would have been turbulence, but all that matters is how you come out of it. Just for that, we raise a toast to you! We know how important it can be to gift each other, as a mark of celebration and happiness. In times like that, here is an article that will enlist some of the possible gift ideas to gift each other, or even to your favourite couple.

What Is The Common Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gift?

The most commonly gifted 3rd wedding anniversary gift is crystal and glass. It symbolises the transparency between the couple and the beauty of their relationship.

3rd Anniversary Gift for Her:

1. Fresh Bouquet:

A fresh bouquet of flowers will never disappoint any woman and is a good one for your girlfriend. Pick out some of the most exotic collections of flowers and warp them into a beautiful bouquet. You can make this on your own, so you can customise it or also ask a florist to do this for you.

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2. 3D laser Engraved Crystal Box:

Women sure are going to love this. This 3rd marriage anniversary, fill it with the little things that matter. Personalise a crystal box with your photo and make a 3D of it. Let it shine all its life.

3. Stationery:

Another thing to think about for your special someone will be stationary. Some people really have a thing for stationery. If your girlfriend is one, she is going to love this as her gift.

4. Wallet:

A leather wallet or wallet of any fancy kind, with a lot of pouches, will be a good option too. Choose a mild or gaudy colour based on what she likes.

5. Health Watch:

How about gifting your girlfriend a health watch, just so that she takes good care of her body?

3rd Anniversary Gift for Him:

1. Coaster Set:

To keep it simple, you can gift your boyfriend, a coaster set that has their favourite character from a series, film or sports player.

2. Whiskey Connoisseur:

Surprise him with this 3rd anniversary gift idea. He is going to cherish this for a very long time. The glasses are traditional and will be a perfect combination for a date night. This beautiful glass is going to shine like a diamond.

3. A Box of His Favorites:

How about making a box with all his favourites? He is going to love that choice.

4. Leather Jacket:

Coming back to leather, because what else can be better? Leather gifts for 3rd anniversary will be special because you are trying to imply that your relationship also lasts as long as the leather.

5. Wooden Watch:

Wooden watches are classy and will last a long time. This 3rd anniversary gift traditional one is a very good choice. They come in many shades and have a range of dial choices to pick from.

3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them:

1. Sofa Set:

If you know the couple really well and if you guys are good friends, this is a good option to choose. Pick a matching sofa to go with the home interiors. Sofa sets are an amazing way to show your happiness for them.

2. Luggage Tags:

For those couples who are always on the move, a leather luggage tag is a very thoughtful gift. It lets them identify their bags and also make a mark.

3. Extra Seating:

How about some extra leg space for them? You can pick out extra seating cushions just so that they can comfortably use them and stretch their legs out. Plus, you get to use it when you go too!

4. Nursery:

Another good third anniversary present would be setting up a small nursery at their home. Include some of the exotic flowers and plants and ask the helper to set it up the way they like it to be.

5. Swing of Glass:

How about a swing made of glass?

Traditional 3rd Year Anniversary Gifts:

3-year anniversary gifts traditional comprise some of the finest things needed for the time; leather. Here is a look.

1. Leather Folders:

For the avid travellers, these leather folders of a passport with names printed give it a truly traditional and emotional touch. Pick out the right colour that they like.

2. Leather Coasters:

For those who like their beverage and cannot live without them, coasters will be very useful. Pick out customized coasters made of leather for longer life.

This one will be an absolute must. By the end of 3rd year, there will surely be a lot of things cluttered on the table. This leather tray will help declutter the area. The bonus is that the tray is going to stay for a long time.

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3. Leather Case:

This will come in handy, especially during travel. The case has appropriate folders to keep the necessities and even the smallest of things. Leather jewellery cases are not just fancy, but also classy!

4. Leather Bracelet:

Although this may sound very kiddish, what’s a relationship without some element of childishness? Gift your loved one a leather bracelet with lovey-dovey quotes written on it. He/she will love it.

Third Anniversary Presents for Husband and Wife:

Here are some presents to think about when deciding to buy.

1. Leather Clothing and Shoes:

The Leather goods for 3rd wedding anniversary gift is always a hit! Leather is known for its soft and warm nature. The best part of the leather is the comfort it offers. You can select a lot of clothing, all of which have the sheen and beauty. This will be one good 3rdanniversary gift for her.

2. Leather Accessories:

Leather accessories will never fail to impress. Look out for handbags and wallets, all of which carry the softness and hallmark of leather. This is yet another 3rd anniversary gift for girlfriend or your wife.

3. Leather Desk Products:

Leather desk products are also available. To name a few, there are folders, files, and leather cover notepads. You also get a complete desk set, which may include a pen stand, as well. This would make the person’s desk look organised and neat. How about this 3rd wedding anniversary gift for husband?

4. Leather Luggage Products:

The Leather luggage goes out of fashion. Leather luggage offers durability and is reliable when having to carry a lot of items. Remember to pick the right one with a lot of pockets for ease of use. This is one good 3rd wedding anniversary gift idea for husband.

5. Leather Album:

This is one 3rd anniversary gift idea for a couple you love. This little album will allow them to reminisce about their old times and also have a collection of their best and most candid pictures, ones that can be cherished for a long, long time. Besides, it is leather, so you can be assured that it is never going to fade or wear out.

6. Crystal Figurines:

Crystal has become a very interesting piece to make figurines like sculptures, statues, etc. These figurines are excellent showpieces. Their ability to sparkle in the light makes them so attractive. The figurines come in various shapes, and sizes. There might be large ones sparkling in the light to a small object that may emit a small glow. This will be a cute one for your wife.

7. Crystal Wine Goblets:

Wine is best served in nice and beautiful goblets. A glass goblet is always common. But what makes a goblet even more special is one made from crystal. A crystal goblet will attract the attention of everyone present at a gathering. This is the most luxurious anniversary gift for your favourite couple.

8. Crystal Jewelry:

Crystal jewellery has always been in vogue. Your wife is going to love this absolutely! These kinds of crystal jewellery have their own beauty, and many of them come in multi-colours, thus giving them a unique look.

9. Mirrors:

If you think mirrors are underrated, you are wrong! Take a look at the many interesting shapes and designs it comes in. They are downright stunning and classy. You can also get a customised shape. How about this 3rd anniversary gift for her?

10. Gemstones:

Another thing to think of is gemstones. Gift your wife a dashing gemstone to surprise her. This one can be a good one for husbands too.

11. Pearl Set:

The most loved and simple piece of jewellery is a pearl set. You can gift this to your girlfriend on your third anniversary.

12. Leather Wallet:

How about a leather wallet for your husband? He is sure going to love this one for the anniversary. Pick one that has a lot of pouches so that it can be convenient.

13. Comfy Chair:

How about a comfy chair for you to come back and relax on it? This leather chair will be a very good choice. You only need to pick a good quality leather and a matching colour, keeping in mind the interior of the house. This is probably a good 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas husband.

14. Wall Hangings:

Wall hangings are cool and classic. They usually come to represent a popular painting or simply a culture. Gift this for your wife and your home on your third anniversary.

15. Polaroid Camera:

This small camera is very handy and also a cute one. It gives out an instant photo and is a good way to create a memory trail. Your wife will love this.

16. Spa:

The spa is something she is going to cherish forever. Let her sink into a tension-free day on this anniversary. Gift her a good body massage to indulge in.

17. Car Accessories:

You can gift your husband, a set of car accessories he may need for the car. This could start from air freshener to good leather covers for the seat.

18. Timmer Set:

A complete set of styling equipment like a trimmer will be a very good choice. This way, your husband can also try out many styles to impress you.

19. Wine:

How about an old bottle of wine for his third anniversary with you? An old bottle of wine will never cease to amaze guys. This will be a good 3rd anniversary gift for husband.

20. Play Station:

We are sure he is going to love you for this. Play station is every guy’s dream. While it can burn a hole in your pocket, he sure can make it up for that.

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How to Celebrate 3rd Anniversary and How to Present Gifts?

There are two ways of doing this. You can keep it private and present the unique 3rd-anniversary gifts to each other. The other way is to throw a party for others, for your friends and other close members.

If you are too shy to present in front of others, you can always do it privately. Otherwise, you can raise a toast and sing them an anniversary song in chorus and gift.

Things to go for 3rd Wedding Anniversary:

  • Begin by donating goods or lunch for the homeless.
  • Decorate and personalise your home a little, to suit your comfort.
  • A dinner date is at am.

The best way to gift is to always look out for something more personal. Modern 3rd-anniversary gifts are a lot today. You only need to know what to pick and what will be useful for each other, for the couple you intend to gift to.


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