Gifting options are always confusing because there are a lot available out there, and this can tax your brain. The best way to gift is to understand the theme of the anniversary. 7th wedding anniversary gifts are all about traditional and classy ones. Therefore, the theme would be copper and wool. Here are some interesting ideas to think about.

What Is The Common Traditional And Modern 7th Anniversary Gift?

This year is about classic and traditional gifts. It is copper and wool, both of which are helpful. Take a look at the other possible gift options.

7th Anniversary Present for Husband and Wife:

1. Leather Pouch:

A leather pouch can be bought for a lot of products. You can gift him a small travel pouch to keep the essentials like a phone and wallet.

2. Woolen Jacket:

Here is another cool option for the 7th wedding anniversary gifts for husband. Woollen jackets will come in very handy in the chill winter, plus you can get the right size so that it fits him really well.

3. Copper Keychain:

How about those classic figurines on your copper keychain? You can either personalise it or get the already available one. Both of them are really cool copper gifts for 7th anniversary. This will be something he uses daily too.

4. Tin Wedding Sign:

This is a fancy one! You can gift a wedding board, that has both your names written on the tin. This will be a good showpiece for your home.

5. Bullet Pen:

Here are another interesting 7th wedding anniversary gifts for husband. The bullet pen can be personalized with names, and it comes engraved in a box, that has fancy packing. Check this out.

6. Our Story Blanket:

To make it slightly more special, try out the ‘our story’ blanket that has all the important dates and things written on it. This way, you can also recollect all the best days of your life.

7. Contact Card Holders:

There are a beautiful set of custom card holders available. They make sure they are so fancy that you don’t want to lose them at any cost.

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8. Bottle Openers:

There is a range of bottle openers in the market today. Some of them are downright fancy, and others serve the purpose. You could check that out too.

9. Love Bracelets:

Fancy bracelets for each other thing to think about. They are not only, but also elegant. It speaks a lot more about the value you guys have for each other.

10. Woollen Scarf:

Scarves are very stylish and downright hot when worn right. Gift your husband a very simple woollen scarf that can go with almost all his dresses.

11. Copper Set:

A copper set of utensils is an excellent 7th wedding anniversary gifts for wife. This is an ideal setting that will have everything, from spoons to big utensils.

12. Tree Of Life Pendant:

While it may sound very simple, the tree of life pendant is a beautiful one with a lot of colours and intricate detailing, The amazing blue spreads a lot of positivity, and she will simply love it.

13. Gem Stone Necklace:

There are really a lot of options here for you to choose from. They come in a range of designs and colours and thus will be a good 7th year anniversary gift for wife.

14. Luggage Tag:

This is a leather luggage tag for your wife. The luggage tag helps you pick yours quickly from any amount of heap. Given that it is leather, it is going to last a long time.

15. Copper Flask:

Encourage her to drink from a copper flask. Copper is good for the body, according to Ayurveda. It helps balance the senses and other elements of air.

16. Copper Anniversary Bracelets:

These are classy and very lovely gifts for wife. Copper anniversary bracelets will have the name inscribed and are also very traditional.

17. Docking Station:

You can think of a personalised docking station for her, that will have racks for phones, bangles, clips and any other women’s accessories.

18. Copper Cufflinks:

Another cute one, cufflinks are a kind. They are a more classic and thoughtful gift to think of each other every time.

19. Copper Necklace:

Women sure love necklaces. But, how about something copper this time? Well, these copper necklace have a sense of unique beauty in them and serves as the best gift for 7th anniversary.

20. Leather Purse:

This never dies or goes out of fashion. We don’t really have to tell you how much women love these.

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Best 7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her With Images:

Here are some of the best ideas.

1. 7 Frame:

Here is a nice DIY frame idea for the 7th wedding anniversary. This frame is made by placing copper coins in the shape of the number 7. You can add a personalised note too. This will be a very special 7th anniversary gifts for him.

2. Important Dates of Marriage:

Another way to remind him about the special days of your life. Place copper coins to indicate what happened and when. This is a simple DIY that you can do when in your leisure time.

3. Copper Key Ring:

This copper keyring is perfect for gifting for your 7 year anniversary as it uses the theme for that year. The copper keyring has a square piece of metal that is engraved with the month of the anniversary. A little 7 number copper piece can also be added to it. This can be a good 7th anniversary traditional gift.

4. Copper Card:

Make a simple happy 7th anniversary card for your spouse that is quirky too. Use the symbol for copper in the centre of the card and make it bold and big. Thought of this? Use cool colours to give that added effect.

5. Copper Heart Frame:

Here you need to take a piece of copper in the shape of a heart and then give it some detail by beating it all over. This gives it a kind of embossed look. Place this in the centre of the frame and write a romantic note at the bottom. This one is a cool choice for 7th wedding anniversary day.

6. Jar Full of Pennies:

A jar full of copper pennies will be a very antique and unique one. It can have a collection of rare copper coins, thus making it an ideal 7th wedding anniversary gifts for her.

7. Gourmet Chocolates:

Does she have a sweet tooth? A lovely sweet 7th anniversary gift is chocolates. Make them special by gifting gourmet chocolates that come in a box. The chocolates can be shaped as letters to convey the message of the 7th anniversary.

8. Copper Lampshade:

This is a cool lampshade made of copper and is a stunning gift to give your spouse. It makes a perfect 7thwedding anniversary gift for her as she can use it in his office space or at home. The sophisticated lampshade is made with a very industrial style look.

9. Copper Chain:

A good idea for the 7th wedding anniversary gift is a chain made of copper. This heart-shaped pendant at the center of the chain looks very romantic and cute. The chain and pendant are placed in a lovely box with ribbons. The really special one!

10. Woolen Scarf:

Woollen scarf is a cool choice to think of, for your special lady. Pick out a classy colour, and by the seventh year, we assume you might have a good idea of her favourite colour and type.

7th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them:

Here are some ideas for gifting others

1. Woolen Curtains:

These are very pretty little curtains that you can gift. They come in a range of colour and designs. They are also very useful products for the home.

2. Wine Glass Collection:

Wine glass never ceases to amaze us! They are beautiful and downright stunning. Choose the best of the lot to gift your favourite people.

3. Copper Set:

Apart from the regular dining set, a copper set is a new cool! They are not only different but also excellent metals for the body.

4. Woolen Dining Mats:

For those people who have a dining table, you can think of really good quality woollen dining mats to place the dishes on. This will be a good wool gift for 7th anniversary.

5. Woolen Cushion Covers:

Another option to go with the theme of the seventh anniversary is to explore woollen cushion mats for sofas or pillows.

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How to Celebrate and Give Presents?

Since this is your seventh anniversary, it would be ideal to actually throw out a lavish party at a hotel. Send out e-invites and ask everyone to be there for a theme party.

You can gift in private at this time. It is more about the bond and relationship.

Things To Do:

  •  Gift clothes and daily essentials for the poor and needy.
  •  Feed the orphanage kids and spend some time with them.
  • Give people compliments for making it and being there with you.

Seventh anniversary gift ideas are a little more about strength and bond. Copper and wool are both traditional and essential for people. This way, you give them something of use and also make them feel good about their relationship.


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