2nd wedding anniversary gifts sure have to be a thing! You have successfully stepped on to your second year and this calls for some real love and affection. So, we thought we could do our bit in helping you find the right gift. Take a look at our suggestion and tell us what you think of it.

What is The Common Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift?

Cotton is the most common 2nd-anniversary gift for the wife or for each other. You could think of a line of accessories like a good cotton cushion. These cushions can also be customized with each other’s names on them.

Bedding is another common second-anniversary present idea to think about. There is a range of bedding options for you to choose from.

We also recommend gifting each other a spa day. This is one perfect way to relax and let go of your worries.

Best Gift Ideas for Second Anniversary:

Here presenting a few top 2nd wedding anniversary gifts for your loved one,

2nd Anniversary Gift for Him:

1. Tie:

Tie never dies or goes out of fashion. Ties come in various colours, textures and fabrics. Some of them are made exclusively for business, while others are casual wear. This will be a good choice for your boyfriend.

2. Racing Jacket:

If your boyfriend or husband is driving, the racing jacket is worth one. It ensures the safety and can also help protect from pollution.

3. Smartwatch:

For your husband, the smartwatch will be a good choice to tell him to watch his weight and take care of his health.

4. Gloves:

How about hand gloves for your racer boyfriend? Good quality gloves will be extremely beneficial and also lightweight. You could pick out the best one of the lot.

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5. Ear pods:

The men and the women are going to love ear pods. Ear pods are the most comfortable wear these days. Check out the affordable brand for you and pick your choice.

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her:

1. Baking Set:

If your wife loves the baking set, this sure is for her. Baking sets come in many shapes and forms. She is going to love this 2nd marriage anniversary gift.

2. Mirror:

A mirror is a good gift for any woman. Get her a life-size mirror, and also look out for various shapes and sizes of it.

3. Cosmetics:

How about a box of cosmetics for her? Go for the best brand and also consult other people about her choice of makeup.

4. Shades:

Another interesting 3rd-anniversary gift for her would be cool shades. Take her along with you and ask her to select what she likes.

5. Book Set:

By now, you would know her choice of books and genre. Gift her, her favourite pack of book sets. She is going to love you to bits.

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples:

1. Clock:

The clock is a good choice to gift others. There are many kinds of clocks these days. The pendulum clock has made its way back too. Dive down into antiques and see if you like some of them. This will be a good 2nd-year anniversary present.

2. Carpet:

Another gift for giving others could be a carpet. If you know what their house interior looks like, you can make the best pick of carpet, keeping in the mind the size and colour.

3. Coasters:

Another thing you can do for them is to customize a range of coasters, as per their liking. Coasters are extremely useful at times.

4. Spa:

Treat them to a classy couple spa for a relaxed and tension-free day. They are going to thank you a million times for this!

5. Surprise lunch:

How about cooking them their favourite lunch or food? There is no better way to show love. Start with some exotic and end it with some classy dessert.

Traditional and Cotton 2nd Anniversary Present Ideas:

Here are some more ideas for you.

1. Cotton Flowers:

These are beautiful and vibrant. They add a sense of positivity to the room. These flowers come in various shapes and sizes. Since they are made of cotton, they are going to last a lifetime!

2. Bathrobes:

You can gift each other bathrobes that are dreamy and soft and will feel good on your body. They are always perfect lazy attire.

3. Towels:

Cotton towels absorb faster and better. They are soothing on the skin and are very light too. They are a super trendy addition to your bathroom.

4. Apron:

If both of you like to cook, this is a very common apron for both wife and husband. If you set out to cook together, this is a great way to wear a matching outfit.

5. Fabric Printed Gift:

This is another 2nd wedding anniversary gift for you to think of. You can get a poem printed out on white linen, frame and gift it too!

6. Wall Art:

What could be more expressive and cute as wall art that will have both your names printed on it? The names will be printed on linen and you can choose from a range of colours and textures.

7. Linen Embroidery:

You can also consider doing embroidery on your own, on a piece of cottony cloth you like. Pick from the many colours and textures.

8. Cushion Covers:

You can personalize the cushion covers with your names!

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Below Are Some of The 2nd Anniversary Presents for Husband and Wife:

1. Anniversary Frame:

This is one good 2nd-anniversary gift idea for them, for all those married ones. This frame has the number of years you have spent together printed on it. The frame can be white with black print on it. You will get more options when you will personalize this frame, try this gift for your dear one.

2. Cotton Pillow for 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Another cute reminder of the number of days and amount of time you guys have spent with each other. The white background and the black print on it is a very classy choices. Check out this 2nd-anniversary gift for wife. If you do, you can also write something personal.

3. Anniversary Card:

Gifting each other is sometimes necessary. Anniversary cards are a great way to do that. It shows how much you guys value each other and what it means to be together. This 2nd-anniversary gift idea for a husband is also a good choice for a wife.

4. Stunning Lingerie:

Here is a sensual one! This 2nd-anniversary gift ideas for wife is a very personal one. You can get the lingerie of her choice and also buy a matching outfit for it. For all those sensual nights, this one will add to the spice.

5. Cuddly Soft Toy:

This soft and cuddly teddy bear is the best gift to give your spouse as the 2nd-anniversary gift for wife. The gift can be any soft toy where you can add a bouquet of flowers as well. The soft toys can be customized to have prints on their clothes. Surprise your dear with this gift in the early morning when he wakes up.

6. Map of Love:

Get a map of the place that you met and mark it with a heart shape. This map can then be framed in an embroidery hoop. This makes a perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband. The red heart on the map stands out and looks great. In addition, you can also add pointers on the map, indicating the places you guys have travelled together.

7. Printed Socks:

Second-anniversary gifts can be useful items as well. These personalized socks are just the right gift to give. They are quirky and sentimental as well. They are printed with loving words and look ultra-cool. This is a very simple 2nd-anniversary gift for girlfriend.

8. Printed T Shirts:

Get some t-shirts printed for the 2nd-anniversary gift for girlfriend. These t-shirts can be colourful or can be plain with wording in the centre. Cool and humorous t-shirts are a great gift idea for the anniversary.

9. Music Frame:

Gifting music is another cool way to celebrate the anniversary. This music frame has the music sheet of the favourite song that the couple loves. It can be the song from their marriage as well. Get it framed along with the name of the couple. This is a very cool and thoughtful 2nd year anniversary present for your husband.

10. Printed Toilet Paper:

A fun and quirky 2nd-year anniversary gift to give your spouse is this printed toilet paper. The paper is printed all throughout with wishes for the anniversary. Since cotton is the theme, this gift is just appropriate. Amusing? Well, this is a classic last-minute 2nd-anniversary gift for husband.

11. Decorate The Bed:

Here is a beautiful one. Decorate your bed with flowers of your choice or of your spouse’s. Dim the lights and set a romantic mood for your husband. This night is sure going to be worth remembering.

12. Matching Key Chains:

These cool matching key chains are just right for an anniversary. Each key chain fits perfectly in the other key chain as they form a puzzle. The key chains can be engraved with the month of the anniversary or little love notes. Isn’t this a cool 2nd-anniversary gift for wife?

13. Wallet Insert:

This wallet insert is a cool way to show your love to your spouse. The insert can be kept in the wallet as a card. You can add romantic lines on the insert. These can be made in metal or leather. Try out this one as 2nd wedding anniversary gift for your wife. It is also a 2nd-anniversary gift for girlfriend.

14. Personal Bottle:

Make the anniversary bold and sexy with a personalized bottle of whiskey or any liquor. You can label the bottle and make it customized. The label can have the name of your husband on it as well. This one is for your husband.

15. Personalized Apron:

This personalized apron is perfect for guys who love to cook. Even grill masters should have one of these cool aprons. Make it a lovely apron with anniversary wishes on it. This is also a cool 2nd-anniversary gift for boyfriend.

16. Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Pillowcases:

Egyptian cotton is known to be one of the best cottons in the world, for its high durability. Cotton sheets to spread and pillowcases come in a wide variety and choices. The best colour for the second anniversary is red. Gifting a set in colour or shades of red would be ideal. How about this one for your wife?

17. Cotton Handkerchief Sets:

This is a cool gifting option for your girlfriend. Handkerchief sets are so common. Ranging from different lengths and sizes to different colours, the choices you have are aplenty. It would be ideal to gift a set comprising a minimum of 5 kerchiefs. You may also go for “For Him” and “For her” sets.

18. Bath Robes:

A nice cotton bathrobe has become a necessity for any person, after a shower. These robes usually come assets with a towel and a small napkin. Again being a cotton product, you get them in a wide variety of colours, designs and sizes. The same “For Him” and “For her” sets are available for this too. Bathrobes are the 2nd-anniversary gift for the boyfriend.

19. Table Cloths, Napkins and Mats:

Like something for the home? Well, here are the 2nd-anniversary gift ideas for them, the cute couples! The tablecloths come in all sizes and colours. The napkins are also various. Mats for the home will come in as real handy.

20. Rope Hammock:

Here is a romantic one! This one is your boyfriend. Although this may not be made entirely of cotton, a rope hammock can also be gifted on a second anniversary. However, it would be ideal to ensure that they might have space where the ends of the hammock can be tied to.

21. Rugs or Carpets:

Yet again, these might not be made from pure cotton. Carpets and rugs add more elegance and charm to a space in the house. Carpets or rugs from Persia are the most extraordinary ones. Once again, you would need to know the length and breadth of the space it would cover to buy one of the perfect sizes. If your wife loves some interiors, this one is a good 2nd wedding anniversary gift for her.

22. China Crockery:

No! not the regular crockery set. This Chinese crockery is beautiful and comes in perfectly shaped forms. This will surely be a good 2nd-anniversary gift idea for them, to who you intend to gift.

23. China Figurines:

Besides crockery, China is also used to make showpieces. Sculptures, statues, vases, etc., are also made in China. They also make good anniversary gifts. When it comes to China figurines, the choices are plenty. The colours, the variety and the shapes may befuddle your choices. This is one good 2nd-anniversary gift for my wife.

24. China Jewellery:

China is also used to make jewellery. Brooches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc, made in China are a unique way to express love. This is a very thoughtful gift idea for your girlfriend.

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How to Celebrate Second Wedding Anniversary and How to Present a Gift?

Well, the best way to celebrate would be with each other, of course! If you like the company of other people, you can organize a small kitty party at home, with food and some light music. The second wedding anniversary is more of a toast to the bygone happy days and the expectation of even better days ahead.

Presenting a gift can be done in two days. You can go ahead and surprise your loved one in private or you could also gift in front of others and raise a toast to her.

Things to do for 2nd Wedding Anniversary:

Here are some ways to brighten up your day.

  1. Relive your first date. Go out on a date with your loved one and recollect your past. Talk about the little things you observed during your first-ever date.
  2.  Watch your wedding video. This is another thing you can try on your 2nd anniversary.
  3. A personal photo shoot is also another thing for you to try out on this day.
  4. You can vow to go on a trip every year. This will be a very cool way to ensure you also live your love for travelling.

Gifts are a very personal choice. Even if we list out all possible 2nd wedding anniversary gifts for you, there is always a chance that you might come up with something even more unique and attractive. Gifting each other or your friends lies in how much you know them. If you know them really well, gifting will not be very hard.


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