2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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After completion 1st year of marriage that time couples get more attention on their 1st wedding anniversary day but after two years of marriage this specially couples try not to give your 2nd anniversary a chance to blessing crash as well as burn. The 2nd wedding anniversary has the theme of cotton. Give a surprise to your loved one with the help of cotton pattern gifts, so choose gifts that are made in cotton and get them personalized with love.

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Below Are Some of The Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Here presenting few top 15 2nd wedding anniversary gifts for your loved one,

1. Anniversary Frame:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Here is a wonderful frame that you can make for the 2nd anniversary. This frame has the number of years you have spent together printed on it. The frame can be white with black print on it. You will get more options when you will personalize this frame, try this gift for your dear one.

2. Cotton Pillow:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

This cute and cuddly pillow can be made for your spouse on the occasion of the 2nd wedding anniversary. This pillow has the print of the number of days you have spent together. The name of the couple can also be added to the pillow. This one white colored gift will be good choice always, your dear will surely love this.

3. Anniversary Card:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Make a gorgeous anniversary card for your spouse with very little material and effort. This DIY card will be cherished by the person as it is made with love. Get the card to be hand delivered as a 2nd anniversary gift or you can place it on the bed in the morning.

4. Stunning Lingerie:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

This stunning lingerie is another cool item to gift your wife on the occasion of the second weddinganniversary. This can have the name of your wife and you on it as well. Make it romantic and add in some sexy bra as well. This one is unique idea to gift your wife, get this gift to surprise in a naughty way.

5. Cuddly Soft Toy:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

This soft and cuddly teddy bear is the best gift to give your spouse as the 2nd anniversarygift for husband. The gift can be any soft toy where you can add a bouquet of flowers as well. The soft toys can be customized to have prints on their clothes. Surprise your dear with this gift in the early morning when he will wake up.

6. Map of Love:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Get a map of the place that you met and mark it with a heart shape. This map can then be framed in an embroidery hoop. This makes a perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea. The red heart in the map stands out and looks great. Indication of journey of your love will be good choice and nice idea.

7. Printed Socks:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Second anniversary gifts can be useful items as well. These personalized socks are just the right gift to give. They are quirky and sentimental as well. They are printed with loving words and look ultra-cool.

8. Printed T Shirts:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Get some t shirts printed for your spouse for the 2ndwedding anniversary gift. These t shirts can be colorful or can be plain with wordings in the center. The cool and humorous t shirts are a great gift idea for the anniversary.

9. Music Frame:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Gifting music is another cool way to celebrate the anniversary. This music frame has the music sheet of the favorite song that the couple loves. It can be the song from their marriage as well. Get it framed along with the name of the couple.

10. Printed Toilet Paper:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

A fun and quirky 2nd year anniversary gift to give your spouse is this printed toilet paper. The paper is printed all throughout with wishes for the anniversary. Since cotton is the theme, this gift is just appropriate. Make the paper stand grand as well.

11. Decorate The Bed:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Make your spouse fall in love with you all over again by decorating the bed. You can achieve this by using petals from flowers and laying them all over the bed. You can also put them in the shape of a heart in the center of the bed.

12. Matching Key Chains:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

These cool matching key chains are just right for an anniversary. Each key chain fits perfectly in the other key chain as they form a puzzle. The key chains can be engraved with the month of the anniversary or little love notes.

13. Wallet Insert:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

This wallet insert is a cool way to show your love to your spouse. The insert can be kept in the wallet as a card. You can add in romantic lines on the insert. These can be made in metal or leather.

14. Personal Bottle:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Make the anniversary bold and sexy with a personalized bottle of whiskey or any liquor. You can label the bottle and make it customized. The label can have the name of your husband on it as well.

15. Personalized Apron:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

This personalized apron is perfect for guys who love to cook. Even grill masters should have one of these cool aprons. Make it a lovely apron with anniversary wishes on it.

16. Egyptian Cotton Sheets And Pillowcases:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Egyptian cotton is known to be one of the best cotton in the world, for its high durability. Cotton sheets to spread and pillow cases come in wide variety and choices. The best colour for second anniversary is red. Gifting a set in colour or shades of red would be ideal.

17. Cotton Handkerchief Sets:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Handkerchief sets are so common. Ranging from different lengths and sizes to different colours the choices you have are aplenty. It would be ideal to gift a set comprising of minimum 5 kerchiefs. You may also go for “For Him” and “For her” sets.

18. Bath Robes:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

A nice cotton bath robe has become a necessity for any person, after a shower. These robes usually come as sets with a towel and small napkin. Again being a cotton product, you get them in wide variety of colours, designs and sizes. The same “For Him” and “For her” sets are available for this too.

19. Table Cloths, Napkins And Mats:

Who does not love a beautifully laid table with nice table cloth and mats! Table cloths always give an elegant look to the table. However, it would be careful to take a note of the tables in the house to know the sort of table cloth that would match the tables. Table cloths come in shapes and sizes suited to the shape of the table. If you are to gift a dinner table cloth, it would be better to also buy a set with napkins and mats to complete the whole dinner table set up.

20. Rope Hammock:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Although this may not be made entirely of cotton, a rope hammock can also be gifted on a second anniversary. However, it would ideal to ensure that they might have a space where the ends of the hammock can be tied to.

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21. Rugs or Carpets:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Yet again, these might not be made from pure cotton. Carpets and rugs add more elegance and charm to a space in the house. Carpets or rugs from Persia are the most extraordinary ones. Once again, you would need to know the length and breadth of the space it would cover to buy the one of perfect size.

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22. China Crockery:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

Crockery has always been a must have in every household. And if they are made from China, they are all the more precious. Be it to entertain guests for dinner or a get together or party, they can make excellent pieces for serving food.

23. China Figurines:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

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Besides crockery, China is also used to make showpieces. Sculptures, statues, vases, etc. are also made from China. They also make good anniversary gifts. When it comes to China figurines, the choices are plenty. The colours, the variety and the shapes may befuddle your choices.

24. China Jewellery:

2nd wedding anniversary gift

China is also used to make jewellery. Brooches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc, made from China is a unique way to express love.

Final words:

If you are looking something unique way to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary day then try out few e-commerce online store options, you will find more collections in cotton made gifts for your dear. While any blessing that originates from the heart qualifies as the ideal 2 year anniversary blessing. These cool 2nd anniversary gift ideas for her or him are perfect. They can be useful items or items of show. You are sure that you have a blessing that is appropriate for your loved one. Try out the option given here and make a right choice.

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