Women sandals make the most important place in fashion and trends. Every woman selects the sandal according to their comfort and outfit. The most trending sandals are pumps and heels. There are many types of sandals available in the market and they can be chosen for the occasion. Some are flat and some are heeled and they suit best for the casual and formal occasions. Even though there are many colors available, blue, red and black have made their place in the trend.

Simple and Latest Blue Sandals for Women:

Here are few selected blue sandals for your passion and stylishness.

1. Flat Formal Blue Sandals:

The straps of the sandals wrap the foot around and join the sole. These have flat soles and they are best suited for formal outfits. These are made with all kinds of material – leather, rubber, PVC, satin, etc. The royal blue sandals make the best choice for formals.

2. Gladiator Blue Sandals:

The gladiator sandals – as the name says got the gladiator style. These types of sandals cover the foot and the leg to half knee length. These are of many types – knots, gathers, strips. The navy blue sandals with short skirts make the best outfit for evenings and parties.

3. Pumps for Parties:

Pumps are something similar to heels, but these have an even increase in height, which is less strain for the foot. Pumps are mostly preferred for special evenings and parties. These allow the wearer to distribute entire weight across the sandal.Light blue sandals are the most loved ones.

4. Pale Blue Sandals:

Pale blue sandals are the most chosen one among heels. These give a sleek look and enhance the color tone of the foot. These are mostly available as pencil heel or flats. The heels worn for special occasions combined with ethnic wears.

5. Wedding Blue Sandals:

Flats and heels are mostly preferred for weddings and receptions. Sometimes costly gems are added to the sandals to make it look lustrous and luxurious. Sometimes simple lace designs are added to make it look more elegant and these are mostly dark blue sandals.

6. High Heels Blue Sandals:

The high heels sandals have a heel attached to the sole of the sandal. These are mostly loved by the short girls as they play a major role in increasing their height. Blue heels sandals are the most trending with a wide range of colors and designs.

7. Designer Blue Sandals:

Some people love custom and designer versions in their outfits. Some sellers make designer sandals for such people. These sandals are mostly made with silk satin material and they are made for special occasions.

8. Blue Jewel Sandals:

The jewel sandals are most famous in India as they are best suited with ethnic wears. The sandals are made with velvet or silk satin and jewels (stones and beads) are attached to the straps of the women’s blue sandals. These are worn for casual and special occasions.

9. Denim Casual Blue Sandals:

The denims are the most loved ladies blue sandals.The material used for this types of sandal is denim. These are available in all types – flats, flip flops, heels, high heels, wedges, etc. These make the best pair of the women who love casual way of dressing.

Sandals are the most important in an outfit. The sandals make the appearance perfect and finished. It can be chosen from different range and according to the occasions. The sandals are best suited for special evenings and weddings. Designer sandals always make the wedding perfect and the material and color can also be chosen accordingly.

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