Caterpillar is an international brand from The United states of America known under the same name worldwide. Also addressed CAT for Caterpillar too which defines their logo. Caterpillar Inc. is primarily a design and machinery company now diversified into a wide range of products, footwear being one among them. Caterpillar footwear is now available in many nations and has a worldwide appeal. These sandals are very easily available in all big branded shopping malls and shopping locations. Made with high quality leather and rubber, these are strong sandals and footwear that are very long lasting.

Casual and Formal Caterpillar Sandals:

Here we will have a look into 9 different Types of  Caterpillar Sandal designs in India 2018.

1. Caterpillar Zenith Sandals for Men:

The most basic requirement for men in a sandal is the comfort and longevity. Caterpillar sandals excellently cater to this requirement of men. These sandals can be used daily for rough and tough use. Made of genuine rubber and leather instep and straps, these make a perfect pair of sandals and are must have in every man’s footwear wardrobe.

2. Caterpillar Giles Sandals for Boys:

Designed exclusively by the brand for summers, these Giles sandals have that rugged look. They are very durable in the sense with the make of it with comfortable sole and extra grip with the straps and full grain leather make. They are fit for both outdoor activities as well as daily activities giving the required amount of traction to a man’s feet. Generally available in shades of brown and light brown.

3. Caterpillar Boots for Men:

These are those really stylish high boots for men which has a rustic, rugged feel yet are very stylish in appearance. Crafted with fine quality leather and rubberised soles, these are perfect for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, camping etc. they can also be paired with denims for a casual look.

4. Mens Caterpillar Slippers:

Slippers are the best comfort footwear for men in all age groups. They are easy to use and maintain also. Made from fine leather with sturdy soles, they give the required grip and firmness for daily activities and is the best footwear for daily wear. These Caterpillar slippers in nice shades will suit everyone from teenagers, youngsters to elders.

5. Caterpillar Beach Slippers for Kids:

Can kids be left behind when it comes to cute slippers especially for beach? Kids love playing in water and beaches are the best option where kids love to play for long hours. These cute looking colourful Caterpillar slippers are especially for kids who love you hit the beach. These are in the shape of colourful Caterpillars too which will be an instant hit with kids and toddlers. These are for both boys as well as girls.

6. CAT Crisscross for Women:

Just for that modern, independent woman, these Caterpillar Crisscross sandals are perfect. High on fashion and style, these are elegant with the crisscross pattern in the form of a ballerina. They can be paired with any modern outfits with ease.

7. Caterpillar Worksong Shoes for Ladies:

These Work song shoes from Caterpillar are for women. They are really stylish and are very nice cut shoes in lovely colour hues. Women can pair it with nice cute swing skirts or stylized cardigans for a girly yet laid back look. These look glamorous and upmarket.

8. Womens Caterpillar Black Gladiators:

Gladiators in black are a must have footwear for any woman. Gladiators are most stylish sandals and a gladiator stylized look can be a hit always. Even celebrities sport gladiators on red carpet. These jet black gladiators from a renowned brand like CAT are just what a woman needs to be a diva inside out!

9. Caterpillar Wind snap Sandals for Girls:

These lovely looking silver wind snap sandals from Caterpillar look elegant on any woman. These are open sandals with straps to hold the feet firmly. As these sandals are flat without heels, they are very comfortable for everyday wear too. Being high on quality, the sandals offer comfort and are just worth it.

There are few brands which don’t need words and people to speak for them. The product speaks for itself. Caterpillar footwear is one like these. The quality of the footwear and the style, designing and pattern everything is just perfect and there is something for everyone in this brand from toddlers to elderly. Best known for their classic Zenith sandals, they have diversified and introduced various options for men and women.

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