Childhood is the most lovely phase of one’s life. Being a kid means running around, exploring things and always being busy on those two little feet. This results in tired, aching feet that can restrict their activities. Not any other sandals will do for your kid’s delicate feet. They need something very soft, comfortable and not to forget durable. Also, unlike the sandals for adults, kids look forward to bright, colourful models that can instantly uplift their moods. Many models are available, whether it is a ballerina shoe for your princess or a pair of crocs for your busy boy. Check out these best kid’s sandals.

Best and Latest Designs of Sandals For Kids In India With Images:

Here are the top and cute models of kid’s sandals for a trendy look.

1. Bellies For Little Girls:

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My favourite pair of footwear. I feel it is a hit trend for girls of all age groups. I love this footwear mostly because of the kind of comfort and ease these sandals have. Pretty little girls can rock this pair of shoes. And for little girls, bellies come in various colours and choices. They make your little girl look like a princess in the making.

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2. Flip Flops For Kids:

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This is one of the most used and preferred footwear among kids. It is perfect for homes and nearby places. This comes in varied prints and patterns, which your kids will love. They are extremely lightweight and very comfortable. Are you planning a trip to the beach? These kids’ sandals are a must-buy.

3. Crocs:

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This is the trend of the season. Crocs are perfect for summers and especially the rainy season. They have little dots and come in a platform heel pattern. Crocs are lasting and durable. They offer better support to the feet and are perfect for busy feet. These kid’s sandals and boy’s crocs are a value for money.

4. Heels For Kids Girls:

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These kids’ heel sandals are most popular among little girls. Girls have quite cute heels which look very pretty. These heeled sandals for kids and girls are perfect for parties. They come in various colours and suit long frocks and occasional wear dresses. But just a word of caution, parents must make sure that heels are comfortable for their kids; otherwise, fear of an accident is always there.

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5. Kids Shoes:

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These shoes are for those sporty girls and boys both. You can get amazing choices in this sector. A cute boy or girl will look more pretty with these sandal shoes. These comfortable sandals for kids are extremely lightweight and made of soft material to cater to those delicate feet. These are perfect for all kids but may wear off if used roughly.

6. Boots For Kids:

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Trust me boots are quite fancy and trendy for both girls and boys. They are equally warm to protect your kids in harsh winters. You can use these boots occasionally for outings. Most of the kids also like these boots.

7. Kids Sneakers:

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These are my favourite pair of footwear for kids. It looks very smart and chic. It comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours. These sandals give smoothness to kids’ feet, and washing is also very easy. They are best for casual outings and road trips, which need durability and comfort. They are usually made with canvas material and are very lightweight.

8. Sandals For Kids:

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Sandals are perfect for girls and both boys. These strappy sandals come in a cushiony heel which is very soft for your kid’s feet. They are airy and allow your kid to roam freely, without the hassle of pain or sores. These are easy to wear and remove and are perfect for everyday usage.

9. Loafers For Children:

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Loafers are the most formal and trendy footwear. They can be worn on formal occasions as well as at parties too. They are best sported along with a pair of shorts or denim. These unisex loafers allow for comfortable exploring. They are easy to wear and are extremely long-lasting. Loafers come in a number of colours and materials.

Choosing sandals for your kids is no easy task. While many brands offer sandals, they come at a premium price for comfort and style. However, keeping in mind the life of a sandal is at the mercy of your child, it’s advisable not to go overboard with the price. Always choose something lightweight, durable and fits your kid’s feet well. We hope this article helped you know the various models available for your kid.

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