Top 9 Indian Engagement Hairstyles That Can Redefine Your Style

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So, wondering what Indian engagement hairstyle should you try? As much as you dedicate time to select your dress, give some attention to your bridal ceremony hairstyle. But let’s give you some easy and simple Indian party hairstyles for medium length hair, or maybe even a shorter or long hair. Whether you like to keep the forehead broad or covered, we have got them all covered.

Indian Engagement Hairstyles

A superior hairstyle is actually significant for a future bride. There are several hairstyles that you can easily utilize for your engagement party. Create a sleek side pony as well as twist the ends. Moreover, you can also use every accompaniment of your choice, like the pins and clips of various colours to match the attire.

Indian Engagement Hairstyles:

Let’s find here with mentioned both north Indian and South Indian engagement hairstyles to redefine your styles.

1. The Partial Braid Style:

This partial braid will look beautiful when you do this right. It is a popular Indian engagement hairstyle that is inspired to keep it simple. Take a look at how you can do it.

Indian engagement hairstyles1

  1. Braid the hair on the manner to its complete distance.
  2. Place the decoration to the end of the braid.
  3. Now, revolve around the braid by flowery thread such that they are not stuck to all the loose end strands.
  4. Utilize hair accessories like hairspray and pins if you need.

Trying these partial braid Indian party hairstyles for medium length hair is the best option instead of selecting for long hair.

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2. The Party Style:

Indian engagement hairstyles2

This is very simple hairstyle to do and it goes fine with any event. You can leave a normal bump up backside tied hair by a centre sectioning as well as small ironed curls in the front. This mode is ceremonial as well as however relaxed and more attractive at the similar time.

Try out this South Indian engagement hairstyle. You could also opt for this on a party event or any such occasion.

3. Flirty Feathers:

Indian engagement hairstyles3

Frieda Pinto sports this low maintenance and easy to do look, where you use a blower or curling iron to add volume to those feathers.

  1. You can take either a centre parting or a side parting.
  2. Leave your hair to its normal texture.
  3. All you need to do is curl in the tips a little bit to add volume, even a blow dryer can be used for this.

This one takes the least time and is easy to do Indian party hairstyle for medium length hair.

4. Side Pony:

South Indian Bridal Hairstyle For Engagement

You have to be creative for the engagement party and therefore, let loose in curls. Try out this popularly adopted engagement hairstyle for Indian bride.

  1. Make a chic side bun intended for your hair or a fishtail braid.
  2. Knot it in a sleek pony, the choices are completely unlimited.
  3. Decorate it with some flowers and the like.

Nowadays, this is much more favoured south Indian bridal hairstyle for engagement and goes well for a traditional day.

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5. The Classy High Bun:

Indian engagement hairstyles5

Buns never go out of fashion! You can decorate the high bun by jewelled chains with a superb maangtikka in condition.

  1. Leave your hair in the centre parting, at surface or back brushing it.
  2. Rope of kanauti can also be set at the surface of the bouffant to provide it with that additional border of style.

This is single of the stylish wedding hairdo for round faces and is yet another popular choice.

6. The Here And There Style:

Indian engagement hairstyles6

This simple half up-half down hairstyle can be used to appear completely bridal. In this hairstyle, there is a blend of the bun as well as open hair. Moreover, the big puff will offer tallness as well as liveliness. The cascading waves will create the look delicate as well as modern.

  1. Tie a bun at the centre of your head, taking only some hair.
  2. Brush and curl the remaining hair and let it loose.
  3. Leave some strands in the front and adorn it with a beautiful decorator.

This South Indian hairstyle for engagement is classy and elegant and sure is easy to do!

7. The Loose Style:

Indian engagement hairstyles7

This is a simple to make hairstyle which looks stylish for all those who have long hair. All you need is a curling barrel with some great cute hairpins and hair accessories like spray.

  1. Flatten out your bangs moreover sweep the respite of hair back.
  2. Knot a ponytail otherwise just brush it to the surface.
  3. With the help of curling barrel just twist in the tips of your hair plus still 3 to 4 inches beyond.

How about this beautiful Indian engagement hairstyle this season?

8. Braided Back Bun:

Indian engagement hairstyles8

If you have long hairs, you can try this out. Or if you still want to, use a hair extension to make this style.

  1. Take a middle part close to your forehead plus then encounter the rest back.
  2. Plait your hair plus then drag into a bun. Utilize hair pins to remain the bun in place. Toward affix more glamour to your hairstyle; you can utilize studded hair pins.

Match it with your favourite jewellery for the added beauty and charm to spread.

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9. The Simple Look:

Indian engagement hairstyles9

Simple to acquire completed, simple to maintain plus is forever hot in fashion. In this, a layer cut by long fringes which border the face is one way quite fancy mode to look only!

  1. Immediately curl the tips and go for a zig zag parting.
  2. Smile a bit!

This easy and simple hairstyle for engagement Indian is set to make you look bright and ravishing. Don’t forget to give this a try!

The best part about wedding or engagement party is the amount of thought you put in for the dress and shoes. But how about this time you go out of the box and devote a little more time to get your hair done right? Whether you like it messy or clean, try out from our range of suggestions and if that does not satisfy you, don’t be hesitant to try out more on your own!